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Fall of one of the most discussed subjects are helminths, or simply speaking, worms. One consider that after holiday they should be driven for prevention. Others claim that by no means: harmfully, and in general at worms with the person old symbiosis. Who is right?

to the Nice teacher becomes em badly directly at a lesson. Children in horror, doctors in perplexity, the patient at deaths door. At it suspect at first a tumor, then an allergy, then an inflammation of vessels of a brain... While doctors try to make the diagnosis, the condition of the girl promptly worsens. At the latest moment doctor House finds the main villain. The huge tape-worm who was illegally living in the teacher`s organism appears them. The parasite is poisoned with tablets, the teacher recovers, happy malyshnya visits her in hospital chamber.

Screenwriters detektivno - medical series “Doctor House“ - strong pros. Know, than to hook on the viewer. But also in real life everything that is connected with worms, the cool detective reminds. Around this subject the set of myths and speculation crowds, and the main suspects are almost imperceptible. How to find the enemy?


, fell in price!

During a season of dachas and holidays the Internet dazzles with announcements it seems “Only we have two packs of a universal remedy from worms at the price of one! Treat children, pets, neighbors and be treated!“ .

disgust for these indeed to not nice creations is so strong

I that many impressionable citizens are ready for any experiments if only to get rid of them. Drink doubtful drugs, buy the devices which are letting out “glistogonny beams“. Sincerely believe in curative power of an enema with garlic.

All this

it would be ridiculous, but clumsy manipulations seriously damage health and give to worms odds in case they really are. Before going war on parasites, it is necessary to understand - whom why and how to drive.

Everywhere life

Is not present such place on the earth wherever there lived helminths. In total them about 12 thousand are known. On our happiness, the most part lives in tropics and is not dangerous to us - if we, of course, are not going to these regions with goodwill visit.

In different parts of the world the “company“ worms. Also they get to an organism in the most different ways.


In Africa and Asia find shistosoma. It is very simple to pick up them - to bathe in a picturesque ozerk with fresh water enough or to ford a stream. These dangerous parasites creep in blood vessels of urinogenital bodies and a rectum.

How to avoid? Not to bathe in fresh small rivers and lakes and even for washing to use only boiled water.

On the Fiji Islands, Tahiti, Goa, in Mozambique and Egypt it is possible to get filyariya, tiny worms who are carried by mosquitoes. Parasites strike lymph nodes and cause filyarioz, or an elephant illness which will badly respond to treatment. Bloodsuckers in general can infect with a lot of things the person - including malaria and leyshmaniozy (microscopic elementary leyshmaniya affect skin and mucous).

How to avoid? Not to give itself to bite - to use bed curtains, anti-mosquito grids and repellents.

One more surprise waits for those who run barefoot on tropical paths or the sandy coast. Parasitic larvae of several types competing in speed proburavlivat at once skin and get into an organism. Having sat on the infected sand, after arrival home it is possible to find out that under skin “the wandering larva“ was got. In total truth in the movie about “Strangers“!

How to avoid? To go only to footwear and not to lie on sand and a grass without rug.

Neither fish nor fowl

But most often people catch

through food and water.

Crude or not pro-fried fish is practically dangerous by

everywhere. In China, Korea, Japan, and also in Priamurye and Primorye, regions along Volga, Kama, Dnieper, Ural it is possible to pick up a helminth a dvuustka. Having eaten the infected fish, in 2 - 4 weeks of people gets rash, a general malaise and unpleasant feelings in a liver. It is possible to catch many parasites through sushi, sun-dried or salty fish, caviar.

How to avoid? Do not risk, trying the dishes prepared from crude or light-salted fish, especially in doubtful snack bars. Try to visit only the checked restaurants. Also do not buy fish from roadside sellers!

Rare meat. In Europe, having tried a beefsteak with blood, it is possible to catch trichinosis. Tiny worms of a trikhinella - one of the most dangerous parasites, lodge in muscles and in the absence of treatment can bring the meat eater - the fan to the lethal end. Two more well-known villains who can be caught thus - a bull and pork tapeworm.

How to avoid. There is only qualitatively made meat in the checked institutions.

not washed out vegetables and greens. From - for widespread in the southern regions (from where spicy herbs generally also bring) custom to water kitchen gardens to the divorced contents of cesspools chance to swallow together with ten egg grass - another parasites - most often ascarids and pinworms - it is quite high.

How to avoid. The greens bought in the market need not just to be washed out, and to wet for an hour in water that eggs of worms “came unstuck“ and settled on a bottom. And only then, having once again washed out each leaflet, is.

Parasitic friends

Having learned

in more detail about richness of the fauna surrounding us there is a wish to cry: “As it is terrible to live!“ . But not everything is so awful. We really live near parasites, viruses, bacteria. In us - kilograms of this biomass, but it is our normal environment. If to place the person in absolutely sterile space, he just will not survive.

to us some of “newcomers“ are vital

- they maintain immunity, synthesize vitamins, promote digestion.

, of course, you will not call

of Parasites useful, but also among them is rather safe (those that live intestines) and, certainly, dangerous (lodged in a liver, lungs, eyes or even a brain). In the latter case not to reflections - to escape!

However, unpredictable temper also the most, apparently, banal helminths possess. When and as to them will take in head to leave the owner`s body, it is in advance impossible to foresee. Can provoke “outcome“ anything - from a garlic head which you ate, before change of the hormonal status because of pregnancy. Happens that helminths, having suddenly excited, get into bilious canals and cause liver abscess. Can provoke them including our “glistogonny“ amateur performance.

of the Safety rule

Food. On vacation in the exotic countries drink only bottled water. The bought vegetables - fruit need to be cleaned or cooked. Crude fish, let and sea, rare meat - under a ban. Do not drink freshly squeezed juice - they far not everywhere are prepared from the washed fruit.

Beach. To go barefoot, to sit or lie on sand - big risk. Do not forget about slippers and a chaise lounge.

Bathing. Fresh-water lakes in the Central Africa, South America or India teem with parasites. Watch!

Mosquitoes. Take care of stings of bloodsuckers (in those countries where they are dangerous). Use repellents, you wear clothes with a long sleeve, you sleep under bed curtains.

Linen. You do not dry it on air in the tropical countries. Tropical flies like to lay eggs on damp linen. When the dried-up swimming trunks appear on a body, from eggs the larvae causing dermatitis hatch.

I here that turns out: worms potentially it is possible to pick up anywhere, it is impossible to treat without diagnosis - but also it is difficult to diagnose! They can successfully mask under other diseases and long time of in any way not to give out. At the same time, the more the parasite (and some of them reach 10 m), the more modestly he usually proves, having freely settled down in an intestines gleam. And therefore to draw the exact conclusion proceeding only from symptoms it is almost impossible. Here the analytical talent of the parasitologist, ability to correlate potential risks to real symptoms is important.


Doctors, making the diagnosis, make the whole investigation. But that the professional was engaged in you, you at first have to understand that it is necessary to go for reception. Here that has to guard:

  • during holiday you did not carry out a safety rule: tried doubtful local delicacies, bathed in fresh reservoirs or pools at hotels in which fresh nekhlorirovany water is pumped. Or rolled stark naked on a sand, went barefoot on the beach where - nibud in tropics, communicated with local dogs - cats.
  • High temperature, a fever, perspiration, an itch, reddening and rash on skin, frustration of a chair, pain and an abdominal distension, reddenings, yazvochka, urticaria, rash on a body.

If at you two and more symptoms from both lists coincide, go on an appointment - to the parasitologist and be going to make tests.

That from a worm to take, except the analysis

Analyses it is necessary to do

only in the state specialized clinics! Doubtful laboratories for the sake of a profit can find at you anything - and at the same time not to notice a real problem. Claiming at the same time that standard analyses show nothing, and here magic computer diagnostics can do everything!

is not present

of Actually universal diagnostics. Everything depends on where this or that parasite sat down at an organism. If in intestines - it is necessary to hand over kcal on the analysis. If in a bladder - I wet, in muscles - to do a X-ray of muscles, in a liver - ultrasonography. If result positive, it is necessary to expel uninvited guests from an organism. But only those preparations which to you will be picked up by the doctor. Treatment of helminths - business thin.

Conclusions of “health“
  1. Theoretically worms can catch

    anywhere - though in tropics though in the city though at the dacha. But it does not mean that all have them. Observance of elementary rules of hygiene, performance of safety rules considerably reduce risk of infection.

  2. should not panic and try to drink drugs for prevention - there are no universal preparations. Golden rule: to each worm - the tablet. As to whom and what to appoint, only the doctor knows. By the way, dog breeders should not worry especially and koshkolyuba if pets are regularly given antivermicular preparations, and nothing disturbs owners.
  3. If nevertheless doubts are, go on an appointment - to the parasitologist. Be ready to answer two most important questions - “where were“ and “that was eaten“.
  4. make Tests only in the checked clinics having certificates. Otherwise there is a chance that yours time, money and finally health will be spent in vain.
  5. Cannot accept glistogonny preparations “just in case“. Any medicine is potentially dangerous - the microbic flora can be broken, develop toxic hepatitis... At echinococcosis of lungs amateur performance with drugs in general is fraught with a rupture of a cyst which is formed by a larva. It is deadly.
  6. dietary supplements “from worms“ which like to advance the doubtful medical centers contain toxic substances and can cause an allergy. Besides, nobody checked these preparations for usefulness and efficiency.

Myths about worms

  • In sea fish of helminths does not happen. Still as happens! Especially if before getting on a counter, fish did not pass due processing. The earlier after catching it was drawn and sent to cold, the probability of its infection is less.
  • with
  • of the Dog, than cats infect owners more often. A dog it is really more dangerous than cats because are in the habit to try on tooth of excrements of the relatives. One echinococcosis (it the larva forming huge capsules in a human liver and lungs causes) what costs! The house wild beasts should give for prevention medicines 4 times a year.
  • Worms happen only at children. Fairy tale. But if kids ruins lack of skills of hygiene, then their mothers and fathers become hostages of own addictions in food and passion to travel.
  • to Contact to the infected person it is unsafe. The truth - worms can get over to the new owner. But only in case it is about an enterobioza (pinworms) - one of the most widespread types of helminthoses among inhabitants of a midland of Russia. To the house they are brought most often by children - dirty creatures and “award“ parents.