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To work among greens

Window plants not only change any room, give it identity, a cosiness, but also bring big benefit. They purify air of rooms of toxic connections which emit plastic, a varnish, aerosols, detergents, act as green filters. Besides, plants influence our state of mind. The beautiful room, greens, bright, elegant flowers - and mood improves, people smile, receiving a cheerfulness charge. Our today`s subject - plants in service premises.

the simplest decision - artificial flowers, their began to do so that often you will not distinguish from live, without having touched a leaf. Of course, they are convenient, it is not necessary to think of illumination, it is not necessary to water, efforts and cares almost any, however you will always manage to bring them for now nevertheless it is better to have live. The choice of flowers for gardening is huge now. But service premises anyway have to keep the business shape, there cannot be a heap of plants, it is more reminding a winter garden, than a workplace.

the computerization Leaves the mark on selection of flowers also. The neighbourhood with computers is pernicious for many plants. First of all flowers with juicy leaves - saintpaulias, begonias, geraniums suffer. Their growth is slowed down, and some even perish. According to experts, reduce harmful ionization of air and partially protect cactuses, succulents and chlorophytums from electromagnetic radiation. But even these hardy plants sometimes perish during two - three years. Therefore when gardening office rooms it is impossible to place plants directly in front of computers, for them choose the place somewhere aside or sideways.

One of features of office rooms - low humidity of air and constant temperature 20 - 22 ° Page. In these conditions plants with thick, fleshy, leathery leaves, odrevesnevshy stalks and various lianas are the most hardy. Ficuses, dragon trees, yuccas, shefler, monsteras, peperomias, ivies, euphorbias, cactuses, scindapsuses, cissuses, filodendrona are especially distinguished from such flowers. From all room lianas a philodendron - one of the most effective plants, it prefers a diffused light and high humidity of air therefore the pot with a flower is placed in damp peat or regularly spray its leaves water.

In spite of the fact that the peperomia homeland - damp tropics, is not required to a plant constant high humidity of air, and it well grows in rooms with a central heating at artificial lighting.

Other feature of office rooms - artificial lighting. The most part of plants is placed, as a rule, far from windows, that is far from natural light. Ceiling lamps which for the weekend switch off become the main source of lighting for them. And such conditions badly transfer even shade-enduring flowers, not to mention plants poecilophyllous. More or less only one scindapsus adapts.

I one more feature of office rooms. Growth and development of the majority of plants in them begins together with a heating season in October and takes place in dark winter time. And the physiological dream or rest comes in the spring when heating is turned off and sharply air temperature decreases in rooms. We by inertia continue to water flowers as are sure that in the spring all plants come to life. On the street and at the lit window flowers really grow at this time, but at cold office at low lighting they “sleep“. Therefore and it is necessary to water them not more often than once a week and only on condition of drying of a blanket of the soil in pots at this time. At continuous watering of plants two - three times a week water stands and backs begin to rot. At such increased humidity in the soil mushrooms from childbirth Vertitsillium and Fuzarium quickly develop, and plants often perish.

Difficult it is necessary also the flowers standing on window sills or near windows in light rooms. In summertime they strongly dry up under the scorching sun beams, and it is necessary to water them every day. In the winter on window sills both it is dark, and is cold. Worst of all it is necessary those flowers which are in small conferences - halls. After several hours of meetings open in the winter for airing all windows there, and cold air exposes to frost not only leaves, but also roots of subtropical plants.

should be Bought by

plants healthy. As if you loved flowers and how cared for them, the sick plant will die in the first months after purchase. If you bought flowers of foreign firms, they need to be replaced to other soil. They come to us to shops put on a peat substratum: peat well keeps moisture at long transportations. In our conditions of keeping of flowers - low temperatures and bad lighting - such soil substratum provokes fast rotting of root system. That is why all plants after purchase are recommended to be replaced to the sheet earth with addition of the cespitose earth and sand. For change it is better to take clay pots with plastic cache-pots or ceramic pots and flowerpots with an obligatory drainage from beaten crocks or small stones. In plastic pots water stands, it complicates breath of root system and provokes development of soil microorganisms. Even wooden tubs it is much more useful than plastic pots to plants. But plants volume, high it is necessary to leave nevertheless after change in big plastic flowerpots and pots as only they provide to such large flowers the normal area of food of root system. Best of all hygrophilous palm trees feel in plastic ware (date and hrizalidokarpus), love such ware of a yucca and dragon tree.