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We walk

I Admit honestly: time of walks with children always was for me the most favourite time. Very much I hope that my sketches and supervision will help to make your walks with kids more interesting, saturated, joyful and useful. Well, not nevertheless time in a sandbox to play, so? Give any walk we will turn into developing!

how the simplest walk turns in developing

Somehow to us needed to be done shopping on the market. If time and weather allows, we do not go on a minibus, and we walk. It was that case when there is time to combine daily household cares with walk. Weather, however, of a zharkovat, but it is possible to live. Though we also live in the usual “sleeping“ area, but not such it actually and usual. We have a remarkable equipped spring and the man-made lake partitioned by a dam. The lake was dug out not so long ago, but it already turned in quite manned, with small fishes, frogs, ducks and water measures, with a marsh grass and reed on coast. Very pleasant place for walks. By it we also go marketing. In many respects thanks to it walk always turns into fascinating travel. While went, fed pigeons and ducks, remembered that huge green leaves at water belong mother - and - the stepmother, have a look at ripples in the water, guessing what small fishes left them, noticed the scurrying-about water measures, and Masha did not fail to spread wide hands and legs to show how they run on water. And, of course, together argued why water measures do not sink. Here the dragonfly flies. Huge, real helicopter! And at once Moshkovskaya`s poem was remembered:

Fast, bright,
Here over cabbage,
Here over a grass, over the head,
Here over
raspberry the Helicopter strekoziny.

Remembered a rhyme, and together with it and the fact that long ago did not read this book. Tonight it is by all means esteemed.

we Go further, the pond remained behind. Around - kindergartens, alleyka, multi-storey buildings. Suddenly Masha brakes and shouts to me: “Mother, look who!“ At the edge of asphalt we notice the tiny myriapod, it is no more than a centimeter in length. More precisely, Masha its the first noticed. She in general around notices a lot of things. Remembered how saw on Tarkhankuta the huge poisonous myriapod - the scolopendra. And it is her some very distant relative. Only absolutely crumb and harmless. Ran up to a centipede a muravyishka and, probably, bit. The myriapod moved so that the ant literally flew away aside. Swelled up and ran. Whether on the ant affairs whether to call fellows on help. A row it is found still the same centipede. And is slightly farther, in a grass, a congestion of bugs - tell-tales. Several tens them here in a small group gathered, and nearby - absolutely tiny tell-tales, a huge brood. Hasty run up in different directions. Well it is necessary how much interesting it is possible to find in a grass at the house...

we Go further on the asphalted alleyka to shadows of trees.

- Oh, Mother, wait! Look, a bug! - this is my young naturalist someone again found. The black bug lay on a back and desperately jerked in air all six pads.

Compassionate Masha tries to turn it by means of a straw. At last it manages it. The bug takes several uncertain steps and again overturns on a back.

- Poor, - Masha laments, - probably, someone stepped on it and injured to it a pad.

Ya I bring a straw to a bug, it clings to it, and we with Masha move away him from asphalt in a grass. Now nobody will step on it. Of course, rescue of a bug - not God knows what feat. But it is pleasant to me that the daughter grieves even about a small small insect. Why in vain to ruin life even if also such tiny?

- Oh! - Masha shouts, - I slightly did not step on the tell-tale. Hardly noticed it...

Masha avoids

a bug, and I remember Moshkovskaya`s poem again. Something at us today all meetings on a subject...

He jumped on the road, and I put a leg
I nearly came, I would kill him with
As will jump up that grasshopper!
It is cheerful! It is live!
Is good that I noticed!
It is good that it is live!

it is valid, good

. It is difficult to me to understand parents who do not react to attempts of the child to step a leg on a rain worm or the bug running on the ground. And sometimes also encourage similar acts: “Press a caterpillar a leg, press!“ To me not to understand. What sense in it? For what such senseless cruelty?

Traces as a way of development of thinking

we Stamp

further. Oh, and that it so smells? Yes same the linden blossomed! I break a floret, I show to Masha. She smells. Says what smells of freshness as a fresh cucumber. I tell it about surprising properties of lime color to help at cold, how it is collected, dry as make from it in the winter fragrant tea. Something early this year the linden blossomed. Today only on June 15. And on - Ukrainian “we stick“ call July. Because in July the linden blossoms. I tell about it to Masha and I ask to remember names of months on - Ukrainian, and then and in English. It appears, she rather forgot partially it. We remember together, and at the same time we try to understand why months were designated quite so. In Russian it is not simple to make it without linguistic preparation. And here in Ukrainian - it is easy and interesting. Every month has very characteristic name. Kviten - because primroses blossom. Traven - because all earth takes cover a green grass. And cherven - because red, beautiful as “it is red - the maiden“...

On walk it is very convenient to p to give to the kid small problems for development of thinking. For this purpose anything will approach. There is an example. On the street it is dry, and suddenly we notice wet traces of paws on asphalt. We ask the kid whose it is traces. We receive the answer that dog. Well! And why they are wet? It appears, nearby there is a big not drying out pool. The dog entered her, and then walked wet paws on asphalt. Perfectly, we go further. And why traces at first were well noticeable, then became more pale, and then absolutely disappeared? Let the kid will deal also with this riddle. Or here it is visible in the winter that everywhere snow lies, and, around the hatch, it is not in one place. The earth blackens, and even the green grass in places makes the way. In what the reason? Such simple, at first sight, problems - an excellent opportunity for the kid to train the logical thinking, to think of causes and effects of these or those phenomena. From them there is much more advantage for development of the child, than from ready knowledge... Of course, it is possible to tell the kid why leaves turn yellow in the fall. But it is better to give the chance to think, argue and answer this question most. And let the answer will sound extremely. The desire to get to the truth, to find the answer to the question posed is important. Questions it is more important than answers...

Talking to the kid about any difficult things, consider children`s feature to take everything literally. Once during walk the five-year-old daughter thoughtfully considered the crane which is seen from - for a building fence. The crane lifted concrete plates. “And what, those plates, which in the earth, same, how these?“ I understood not at once about what the speech. What plates in the earth?“ Well, those which face among themselves and the earthquake turns out“. Here those time! Reading once in the children`s encyclopedia that earthquakes come from collision of big mass of the earth (plates), the daughter decided that it is here such here concrete construction plates lie to themselves in the earth and face from time to time, probably, with boredom. Just she in the life did not see other plates and could not present what is it. So, explaining to kids similar difficult things, try to find out from them as they understood yours (or book) an explanation. Otherwise confusions in children`s heads not to avoid.

About a pink elephant, imagination and versification

It is very important to p to teach the kid to notice around himself different entertaining trifles, to be a keen observer. And for this purpose it is necessary also most though sometimes though for a while to slow down a prompt rhythm of life and to look around. And in direct, and figuratively. Usually, the child notices many different details imperceptible to the adult just because for the adult all this seems an insignificant trifle, and can seem to the kid quite noteworthy. And happens that something will seem to the adult curious, and the kid of it will not notice. Here and we teach each other to notice surprising trifles.

... Near our house there is an alleyka who goes along the long nine-storey building. We on it often go. And once I notice on a balcony of the second floor of a toy elephant. The balcony is tiny, and the elephant, on the contrary, huge and, apparently, occupies a balcony floor. And that the most remarkable, elephant pink. We with Masha laughed at it, and at once itself - itself remade a song about a pink elephant, adapting to our history:

Where birches
Came to a slope,
there Lived on a balcony
a Pink elephant...

I every time, passing under this balcony, we waved a hand to old znakomets and sang our song. It turned into ritual. And then on the first floor of the house, directly under an “elephant“ balcony opened a drugstore. And Masha right there again remade a song. Now it turned out “Veins over a drugstore a pink elephant“... And once the elephant disappeared. It was unexpected and sad. But became an occasion to think up the whole fascinating story about mysterious kidnapping of an elephant. But everything ended well: the elephant returned to the Africa to mother and the father. Glancing at balconies of first floors, it is possible to notice the mass of all curious. And further we release the imagination and imagination. It is easy, it is necessary to try only.

Walk - the most suitable time for the composition of verses. And even if you consider that you are absolutely deprived of poetic gift, it is worth trying. About what there will be verses? About what occurs around. Generally, we will assimilate for a while to the Chukchi people: about what I see, about that and I sing. Here, for example, the rain went, and the rhyme is ready:

the Sun hid for a cloudlet,
the Rain dripped to me on the
I handle on a nose, and on cheeks,
On trees, on florets.
Warm droplets
Drip, drip...

of the Adventure from nothing

Believe it or not and to turn in developing, informative or adventure it is possible practically any walk with the child. Once late fall we went to take a walk to city park. It turned out that the ropeway works, and the daughter wanted to sweep on it. Considering from above Liski and a footpath, the unexpected thought came to our mind. It is possible, of course, back too on a kanatka to return. But easy ways not for us... Boringly... It is necessary to return on foot. And walk will turn out good, and the next adventure for the daughter (very much she loves them, and they - it). Sharpness to feelings was added by already almost complete darkness, lack of a small lamp, and a season, a little suitable for foot forest walks. Masha was delighted. And we, it is necessary to tell, received some portion if not adrenaline, then good mood is precisely. I it not to that say that it is necessary to walk in the woods in complete darkness. I that even to the parents far from tourism, quite on forces to turn the most usual action into a remarkable event. Well, unless we would remember then at least once about the most banal walk on a kanatka? It is unlikely. And here such walk was remembered then all winter...

Walk on the city are the most real travel for the kid! Any, even small town, with its ancient architecture and parks, bridges and the areas, cathedrals and churchlets, can become the most interesting object for the little inquisitive researcher. Walk on historic center, pay attention to facades of houses and their ornament, to columns and steps. Tell that for people lived here. And then suggest the child to act as your guide and the conductor. Let him learn to notice around himself beautiful and unusual and tells about it to you. It is possible that you also will be struck with beauty of the city, residential district, the next park. We go to travel around new places at the other end of the world, but often we do not even represent how much interesting it is possible to find nearby.

the “Lazy“ campaign

to go to the real multi-day campaign - for the majority of us piece difficult, almost impracticable. Though for many residents of the large cities which almost weaned by nature, freedom and the active movement such “shake-up“ - the best medicine both for a hypodynamia, and for a stress. But what prevents to arrange to us on the weekend such pass - pokhodik, one-day foot walks? Anything, except our own laziness. But it is worth overcoming and be chosen at least just once the laziness in a one-day campaign all family. And it is possible to take seven friends also. Will be so more cheerful also to you, and children. You do not know where to go? This business reparable. For a start it is possible even not to leave far. Practically in any city there is big green space. Get the good card and lay for yourself a route from one district of the city in another in such a way that the way would pass through a forest park. Define an approximate distance in kilometers and estimate, what is the time it will borrow you. Then we take a small backpack with drinking water, having a snack, spare clothes for children (they are in the habit to get into pools and dirt) and we go to a start point. It is possible to go to similar campaigns at all seasons of the year, but it is better in dry weather. And, of course, spring, summer and early fall - the most pleasant time.

We sometimes get prior to the beginning of a route by the car, we leave it, we pass the planned route, and then on public transport we come back to the car. Such walks are especially good if you have children - preschool children who for the present cannot pass on foot long distances. But also it is not necessary to underestimate the child. Prepared to five - the six-year-old kid can pass very long distances, but provided that it is interesting to him. Therefore the word the word synonym “boringly“ “was tired“ in this case. It is enough to tell: “Oh, it is rather all here, look that I found!“ And as a hand will remove all fatigue! What can it be? Mushrooms, a huge ant hill, the big cone, a bug - a deer, a ladybug, fancy outgrowths on trees, an interesting stub, berries, beautiful flowers, a nest, a birdie or a squirrel in branches, “dining room“ of a woodpecker and you never know still can interest in the wood of the little naturalist. Somehow we came across in the middle of a forest park absolutely fantastic lake in an environment of trees where the manual ducks taking bread from hands floated. And Masha without regret fed it the portion of pies. Unless it will be forgotten? Each similar walk is new opening. And often not only for children...

If the similar type of Sunday rest pleases you, it is possible to start a campaign more seriously. Too one-day, but more long and already in the country. If you possess at least small tourist skills, you without effort will be able to make a route, having connected two settlements where it is possible to reach by bus or an electric train. Or it is possible to make a radial campaign, i.e. to get to the place by the car, to walk on vicinities and to return to the initial point of travel. But I advise you to look for already ready routes. It is a lot of such information on the Internet, and in library quite good old books with the description of tourist routes (including one - two-day) in your area will for certain be found. Such routes are good the fact that they are usually laid in places the picturesque or bearing in themselves memory of some historical events so together with active recreation you and children have an opportunity to enjoy beautiful types of the nature and to learn something new about the edge. What to add to it? Do not forget to do stops. That the most interesting to the kid in a campaign? Correctly, halt. And eating of supplies. Also stock up with enough water. And if it is pleasant, it is possible and to descend in a two-day pokhodik. And then... But it already another story altogether...