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Remedy for light in a window of

That your kid better slept, you have to protect the room from light. Earlier it was not so simple. Now there is a decision.

All young parents know

what great value is a dream if it is about the small child. They seek to eliminate all factors which can disturb its fragile dream - tiptoe, speak in a whisper. But there is one more artful source of problems - light. In the morning the sunshine flowing in a window will wake the kid ahead of time, in the afternoon light in a window will interfere with its after-dinner rest. It is possible to buy, of course, the dense, heavy, stuffy portieres collecting dust. But around the world other solution - easy, graceful and cheaper is found long ago.

It is about rolled curtains. More precisely, about one version - about Rollite curtains (“rollayt“) with special type of Blackout fabric (“blackout“). Together they give the magnificent darkening effect, and even the twilight so also your kid, and you will be able perfectly to sleep will be a sunny day in the room. Besides, during a heat rolled curtains of Rollite protect rooms from heating. It is an excellent exit if you have no conditioner. But even if you have it, everything is better - to include it more rare.

Rolled curtains of Rollite are specially developed by

for installation on plastic windows. Their feature is that they are hung up not on all aperture of a window, and on each separate opening or deaf shutter - on each light aperture. It allows you, for example, on one half of a window to lift a curtain, and on another - to lower if through this half of a window there pass the sunshine falling in a crib.

Thanks to special lateral guides rolled curtains block a light stream completely - any ray will not break through to the room. Rollite is as if a whole with your window - you can open, throw back it - fabric will not dangle. The window sill at the same time remains free.

blackout Fabric detains 90% of sunshine thanks to the special impregnation intended for blackout of rooms. There are several coloring of such fabric - you can pick up a curtain to your interior.

A as usual curtains? And curtains will not get to anywhere. Rolled curtains - not replacement usual, and addition. Without habitual curtains the room does not look a vein so it is better to keep them. But it is not obligatory for you to buy dense portieres (they times in 5 will be more expensive than Rollite) - to hang up in a bedroom easy, beautiful curtains from a fine fabric as ornament enough. And function of protection against the sun will be undertaken by Rollite.