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The most ancient science. Cunnings of healthy ringlets

What can be finer than healthy well-groomed hair? Beautiful hair and the plain woman will be turned into the picture of beauty. Exactly, as well as on the contrary, “the carrion crows a nest“ will deprive of appeal the recognized beauty.

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the writer of an era of the Italian Renaissance Agnolo Firenzuola in the treatise “About Beauty of Women“ told about it: “The value of hair is so big that if the beauty was decorated with gold, pearls and would put on in a magnificent dress, but would not put the hair in order, it would not look neither beautiful, nor elegant... Hair of the woman have to be gentle, dense, long, wavy, in the color they have to assimilate to gold or honey, or the burning sun beams.“

at the time of Agnolo Firenzuol to beauties had to suffer much to achieve an ideal. Clarified hair by means of urine and the sun in those days.

can be made

without problems it in beauty shop or at home by means of modern paints Now. But there are also sparing grandmother`s means.

For example, for giving to hair of a fair-haired shade is taken on the 4th tablespoons of a peel of onions and bark of an oak, fill in mix with liter of boiled water and boiled on very slow fire within an hour. Then broth is cooled, filtered, properly impregnate with it hair, roll up the head a towel and held 1 hour. It is not necessary to rinse. Let hair will dry in the natural way.

A here zolotisto - a yellow shade will be given to hair by a camomile. Pharmaceutical to fill in two tablespoons of flowers of a camomile with a half of a glass of boiled water. To sustain hour, to filter. And to moisten hair, as well as in the previous recipe.

the perennial grassy plant from family derbennikovy - Lawsonia inermus will help to Turn into the ginger devil. From this plant the hair-dye known around the world as henna turns out. And, at last, the brunette you will become by means of the henna mixed with basmy.

Once in Russia a symbol of female beauty the braid in a hand was considered as thickness as
. To meet such beauty now, it is necessary to try fine. But also the modern woman at desire can have beautiful healthy hair.

It is not as difficult as it seems. And is much cheaper, than it is possible to assume. Our ringlets are tired of composition of store shampoos. From time to time they need rest. Therefore since the end of fall and prior to the beginning of spring it is better to pass from expensive shampoos to folk remedies on care of hair which a big set.


For example, take a crumb of black bread and soak it in warm boiled water, add egg (or only a yolk). Apply on moist hair, put on a cellophane cap and wait for minutes forty. Then carefully wash out hair, in the end rinse a head of hear warm water with addition of vinegar or juice of one lemon.

our grandmothers washed the head with clay and ashes. The few from us are ready for similar feats. But I got in inheritance one of recipes of my grandmother which helps at a hair loss.

Clay undertook in the pure place in the country, carefully warmed up hands. Then it was maintained minutes 20 in an oven on average fire. By means of water turned into smetanoobrazny weight and it was applied on hair for half an hour. Then hair were carefully washed out and dried up in the natural way.


At the injured hair breaks structure of communications in proteinaceous molecules of a hair, for restoration masks which are easy for making in house conditions are required for them.

For example, from an egg yolk. That to prepare it, it is necessary to take two yolks, juice of one small lemon, a cognac teaspoon. Everything properly to mix and apply on hair. To rub carefully in head skin. To put on from above cellophane and to wrap up a terry towel. To take minutes thirty. Then carefully to wash out hair the acidified water. This mask for hair is done every week.


For other mask will need a piece of stale black bread, 1 teaspoon of salt, 1 tablespoon of honey and a half-glass of juice from aloe leaves. It is desirable - to take leaves of an aloe days two in the refrigerator (it will promote growth of hair). Bread warms up in a glass of boiled water, is a little cooled. Salt, honey, aloe juice is added, everything mixes up and applied on hair, is especially generous on roots. Wrap up with a terry towel and leave for an hour. This mask is applied on dirty hair. It is washed away by a small amount of shampoo.

the good effect gives to

washing of the head curdled milk, kefir, sour milk. If you love a bath, then these means the best, than you can please the ringlets in a bath.


Before to comb hair, apply on hairbrush teeths camomile oil (sell in a drugstore). It is possible to add 2 - 4 drops of oil of a jasmine, roses, lavenders. It will only strengthen hair.

Should not pull together hair in a bunch. Allow them to stream freely on shoulders. It not only is useful for hair, but also is very sexual. Let hair will always be a fine frame of your person.