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Student`s life: what to be engaged after lectures

“From session before session in live students cheerfully“ - the student`s saying says. How memorable there will be student`s years specifically for you, it is possible to define in advance. Choosing higher education institution, pay attention to the organization of student`s leisure.

One dream to enter the prestigious university with long-term history. Another it is important that the selection committee accepted results of USE instead of examinations. The third pay attention to teaching structure and the list of additional subject matters. High quality of training, certainly, a decisive factor at the choice. However in higher education institution except study there can be a lot of interesting - the KVN team, sports sections, pedagogical group, student`s theater, the master - classes.

Why it is necessary?

Nonlearning work in higher education institution should not be underestimated. It can give good practical experience.

Switching from study for other kind of activity will stimulate with Sports sections by

In our state on a wave of promotion of a healthy lifestyle to sports progress of college teams especially close attention began to be paid to

. Therefore if since childhood you are engaged in basketball or fight, there is a sense to stop the choice on institute at which student`s sports societies on these sports are strong.

For example, traditionally strong soccer teams are, as a rule, made in “men`s“ higher education institutions - academies and universities of law enforcement agencies, military educational institutions and technical universities. Soccer teams of the Moscow Aviation Institute (MAI) and the Moscow physicist - technical institute became prize-winners and winners of the international and Russian competitions more than once. At the Russian state technological university of K. E. Tsiolkovsky of “MATI“ (RGTU) - the strongest team on female volleyball - the numerous winner of the student`s championships of different levels is based.

Alternative expensive and prestigious fitness - to clubs - sports palaces of students. For occupations here if it is necessary to pay, then symbolical money. By the way, some universities adopted the western manner and allow students to replace the classical physical education classes included in the program of all full-time departments with trainings on one of sports, including different types of aerobics (for girls). and game sports it is obligatory for p to eat with

In large higher education institutions besides the standard hall for exercises own football fields, gyms, pools. For example, in the MAI sports club there are sections of single combats, aerobics and fitness easy and weightlifting, rock-climbing, mountaineering and a hatkh - yoga. In lesson schedule of student`s sports club of the Moscow state institute of radio engineering, electronics and automatic equipment such sports as cheerleading (support of the team on sports meets by means of dances and acrobatic numbers) and powerlifting (power triathlon) adjoin to traditional sports disciplines.

Creative circles

the Most known student`s theater, certainly, Moscow Open Student`s Theatre (“MOST“). Already from the middle of the 18th century at the Moscow university there was an amateur theatrical collective. In 1958 it was transformed to the MSU Student`s theater by it. M. V. Lomonosov, in 1999 received the new name - “BRIDGE“. This year to theater 50 years were executed. Now the theater spends the city student`s holidays “Tatiana Day“ and the Ball of graduates of the Moscow higher education institutions “Young lions“. Many pupils of this all-high school theater promoted on a platform or television.

Theatrical circles - the most popular in higher education institutions. Besides world famous student`s theater of Lomonosov Moscow State University (MSU) of studio of acting skills is at the Moscow Institute of Foreign Languages (MIFL), the Moscow technical university of communication and informatics (MTUSI), etc. Teachers of theatrical higher education institutions and studios consider that each modern person needs to have the minimum skills of the scenic movement and the speech.

Even if in the future you is not attracted by career of the actor of theater or cinema, participation in student`s theatrical group will help to believe in own forces, will teach not to hesitate on public, convincingly and accurately to tell, use gestures and a mimicry. Occupations by dances not only will improve your plasticity, but also will give the chance to young people to get acquainted and make friends.

the Dancing directions are always traditionally presented to

in “women`s“ higher education institutions, for example at the Moscow City Pedagogical University (MCPU) and the Moscow Pedagogical State University (MPSU).

Favourite entertainment of all young people and resourceful the last 30 years - KVN - initially reflected as competition of college teams. However, in recent years in the highest league of students there is not a lot of: to the very top most often professional teams which student`s years already behind manage to break through. But even if the team of your higher education institution will not reach supercups, you receive the mass of pleasure and true friends anyway. Traditions cheerful and resourceful actively continue and develop in MSU to them M. V. Lomonosov, the Russian Peoples` Friendship University (RPFU), the State University of Management (SUM) and other higher education institutions.



One more option of nonlearning work - public work. Many universities entered student`s self-government in the walls. For example, in GUU since 2005 the advisory body - Student council works. Any active young man irrespective of faculty and a course can take part in actions of this council. And on the basis of Lomonosov Moscow State University there are several student`s organizations at once - the joint trade-union committee, the student`s union, the joint student`s committee, council of young scientists.

Scope of organizing and administrative talents in higher education institutions enormous: participation in student`s elections, the organization of the help needy, public work, trade-union activity, work in services of employment of students and volunteering. Recently youth offices of the largest political parties gain strength. Branches of many of them are in large higher education institutions. By the way, average age of the Russian politician over the last ten years significantly decreased. Still young people stand for municipal meetings absolutely.

One more new (to be exact well forgotten old) the direction - charity. The student`s unions and the organizations look after orphanages, help shelters, hospices and hospitals. Expenses of your young forces will be small here, but you have huge moral satisfaction and gratitude of people. On the basis of sociological faculty of MSU of M. V. Lomonosov several years the Student`s committee of charity which helps Podolsk orphanage works, and at the Russian State Social University (RSSU) the student`s social service which main objective - the help to pupils of orphanages and boarding schools works.