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Ideal childbirth - the Beginning

Procedure of registration in maternity hospital it is desirable for p to charge practical recommendations (part 2) of

to someone from attendants (to the husband, mother, the girlfriend) as you will be heavy to answer questions during fights.

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At a prolonged first phase, sharply painful contractions and slow disclosure of a neck of a uterus in maternity hospital anesthesia or to appoint medication sleep. During a dream patrimonial activity does not stop, and the woman gains strength for the following phase of childbirth.

Anesthesia can be in the form of an obstetric anesthesia (a prick in a vein), peridural anesthesia or nitrous oxide (inhalation through a mask), and also by means of reflexotherapy or physical therapy. Anesthesia should not be full, the woman has to feel fights, otherwise process of childbirth is slowed down.

latent is followed by an active phase of childbirth during which the neck reveals from 4 to 8 - 10 cm. Fights in this phase longer, till 60 seconds, with an interval from 2 to 4 minutes. Duration of an active phase of about 3 - 5 hours.

This phase is most painful

. Force and intensity of fights gradually increases. It is important to woman in labor to protect forces and not to lose courage. Adjust yourself on an active position in relation to process. You speak to yourself:“ I am able to do it “, “ remained not for long “, “ keep, my kid, we will meet soon“. It is important to achieve relaxation of muscles as tension slows down childbirth. Involve all information channels: eyes, ears, mouth. Concentrate a look on something: you watch beautiful photos, albums if it is possible. Talk to the husband, sing.

poses with the emphasis on hands and an inclination help to Relieve pain forward. At the same time stomach muscles relax. It can be situation on all fours, or standing with the emphasis on a couch or on a chair back. Try to be shaken in a step to breath. Some are helped by roundabouts a basin. For effective anesthesia of fights it is important not to lose breath.

After half disclosure when fights amplify, and slow deep breath does not give sufficient anesthesia any more, it is possible to pass to the speeded-up breath at fight peak. At the beginning of fight apply slow deep breath and when it becomes sick, pass to breath with the top part of lungs “like a dog“, an open mouth: hi - ha - hi - ha (on each syllable and a breath, also exhaled, that is a breath it is almost not heard). At the end of fight return to slow deep breath again.

Mass the anesthetizing points: on a sacrum and inside from crests of pelvic bones. the Role of the husband at this stage of childbirth it is difficult for p to overestimate

. During fights it can mass to the wife a waist, or iron a back. Some are helped by stroking and a pochesyvaniye of a stomach. In an interval between fights the spouse`s task - to distract the woman in labor. It is necessary to talk to it, it is possible to turn on the music. It is important that the woman relaxed and gained strength before new fight.

But also relaxation during fight is not less important. If the woman clamps pain, is held down, then disclosure goes more slowly, and her sufferings will last longer. It is not excluded also that childbirth will slow down, and doctors will be forced to apply medicamentous stimulation. Therefore it is important to think that with each fight the child moves ahead and that too it is necessary him hardly. Try to relax muscles of a pelvic bottom, it will help disclosure. There are poses promoting relaxation of these muscles. It: a pose on cards with the knees divorced in the parties; sitting on a floor (or on a bed) on widely divorced knees; sitting on the edge of a chair facing a back, leaning on it elbows. Only it is impossible to sit on buttocks in this phase not to press down a head to the child. Also poses with “hang“ on a crossbeam, on a door jamb, on the husband`s neck are effective. In this case you are helped by gravity.

Try to present to

the body as the revealing flower. It will help you not to be clamped, and to follow natural process of childbirth. If the husband feels that strengths of the wife on an outcome, or it badly controls a situation, it has to try to inspire in it confidence, to encourage, suggest to change a pose. Support and kind words of the loved one will give it new forces.

However before resolving an issue of presence of the husband on childbirth, calculate your general opportunities. It is unpleasant to some women that the husband will see them not in the best state and therefore at the time of delivery they cannot relax. Some men also are unprepared to a show and bring excess trouble upon physicians - they should be dragged and pumped out. Therefore in many maternity hospitals on childbirth doctors are skeptical about presence of the husband. If you want that the father took the newborn on hands at once, he has to go with you to classes, and after their visit to resolve an issue of presence at childbirth. Well and of course not to rush in rodzat in street footwear.

active is followed by a transitional phase . At many women it in general is absent. This time before attempts when the head already fell and the child is ready to be born, but the neck is late and did not reveal completely yet. More often such situation accompanies first labor. It is the most difficult period as fights very strong and painful, but the woman cannot make an effort still to avoid gaps. For anesthesia of this phase the pose on all fours with the raised basin helps. In such situation the head presses on a uterus neck less. But if you feel in yourself forces, it is possible to apply poses with pressure to acceleration of a transitional phase down, for example, on cards with widely divorced knees.

the Following phase - the culmination of childbirth - an exile phase . Now from the woman the maximum of efforts is required to push out the child.

From the beginning of fight needs to gather air, to make an effort only in a crotch and to exhale air up to the end. Attempts repeat three times for fight. It is very important not to make an effort in the head. In this case all efforts leave for nothing and will be shown in the form of the burst vessels in eyes and on a face. Potuzhny efforts can be controlled. Be trained in advance: sit down on a floor, having leaned a back on the turned chair, press a chin to a breast, clasp with hands knees. Gather more air and try to be extinguished. At the same time air needs to be held a glottis, with an open mouth. It will help you to direct the efforts there where it is necessary.

When the head was born

, it is necessary to stop making an effort and breathing “like a dog“, only a mouth. At this time the midwife will turn the child that there could be shoulders and all body easier. At the following attempt the child will be born entirely. It is important to listen to the midwife and to follow her teams. In intervals to relax, to breathe deeply.

the Last phase - the placenta birth . It separates within half an hour after the child`s birth. It occurs absolutely without serious consequences. At the command of the midwife it is only necessary to be extinguished slightly. Right after childbirth put a hot-water bottle with ice on a stomach.

it is Very important to put the newborn to a breast as soon as possible. It is extraordinary important not only for it, but also for mother. As soon as he begins to suck, the uterus begins to be reduced actively. It is excellent prevention of postnatal complications. And to the child the set of vitamins necessary for it, protective antibodies and nutrients which will help it to endure this terrible stress - the birth from warm dark water where mother always nearby, on hostile, cold, loud, bright environment gets. Do not worry that there is no milk yet - the mammary gland excretes so much colostrum how many it is necessary for the newborn during this period.

the Early postnatal period lasts 2 hours. For this time the woman is usually left on a wheelchair, covered with a blanket that in case of bleeding or other complications immediately to bring her to the operating room.

After 2 hours the woman is transferred to chamber. In two hours to it can allow to rise.

the Late postnatal period lasts 6 - 8 weeks. During this time the uterus comes back to an initial state. The neck is closed in 3 days after the delivery, and in 3 - 4 weeks comes back to an initial state. Exactly from now on the western obstetricians allow renewal of sex life. The Russian doctors recommend to wait before complete cessation of lokhiya (allocations), that is 6 - 8 weeks.

needs to be protected by

at once, without hoping that release of milk - a contraception guarantee. The best contraception for young mother - a condom. But both the spiral, and hormonal tablets is possible (it is necessary to choose them after consultation with the doctor).

If in several days of allocation suddenly stopped, it is a reason for the immediate address to the doctor since infection can begin. Good preventive measure against stagnation of blood is the movement. If the woman does not lie, and goes, restoration happens quicker. However loadings need to be increased gradually. It is also desirable to find time for daily exercises.

In the postnatal period it is important to p to observe precautionary measures. In order to avoid complications (bleedings, loss of a uterus) the woman cannot lift weights. Usually doctors do not recommend to lift any objects heavier than her child. It is necessary to avoid overcooling.

it is Very important to obey at the time of delivery accurately the doctor and the midwife! In this situation also in direct and figuratively words are more visible to them. There is a wish to add that only 20% of complications in labor happen from - for physical conditions of women in labor, and 80% - from the wrong psychological spirit and inability to possess own body. Draw conclusions.

of Good luck to you and easy childbirth!