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Feature of introduction of a feeding up to children of the first year of life with food allergy of

Introduction of a feeding up to children with food allergy presents to complexity both for mothers, and for pediatricians.

Very often fears concerning introduction of new products to the children who already have symptoms of food allergy (learn about how to reduce risk of food allergy, by www. gerber. ru/info. aspx? id=56), lead to the fact that they begin to receive a feeding up much later of the healthy peers. However late introduction of a feeding up is undesirable as, on the one hand, it can result in deficiency in an organism of the child of many important substances, with another - there is a need of fast introduction of other products of a feeding up that can cause strengthening of allergic manifestations.

Terms and sequence of introduction of products of a feeding up to children with food allergy are established by

individually after consultation with the pediatrician or the allergist observing the child. As a rule, such children can begin to enter a feeding up from 4,5 - 5 months.

the following rules of introduction of a feeding up to children with food allergy Exist.

  1. Introduction of a new food product has to happen gradually. For the first time it is necessary to give no more than 5 - 10 ml (g), estimating shipping of a product within a day. At good tolerance the volume of the entered product is daily increased, leading up in 7 - 10 days prior to the quantity recommended on age.
  2. It is desirable for li to keep “the food diary“, entering in it information on products, with obligatory registration of their shipping - it will allow to make further without effort a daily diet of the child, having excluded from it only those products which he does not transfer.
  3. not to begin introduction of a feeding up if the child has signs of an aggravation or instability of an allergic disease.

Especially important is the choice of the first product of a feeding up. As the first feeding up it is possible to recommend nonmilk porridge (at an insufficient increase in the weight, a liquid chair) or vegetable puree (at tendency to excess body weight, locks).

it is better for p to use the nonmilk porridges which are not containing gluten - rice, buckwheat or corn. Porridge can be parted with breast milk or medical dairy mix which the child eats. At purpose of a vegetable feeding up the preference should be given to the products of industrial production containing only one type of the vegetables having low allergiziruyushchy potential. Broccoli, pumpkin vegetable purees or a cauliflower of production of the Gerber company can be an example of such products (learn more about Gerber www products. gerber. ru/catalog. aspx). Children with food allergy can enter meat into a diet earlier, than to healthy children, - from 5,5 months. The preference is given to unicomponent meat mashes - for example, meat mash from a lamb, pork or a turkey from the Gerber company.

Introduction of fruit juice and mashed potatoes to a diet of children with food allergy carry out

in later terms - about 6 months. Begin with unicomponent purees from fruit of low degree of allergenicity (green apple, a pear), then appoint juice.

recommends to exclude

in case of the confirmed allergy to proteins of cow`s milk completely from a diet of children whole cow`s milk and cottage cheese. Instead of them the specialized mixes created on the basis of the high-hydrolyzed milk protein or isolate of soy protein are used (the choice of a product is defined by the attending physician). During remission of an allergic disease it is possible to enter the adapted acidified milk formulas taking into account their individual shipping.


for the first year of life, and sometimes longer, in food of children with food allergy do not use fish and eggs. With age the diet of the child becomes more various (in more detail about value of a variety in the menu of the kid read on www. gerber. ru/info. aspx? id=68) at the expense of the new products of a feeding up consisting of several components. Only those products which intolerance is proved are subject to an exception of a diet.


In spite of the fact that the organization of a feeding up at food allergy presents certain difficulties, at observance of simple rules it is possible to provide the child with various food which are sources of the feedstuffs necessary for his harmonious growth and development.