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“Thorny“ way of our GV

Everything began with pregnancy. Sat down at the head what to nurse tiresomely and difficult and that at girlfriends children well develop also on artificial feeding. So with this belief also passed everything happy 9 months. Now I understand that very much was mistaken.

came To maternity hospital already with disclosure - passable by it, decided to glance, and suddenly I will give rise... So there also remained... Gave birth to the synulyu quickly and easily. And our “dairy“ history begins with it. At once Mishka was laid out to me on a stomach and distances of precious colostrum. The child did not refuse and took a breast with pleasure. We spent the first days separately from each other. On second day we were transferred already to joint chamber. It was a miracle, we were together and ate a mother`s breast when we only began to peep... For the 3rd day milk and came very much that held apart a breast like mad. But the kid ceased to want to eat often, began to live on the mode. Doctors came, looked at a breast and said that gave it to the child more often, and the child does not want, and will not force in any way. Cried days since the breast hurt awfully. Then made a call to relatives, and quickly they bought a milk pump... But to sense from it there was a little. It did not help in any way, after “work“ with it the hand hurt, and milk was then even more. So we left maternity hospital with the breast full of milk. However, the child from it did not test pleasure.“ Well, is and is“, - it is similar, he thought. We ate the first 2 weeks houses on demand, however, each feeding lasted for 10 minutes, but the child at the same time managed to eat about 60 - 80 gr., so we got stronger in the eyes. And then Spock`s book where it was told that it is necessary to feed on the mode got... Also rushed. The child cried with hunger, and mother carried it on hands and waited the put time. So by the beginning of the first month mother “earned“ laktostaz. As the doctor told, it occurred from - for the fact that the breast was not emptied in time, there was obstruction... So Spock now my “enemy“. First of all I addressed the pediatrician. And to me it was told that it is necessary to exempt urgently a breast from milk, to do warm compresses with buckwheat, to nurse only one healthy. The same was told also by the mammologist so I believed and began “to work“ on a breast. Worked - worked, and for some reason milk began to vanish... Probably, from - for a stress - very much worried that mastitis can develop. Of course, there was panic. Poor child, mixes, stomach... No, to it not to happen. And here to me advised to address consultants for breastfeeding. Recommended me “Rozhana“, I called the consultant on the house as by phone nothing acceptable I was told. The girl came, we talked. It turned out that I incorrectly put the child to a breast. From here laktostaz, gripes at the child...

Now everything at us is good

, during food at a breast we will see off minutes 40 - 50. During this time we manage to have a sleep, eat, poulybatsya with sisy in a mouth to mother, to cry... Feeding by a breast - happiness. Small, personal. Between mother and the child. And I am so glad that I am a woman and I can test it. And to all women I wish it!!!