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Maternity leave: we settle formalities of

during pregnancy and after the birth of the kid future mother has a set of new cares. To save time and forces, many “actions“ need to be thought over in advance.

Holiday is always a long-awaited and joyful event if holiday - decretive. It is provided to the woman in order that future mother could take a break in work, has a rest, gained strength and was prepared for the birth of the kid. What the woman needs to learn and make to an exit in such holiday?


Each future mother by the time of an exit in the decree has to know the following surely: now the maternity leave is made out in 30 weeks of pregnancy if the woman expects one baby, and in 28 weeks if there are two and more kids.


to receive a maternity leave, it is necessary to provide a leaf of temporary disability (so-called “sick-list“) in the place of work or study. The pregnant woman receives a disability leaf where consists on the account, - in a maternity welfare unit in a place of registration (registration) or in the private medical center (at the same time the medical center has to have the license for rendering services to pregnant women and delivery of leaves of disability).

According to the Labour code of the Russian Federation, duration of a maternity leave at the moment at one-fetal pregnancy and childbirth without complications makes 140 calendar days (70 days before childbirth and 70 days after the delivery), in case of complications at the time of delivery - 156 days (70 days before childbirth and 86 days after the delivery - additional “sick-list“ for 16 days is issued in maternity hospital at an extract), at polycarpous pregnancy and the birth of two and more children - 194 days (84 days before childbirth and 110 days after the delivery), the Maternity leave is considered totally, includes the dorodovy and postnatal periods and is provided to the woman completely, irrespective of the number of the days which are actually used before childbirth. That is leave is granted for the period at once - 140 calendar days (or more) and it is unimportant how many days you used before childbirth. For example, if childbirth came for 10 days before the term assumed by the doctor and prenatal holiday made 60 days, postnatal automatically increases for 10 days, that is there will be not 70 days, but 80.

If premature birth also came till 30 weeks of pregnancy, i.e. before registration of a leaf of disability on pregnancy and childbirth, and the living child was born, then the leaf of disability is given lechebno - preventive establishment (usually it is maternity hospital) where there was childbirth, for 156 calendar days.

needs to be specified at the doctor date of leaving in a maternity leave in advance slowly to finish all current affairs at work, beforehand to hand over all affairs and to bring employees who will carry out your duties during your holiday up to date.

Having received a disability leaf, it is necessary to check attentively all data, correctness of writing of a surname, name, middle name, the address and place of work. In this document no more than two corrections are admissible. Each correction has to be certified by the phrase “corrected to trust“, the signature of the doctor and the press of medical institution. Further the leaf of disability is represented in accounts department in the place of work.

the Birth certificate

Since January, 2006 at an exit in the decree pregnant women began to receive the special document - the birth certificate. It is intended for improvement of quality of delivery of health care to pregnant women and women in childbirth.

Future mother receives the birth certificate in a maternity welfare unit (the public or municipal authority of health care which is providing free medical care to women during pregnancy and having the license for medical activity in “Obstetrics and gynecology“) at presentation of the passport or other identity document (for example, for the military personnel this identity card of the officer or the military ID, for future mothers who did not reach 14 - summer age, - the birth certificate), the insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance and the insurance evidence of mandatory pension insurance. At absence at the woman of the insurance policy of obligatory medical insurance, the insurance evidence of the mandatory pension insurance or the document confirming registration at the place of residence (stay) in the corresponding columns of the birth certificate marks about the reason of lack of documents become. Time of issue of the certificate coincides with registration of a maternity leave and is carried out in 30 weeks of pregnancy (in case of polycarpous pregnancy - in 28 weeks) the municipal authorities of health care which are carrying out supervision of the woman during pregnancy and having the contract with the Social Insurance Fund (Social Insurance Fund of the Russian Federation).

the Birth certificate is filled in with the doctor. It is necessary to remember that the birth certificate is received not by future children, but the woman. Therefore at any number of children the certificate will be only one. The birth certificate is the document of the strict reporting granting the right to medical institutions on receiving monetary payment for conducting pregnancy or childbirth. The birth certificate consists of several parts: back, four coupons and actually birth certificate. The back is necessary for confirmation of the fact of issue of the document. It remains in a maternity welfare unit or that medical institution in which the certificate is issued, At issue of the certificate the maternity welfare unit retains the coupon No. 1, at the same time the pregnant woman has the right to give the coupon No. 1 even if it is dissatisfied with work of the doctor. Payment according to the coupon No. 1 is not made only if the woman received medical care on a paid basis. In the absence of identity documents, the birth certificate is not issued.

the Coupon No. 1 of the birth certificate is intended to


for fee, provided to future mother is out-patient. The coupon No. 2 of the birth certificate is intended for fee, provided by maternity hospital. The coupon is not paid, only if there is a tragedy (mother or the kid perishes) or if childbirth was carried out on a commercial basis. Coupons No. Z - 1 and 3 - 2 are intended for payment of dispensary supervision of the child within the first year of life.

Next holiday plus decretive?

At desire can issue the paid vacation relying you next annual at work and to use it just before a maternity leave or right after it, irrespective of length of service in this organization (i.e. even if the woman worked in this organization less than 6 months, it has such right). This right is guaranteed by article 260 of the Labour code of the Russian Federation.

the Birth certificate with coupons No. 2 and No. 3 - 1 and 3 - 2 is handed out by a maternity welfare unit the pregnant woman together with the prenatal record for submission to maternity hospital and is at it before childbirth. The fact of issue of the birth certificate is confirmed with entry in exchange and out-patient maps.

If the woman for any reasons did not receive the birth certificate, then in one maternity hospital to it have no right to refuse on the basis of lack of this document.

Other documents

slowly to finish all current affairs, it is necessary to specify at the doctor date of leaving in a maternity leave in advance.

One more document which can be received, leaving in the decree, the certificate of registration in early terms of pregnancy is (till 12 weeks). The woman can receive this reference in establishment where she was observed during pregnancy if she was registered till 12 weeks of pregnancy. The reference together with a leaf of disability is provided in accounts department. On the basis of this reference the lump sum is paid. The purpose of payment of this grant is stimulation of pregnant women as soon as possible to address to specialized medical institutions that has to reduce the risk connected with pregnancy and childbirth, early diagnosis and the prevention of diseases - one of the main components of the birth of the healthy child. Unfortunately, now the size of this grant small - only 300 rubles.

the Prenatal record of maternity hospital, delivery room of hospital, the information of a maternity welfare unit about the pregnant woman is a document which is issued in 22 - 23 weeks of pregnancy and contains data on the previous pregnancies, childbirth and features of a course of this pregnancy. The prenatal record needs to be carried always with itself. After an exit in the decree at each visit of the doctor in her the arterial pressure, weight, results of analyses register.

Receiving any of the listed documents, it is necessary to check very carefully all data entered in documents. Any corrections have to be certified by the signature of the doctor and the press of medical institution.