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What can the rhythmic gymnastics give to the girl?

you like to watch telecasts about competitions of gymnasts or photo reports about rhythmic gymnastics? Incredibly beautiful, fascinating show. Everything in it is fine - both magnificent suits, and music, and the flexible, dexterous gymnasts installing life for several minutes of performance to move to the bright tapes, hoops, maces or balls forcing them, apparently, voluntarily, irrespective of the hand holding them - to tremble, soar up up, or to twist fancy snakes and spirals. And maybe, and your daughter dreams to learn it too?

Children`s rhythmic gymnastics - very beautiful and very popular sport, many parents of girls give it preference. And no wonder, bathing suits for rhythmic gymnastics - such beautiful and brilliant, music in rhythmic gymnastics - fine and solemn, gymnasts - are easy, graceful and flexible. Who does not want that his girl became same?

How to become the gymnast?

children come To rhythmic gymnastics early - usually in 5 - 6 years. At this age of a muscle and sheaf are still plastic, give in to an extension easier, for example. Before to choose school of rhythmic gymnastics, think what you wait from it for? If you are attracted in rhythmic gymnastics of competition, a victory, an award (or perhaps you see the daughter the following Olympic champion?) then it is worth selecting serious school and the skilled trainer. In this case it is worth remembering that the gymnastics is not only fine performances under beautiful music, but, first of all, serious regular trainings, considerable loadings, and huge work of the child, his trainer and parents. Only after that it is possible to count on competitions, awards and popularity if abilities also are applied to all this. And to consider and develop them and the skilled trainer will help. He will become the girl “the second mother and the father“ on trips on competitions and collecting, will look after, will console, will adjust on a victory, will teach. That is why here it is important not to be mistaken.

If medals and fanfares to you are not too interesting to

, it is possible to find school or section more simply. For example, at native regional palace of culture and sport. Loadings will be less there, it is simpler than the requirement, well, and, of course, the payment is less and to the house - is closer. At the choice of such school - sections of children`s rhythmic gymnastics, competition in which your gymnast will be able to participate will be, most likely, school or regional level. Though if the girl pleases with good results, can quite pay attention to her and trainers from serious schools of rhythmic gymnastics, or even schools in which our future Olympic champions train and trained.

What is required for occupations?

First that is necessary, is, of course, sportswear in which the girl will train - a special bathing suit for rhythmic gymnastics. There is no need to get at once the “concert“ option embroidered by pastes and spangles they will disturb more likely. For a start it is worth stopping on the simplest bathing suit, the main thing that it was by the size, and in it it was convenient to the young gymnast.

the trainings Footwear is, most often, simple Czeches.

Before acquisition of shells - tapes, a ball, a hoop, it is better to consult at first with the trainer. He will prompt what he will work more conveniently with. And some schools of rhythmic gymnastics can provide the shells at the beginning. It is quite convenient - suddenly this sport will not suit your girl, and she will decide to leave occupations. And good balls, maces or hoops - pleasure not too cheap.

What the rhythmic gymnastics can give?

It is valid if occupations are started for the sake of future glory and medals, here more and more - it is less clear. However schools of rhythmic gymnastics - hundreds, and on the Olympic Games get units. About the simple sections which are not seeking to grow up champions too you should not forget. So - what for?

Children`s rhythmic gymnastics - one of the most versatile and harmonious sports. Physical activities are followed by development of flexibility, feeling of a rhythm (and as - act - that gymnasts under music), coordination of movements, plasticity here. Gymnasts have always a fine proud bearing, a beautiful figure, the plastic, beautiful movements. And it is very important both for girls, and for women in whom they will grow up. The girl doing rhythmic gymnastics can pass later easily to occupation with dances, for example. And in rhythmic gymnastics children find unique ability to present themselves as, probably, in all spectacular sports. A smile, a turn of shoulders, a ducking, each gesture - everything is verified here, beautifully, surely. And, even if the girl will not go on the way of competitions and glory, these skills will remain with her for the rest of life, and it, you see, too is a lot of.