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Experience of generations

For happiness to be the feeding mummy (and twice) I am grateful to the mother and the great-grandmother. There is no great-grandmother for a long time, but that experience, that advice which she gave to my mother, and it transferred already to me, will not find in one magazine or the book (how many I read them!). You will not find also that support and understanding!

U me two athletes. The senior is 3 years 3 months old. Fed to 1 g 4 months. In a year the kid looked on two. Younger - 8 months. 12 kg weigh. 400 g Krom of a breast want nothing (and I always thought that I have not enough milk!). I buy clothes for 1,5 years …

my rules of breastfeeding are as follows:

  1. the First two months you have to sleep and feed with

    only! (the relatives, of course, will not understand - but your child will eat only cream!) .

  2. Prepare for
  3. a breast! With the first managed, and with the second pain from cracks was, appear, from finger-tips to a waist - tears were shed 2 months! Quartz, ointments helped. And unless it is possible not to nurse if it is! I am not a man!
  4. to be In maternity hospital only with the child! I was in the best of the best, but my firstborn fed with mix when at me there arrived milk. As a result of a rastsezhivala all maternity hospital, with mother and the husband! I did not give the second to them!
  5. Feeding on demand. What is it, I understood, only feeding the second child! At it already the eighth tooth climbs, and I never swung it on handles, about nipples, tooth gels and febrifugal I do not remember. Only breast and grindings. Rub a back, a coat hanger, a neck (there, it appears, “a sleepy hillock“). And with the first such number did not pass! And it was my mistake! It should be swung, etc. On a wall I tried to write down how many I fed him. Mother for me ran with scales and spoke: “To you what, is a pity for a breast?“ And just now, when he is 3 years old, I understand that with its energy, its character the breast was necessary to it not everyone half of hour, but each 5 minutes! Each child demands the.
  6. of Dopaivat or not - a question individual. Offer, be not too lazy! The child himself will solve, to drink to him or not to drink. Perhaps to it hot. Or you have fat milk. At the milkwoman (or for prevention) after feeding recommend water. In the summer the senior drank with greed water, and younger juice. Doctors recommend not to give to drink during a heat, and to undress. But it does not help.
  7. the breast washed
  8. With the senior before feeding; with younger is not present - differences any!
  9. you Feed with
  10. lying and day and night. It is a good opportunity to have a rest! There are exceptions - cracks, etc. The great-grandmother fed the premature son in feather-beds lying on the Russian oven (the doctor so advised) and from there did not lower him! The grandfather is 82 years old, he never the sick-list took!
  11. From laying for a breast cracks happen - enclose cambric kerchiefs better.
  12. by
  13. it was Never decanted. How many the child wants, it is so much milk and will be. To decant if only lumps need to be rastsedit. But if you have not enough milk, try to decant (the decanted milk give to the kid from a spoon or the syringe, but not from a bottle). And if there is a lot of milk, become the donor.
  14. do not finish feeding in the summer. It is the period of intestinal infections. The breast will help both to calm the kid and to recover. It is checked with the senior in the south in epidemic.
  15. Sometimes should be been alert (to keep a finger in readiness) that the kid did not bite off a breast (my brother acted this way - blood flew a stream).
the Feeding up

of the Senior I lured

from 6 months, younger from 3 months though milk was more. - to lure my opinion from 6 months rather late. It turns out that all of you give almost at once. Better in 3 months. - fruit, in 4 - vegetables, in 5 - porridges etc. I.e. time between introductions of a feeding up is more, and the gentle ventricle of the child gets used to new food better.

do not force the child to eat

more, than he wants (the senior asked additives, and younger eats half-portions though the child is larger).

Adhere to the mode, more precisely the child will set the mode, and you follow it!

to the Senior child I late began to give to

cow`s milk. Therefore it was necessary to go to many cunnings, and only by 3 years he began to ask milk! Try to milk in a box with a tubule. Show how cows are grazed. We watched how the uncle - the milk seller came by the car and from a cow especially for Roma brought milk. It helped. And the fact that without milk teeth will be curves as at a baba-yaga, - very much helped. Replace milk with cheese, cottage cheese etc.

When the kid got poisoned, the strict diet

is necessary to
  1. the Breast.
  2. 1 spoon of water (regidron) each 5 minutes.
  3. Crackers.
  4. Rice porridge on water.
  5. Mashed potatoes on water.
  6. Special baby food (rice broths).
nothing from food is better to give

I more.

In a year with the senior was in hospital - all saw enough. Rules are simple, but a heavy minute about them forget. About drugs consciously I do not write.

How to teach the father fish, and the son milk is?

Cook fish soup on cream!

Fish (to fill in a trout, a humpback salmon (it is possible preserved) or other), potato, carrots with water so that it slightly - slightly covered products. When begins to boil, it is necessary to add a cauliflower, broccoli, to salt. When vegetables cook, to pour in cream (the more fatly, the more tasty!) . To boil. To give with greens and with sour cream. The husband did not eat fish of 35 years, and the son never drank milk. But this soup is asked every week! I wish you success!