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“Rather home!“

Here also ended nine months of disturbing expectation. Having appeared in postnatal office, newly made mothers at once begin to be interested estimated date of an extract. However before releasing you on “the house mode“, doctors have to make sure of your readiness for an extract completely.

extract Terms

the Concept of “readiness“ is defined by a satisfactory condition of health of the young mother who is well restored after the delivery. From the kid readiness for an extract is equivalent to readiness for independent life together with mother without medical assistance. There are certain terms of an extract from maternity hospital recommended on the OMI (obligatory medical insurance) system. For the woman these terms vary depending on a rodorazresheniye method (physiological or expeditious childbirth), application in labor and the early postnatal period of additional operational grants (an epiziotomiya - a section on crotches, imposing of obstetric nippers, manual office of an afterbirth). The term of stay of the woman in childbirth (that is the given rise woman) in maternity hospital can be increased in case of development of various complications of the postnatal period or at the prolonged period of restoration. In each case the decision on an extract is made by the ward doctor - the obstetrician and the manager of postnatal office individually.

the Term of an extract of the kid is defined neonatolog and the manager of children`s office. Time which the newborn needs to spend under supervision of doctors also depends on a rodorazresheniye method (at an operational rodorazresheniye the period of adaptation of the kid can longer last, than at physiological childbirth). Before an extract the baby has to get stronger, pass the first medical examination and receive necessary inoculations. The time of carrying out these procedures can be postponed in dependence because, quickly or slowly the kid is restored after the birth. Naturally, in case of development of postnatal complications or in need of a medical additional examination the newborn can “be late“ in maternity hospital longer.

mother`s Extract: criteria and terms

After physiological (the natural, complicated by nothing childbirth) the woman in childbirth can be written out by

home on 3 - 4 - e days. Existence of seams increases the term of stay in maternity hospital till 5 days by crotches (consequences of an epiziotomiya or a trauma of patrimonial ways). The operational method of a rodorazresheniye (Cesarean section) assumes the earliest term of an extract on 7 - 8 - e days.

It is unconditional, besides the general recommendations, there are quite concrete criteria allowing doctors to judge restoration of an organism of mother after the delivery. The doctor at the solution of a question of the woman in childbirth extract is guided by these criteria:

the Extract of the kid

If for mother childbirth - one of the most important events in life, then for the kid the birth - the main thing and the first event with which actually his independent life also begins. Therefore before allowing to go home the little person, doctors have to be convinced of full readiness of the newborn to live independently authentically.

the First three days the kid is in maternity hospital under continuous supervision of experts. Such minimum term is necessary for a children`s organism for end of the period of adaptation. The adaptation period - a transition state between the embryonic (pre-natal) and already completely established independent life of the kid. During this time bodies and systems of an organism of the newborn begin to work completely independently from a maternal organism.

the Period of adaptation of the newborn demands constant medical control as at this particular time manifestation of the latent defects in a structure and work of internals is the most probable. Some congenital anomalies of a structure of bodies and systems can remain unnoticed at primary survey of the newborn (right after the birth of the kid). And the reason here at all not in negligent survey of a neonatolog - some defects cannot be revealed only after external survey, they can prove not at once. To the malformations revealed in 1 - 3 - and days after the birth, belong anomalies of a structure zheludochno - an intestinal path, heart diseases, kidneys.

When the kid is ready to go home?
as Criteria for the newborn`s extract from maternity hospital serve the following indicators:
  • normal (it is pale - pink) skin color and mucous membranes, absence of rashes and a peeling on skin;
  • the disappeared umbilical cord stump without infection signs (the umbilical cord independently disappears on 3 - 5 - e days, now in the majority of maternity hospitals the stump of an umbilical cord is cut off on 1 - 2 - e days after the birth);
  • the termination of physiological loss of weight, the begun weight increase (during the adaptation period the kid loses flesh); the urination adequate to feeding (to 20 times a day; confirms normal work of kidneys);
  • chair transitional (brownish) or yellow;
  • active sucking, lack of vomiting;
  • at a consent of parents to vaccination - the hepatitis B, BTsZh inoculations made without complications, the carried-out screening - the test (the result is ready after an extract, if it positive - report in policlinic at the place of residence and/or parents by phone);
in the presence of these indicators of health the kid can be written out home on 4 - e days after the birth.

If pregnancy or childbirth were heavy, the period of adaptation of the newborn can drag on. As it is not sophisticated: the more difficult process of birth was given to the kid, the more time will be required to gain strength and to get used to new life.

Besides medical supervision and (in need of) medicamentous support, during stay in maternity hospital the kid passes the recommended list of preventive medical procedures. The purpose of these actions - check on the latent congenital diseases and protection against acquisition of dangerous infections.


Within 12 hours after the birth to the kid with the consent of mother makes vaccination (inoculation) from hepatitis B. This incurable viral disease which is transferred with blood and biological liquids (saliva, a lymph, sperm, a vaginal secret) puts considerable, sometimes irreparable harm to health. On 3 - y days (48 - 72 hours after the birth) to the kid enter BTsZh - a tuberculosis inoculation. BTsZh develops in an organism of the kid immunity against this disease, helping a weak organism to resist to a surrounding infection. In recent years with increase in our country of number of visitors - refugees from epidemiologically unsuccessful regions of Asia and the North Caucasus incidence of tuberculosis among the population sharply increased. First of all the children, elderly people and also weakened or socially unsuccessful persons are subject to a disease of tuberculosis.


On 4 - e days (72 - 96 hours after the birth) makes screening - the test for detection of the latent congenital pathologies of a proteinaceous and hormonal exchange in an organism of the kid.

Should not fall apart if the term of an extract is late.

Research allows to reveal quickly and authentically such diseases as a fenilketonuriya, a hypothyroidism, a galactosemia, mukovistsidoz and an adrenogenital syndrome. Screening has huge diagnostic value. All listed diseases “passed“ at infantile age cause the hardest violations in health and the child`s lives subsequently, lead to lag in intellectual and physical development and an invalidization. At identification in the first days of life and in due time begun treatment the forecast for life and health of the kid will be favorable. That is these terrible diseases give in to medicamentous correction, but the effect of treatment directly depends on how early it was begun. For screening - the test use capillary blood of the kid: it is taken from a finger or patches.


Recommended by the Ministry of Health lechebno - preventive actions (BTsZh, a hepatitis B inoculation, screening - the test) are carried out strictly in absence of contraindications from health of the newborn and only with the consent of parents.

What can delay an extract?

the Term of stay of mother in postnatal office can last under the following circumstances:

from the kid the delay of an extract can be caused by the following problems:

At identification of the problems with health of mother and the kid which are not allowing to make in due time an extract, terms of an extract are defined by individually treating doctor.

Should not fall apart if the term of an extract is late. It is necessary to be healthy and vigorous, ready to independent, full care of the kid at home. In health of the child and a possibility of further care of it without continuous medical supervision it is necessary to be convinced too. Otherwise too hasty extract can cause whole “tail“ from undetected problems.

in conclusion wants Pojelat to young mothers and newborns of health and happiness.