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Art to be mother of

Once long ago in the clever book read:“ One of us there is more woman, others - mothers“. And so, the last 4,5 years I - just mother. Probably, the first understanding of it came to me last month pregnancies by the senior daughter. In the bus filled to the full, trying to squeeze to an exit, I realized suddenly that I am ready “to tear to pieces“ any who will dare to touch my stomach or to hurt the kid who is there. To me even it became terrible, actually some animal feeling. After Rituli`s birth I became just mother and the wife … Perhaps, it will seem to someone boring, but to me it is good in this role. I am not ideal mother. Periodically, having read clever magazines and books, polaziv on the websites where mothers are clear heads - needlewomen tell about the achievements in the field of education and development of children, I feel like useless mother. I can break, shout, slap the daughter and suffer then a remorse. I constantly lack for it time because was born younger which requires special attention. But I am not a wizard, I just study! I try to be good mother. I do not do anything extraordinary, just I live together with the babies and I love them.

I Come back to a question of a lack of time. I try to involve daughters in all affairs, the occurring houses. We together with younger allocate for Ritul in a garden, together we take away. We together read books, together we draw at a big table. What can be simpler - to give to children finger-type paints more paper. Yes, of course, the dirty water which spread on a floor from paints - not the most pleasant show, but it nothing in comparison with delight of children. Perhaps, it is not absolutely hygienic, but I bathe children together, in one big bathroom. They very much love these joint “heats“: noise - din, waters on a floor knee-deep, but also pleasures too.

When I have a free minute, I give to the Basilisk to the husband, and we with Ritulya are together killed into a corner to read the encyclopedia. Ritulya is very inquisitive girl, and we never feel sorry for funds for good books, games. We like to gather puzzles, to play in school, to dance, sing under a karaoke.

Here such I am nonideal mother, unfortunately, I cannot brag of the invention of a new technique of education of children, training in their reading. It is unlikely the second Malevich or the second Plisetskaya will grow up from my children, hardly they will become great scientists or musicians. But it and is not important! The most important that they understood and remembered that we - a family.