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Love potential of

What can recover the relations between the man and the woman? It is difficult, but there are usual products, drinks and spices which can kindle love fire with a new force, thanks to the properties increasing sensuality and stimulating love interest. Of course, someone trusts in it, and someone - is not present.

But it is possible to agree that many unusual culinary delicacy and habitual products for some reason bring a variety not only a meal, but also the personal relations all-.

we Will deal with seasonings. In love cookery they possess a leading role. Long since force is attributed to seasonings and spices to feed not only flesh, but also to inspire with passion.

Fennel is highly appreciated by

in many countries of the East and Europe as the means promoting conception. Cardamom strengthens love desire at women. It is used at preparation of confectionery and pastries, in house conditions - at a zavarivaniye of tea and coffee. Pepper inflames desire.

the Properties strengthening man`s force except a lyubistka, also other plants possess.

Daily should eat 8 - 12 branches of parsley. Fennel is made: 10 g of seeds in 0,5 boiled waters are also drunk on 1 glass during food. It is possible to use dill oil: 2 - 3 drops on a sugar piece.

About the miracle force of products legends go. For example, baked potatoes are rich with mineral substances and proteins, are easily acquired and give strength for maintenance of sexual energy. Most it is possible to tell also about milk, it is desirable pair, with walnuts.

On Siegmund Freud`s belief, is present nothing better for “the love potential“ of organisms of the woman and the man of rye bread, pumpkin sunflower seeds, a young nettle from which in Russia so like to cook “May borsch“, and mushrooms.

the same properties are attributed by

In Ukraine to tomatoes. In the east - to grenades. Snails admit France the most “sexual“ product, and the secret of inexhaustible man`s force depends on eating in large numbers of camembert cheese which is washed down with mineral water.

In Italy it is considered p that the romantic dinner should not do without oysters and various seafood with a garnish from an asparagus. Besides, on a table there have to be artichokes, haricot, corn and mushrooms. Very simple diet is popular in America: 3 times a day are sauerkraut. 90% of the men who took part in experiment noted its positive result.

the Most important conclusion was drawn by scientists of Switzerland, having proved that semi-finished products very badly influence quality of intimate relations. Everything is very simple: in the dishes prepared from them remains few vitamins participating in synthesis of hormones and regulation of nervous system.

Therefore in maintenance of intimate relations at the high level great value fresh products, vegetables (pay attention to the pumpkin called by “a man`s vegetable“), fruit and juice have


the Most known erotic bird dish still remains to

the real delicacy of cookery of “A quail in petals of the roses“ described in the book of the Mexican writer Laura Esquivel “Chocolate on abrupt boiled water“.

Fish was always considered as a symbol of fidelity and reconciliation. Any which is to the taste will approach. It is better to serve the Greek olives, the Spanish olives, a lemon, greens and with white wine.

the Main sweet pleasure chocolate in which, according to the Italian psychologists, there is a perfection of a unification of man`s and female nature is considered. Its color and hardness - signs of the passionate macho, his taste and readiness to thaw - from the woman. In the New World before there Columbus reached, chocolate was exclusively love drink and a love potion. Later scientists only confirmed it with scientific proofs. Liquid hot chocolate is very much loved by women. The men considering sweet as female weakness nevertheless love chocolate and give preference to bitter.

of Coffee long since was the love drink which is driving away dream charms. All coffee traditions came from the East, but perfectly got accustomed worldwide.

Can use also infusions of herbs. To mix a dry grass of a St. John`s Wort, mint and a clover in equal proportions. 5 teaspoons of mix to fill in 1 l of boiled water and to insist in a thermos within 20 min. Such tea - the enemy of male slackness and female apathy. Or make the toning wine: add to 0,75 l of a sweet muscat 30 g of cinnamon and vanilla. Insist 15 days, often shaking up, add 15 drops of ambergris. From antiquity it is considered that such drink if to drink it in day on a shot glass, helps to return become invalid.

Infusion of a verbena which has glory of “a love grass“ is since ancient times applied by

to spraying of the room and involvement of grooms. Exciting aroma with which it is possible to refresh bedroom air consists of mix 1 of a teaspoon of poplar kidneys and a fragrant violet, 2 teaspoons of leaves of blackcurrant which is made by 1 l of boiled water.