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The report on sorts

of All 40 weeks was passed it is rather disturbing... At first interruption threat (in the anamnesis an abortion), then a mad increase in weight, then suspicion on gestational diabetes, then the hardest bronchitis with antritis in 32 weeks, well and finally pressure began to knock. I left work that day when I learned that I am pregnant... Just did not go more - and all. For us my rest and health of the kid - the most important therefore we even did not discuss this subject with the husband. In total as that by itself was solved. Though I received very decent money and held a good position... And figs with it... I do not want more...

of PDR it was appointed to June 10, but I very much - very much wanted to give rise on June 8 since first, it was necessary to be in time till holidays (on June 12); secondly (silly desire of pregnant brains) to give rise in revival; and in the third is (even sillier), to give birth to 08. 06. 08 - type, beautiful date). I learned a name of my kid even in the morning in a bathroom on September 15, 2007. That morning the test zapolosatitsya, and I told aloud, looking on even absent puz: “Hi, Lenka!“ Smiled and went to awake the husband (though kept a name in secret until the birth). Yes, it is necessary to tell that I was sure for 80% that I am pregnant, to the test... Simply 13 years to smoke, drink coffee of years so 10... And one fine day to begin to hate all this? Fantastic tales.

So, on Saturday (on June 7) I went all day and said to the Paunch that weather excellent, the summer ahead, and would be healthy if Puzozhitel left it. I did not even think that I have such obedient boy. Though, probably, I provoked childbirth by the fact that washed the floors in a waiting room having bent. And washed all pregnancy with a mop.

On Sunday in 2. 30 nights I woke up from the fact that something hurts... “Treniki!“ - I thought... They were for a long time... In half an hour of “trenik“ I decided just in case to go to be washed, shave... In a bathroom I understood that it is not “trenik“. It it!! I shaved, devastated intestines, guided maraft. Left a bathroom and... began! Fights became very painful and every 5 minutes at once! But I suffer... I do not awake the husband... Let still will have a sleep... At 5 in the morning I understand what to suffer is rather heavy... It is time to go. There was an arrangement with the doctor in the 29th maternity hospital. I called it, and he told: “Leave!“

we Go... in Moscow already light-... A smell on the street just unusual... Weather is wonderful... There are no cars. I bliss out between fights. Fights become more sick and more sick.

was Reached quickly. The doctor on duty accepts (as it was then - the chief of department postnatal). Looks: “Opening of 2 cm. There could be more. Prepare documents, and you will be seen off!“ I say goodbye to the husband. He is very frightened. It is more, than I. Send for ultrasonography. I knock at the ultrasonography office door, nobody opens since the doctor sleeps... Time - they are the 6th mornings. At last, the door opened... Having looked with sleepy eyes at the monitor, asked the only question: “You have a high husband?“ “High, nearly 2 m, more precisely than 1 m 95 cm“, - I answered. “And, well then it is clear!“ Wrote in the conclusion that the child`s weight - the 4200th plus-minus 100 gr.! Ha, I also knew it since all pregnancy to me was said that I have a big boy and the unreal sizes puz.


me in maternity. The only plus of the 29th maternity hospital is that you wait for fight in the same chamber where it will give birth. This only thing that was pleasant to me. Well, all one after another.

Connected KTG to a paunch. At 10 in the morning fights became such painful that I began “to climb on a wall“. Check disclosure - 3 cm. Something slowly goes process. There arrived the doctor with whom I agreed. He is the manager of office of anesthesiology and reanimation. At 12 o`clock fights became just intolerant and my “mm“ disclosure still of 3 cm became more similar to “aa“, and. Here to me decide to make an epiduralka that I have a rest. And here - that my doctor had a shock - not the beret epidurat me. I understand that I begin to be tired. That there is already not a lot of forces. Here heartbeat of the kid to 80 falls, and the device begins to peep terribly. Me cold sweat breaks through. One more doctor resorts, gets into me, something tries to make and calls one more doctor. The huge uncle came, got into me a huge hand something corrected from above on a paunch (changed position of the child). Heartbeat was adjusted. It turned out that Lenya the head drove an umbilical cord into the corner densely and the blood-groove decreased. And here I speak: “Children, I was tired, fights very painful, I long so will not sustain, disclosure goes slowly, I will not extend, the boy at me big, can Caesarian?!“, on what I this doctor together with my doctor was told:“ Yes here at most 3600! You will give rise itself without problems“. Put oxytocin. Fights became intolerable. Stick the second portion in a back. After two doses of anesthesia I am put on legs to make an effort, i.e. the epiduralka in general practically me did not anesthetize. Heartbeat of the child fell 2 more times.

When they “wanted“ to do

Caesarian - was late. The child got up in patrimonial ways. I was inhuman tired. To me it was so cold that teeth knocked. Also banged terribly though in boxing there were 32 degrees. After two doses of anesthesia heart begins to hurt wildly. The anesthesiologist speaks: “It is reaction to a preparation. Overdoses! Suffer. I can help nothing more!“ At the time of fights I do not understand what hurts me. I cannot sigh from - for heartaches and, respectively, I cannot normally make an effort since I cannot sigh...

of 16 hours. I am absolutely exhausted. I have no forces even on attempts. I try to collect all forces, understanding that the child terribly suffers. I am transferred to a chair to give birth. Climbed on it. 4 doctors around me shout, the midwife shouts. I make an effort with the last bit of strength. One of doctors (Vera Vasilyevna) told someone: “Cut it!“ Further I only understood that Lyonechki`s head got out, and fainted. But, probably, not on long since regained consciousness from the fact that on me the man sits and the woman lies. They squeeze out it from me.

Lyonya was born

in 17 - 00. In boxing death silence. Six doctors were inclined on them in absolute silence and that that is done. I see only their backs. Also I understand that there is something terrible. “Breathes?!“ - I ask. In reply silence. “Breathes?!“ - again I. Silence. “He is living?“ - I shout. “It is live! Began to breathe!“ - answered me. This dialogue seemed to me the longest childbirth. Weigh - 4300 gr. and 53 cm. I look at doctors and I see how they looked at each other. Understood the mistake. I warned you. Why to put on me, and, above all on we wash the child experiments? To me brought Lyonya wrapped in a blanket. Showed, allowed to kiss and carried away in reanimation. Gave rise to an afterbirth.


the young doctor by the name of Vartan Came to sew up me. Sews internal gaps. For fatigue or from pain me banged so that my legs jumped out of podnozhnik of a chair. They were held. Sewed me, sewed... He began to sew up an external section and here speaks: “Oh, and that it at us it?“. I thought, he saw the rose which blossomed there. Interestingly, you whom ask about it? “Call professor!“ That doctor came again. Here they stand, look to me to the causal place, and speaks to one another:“ Unstitch! Open and sew up!“ . It turned out that on the left wall an extensive hematoma. Opened.

Mother my dear... I cannot more! Thank God, on my happiness some woman came, it seemed to me that nearly the nurse, and told them that they patients, and the maid - that already on the verge. Stuck something in a vein. Unpleasant smack in a mouth, and I see pyramids of Egypt, virtual reality and the remote, very remote voices.

Regained consciousness already on a wheelchair. I cannot understand where I and what is with me. Slowly memory comes back. I hear conversation of two doctors:

- to write the Hematoma to it?

- Yes not, it is not necessary, we opened it, sewed up, on a fig to specify it?

I Try to tell something, but it is impossible, language grew dumb, in a mouth porridge. Cold. Very cold. In half an hour completely I recover. I lie one, there is nobody. My God, as cold. Came neonatolog and told that the child almost as it should be. Calmed, told that will show me it as soon as I am able to get up.

was Transported in chamber No. 302. I hate this chamber. I hate everything in this maternity hospital. I remember with hatred. Shifted to a bed, and I almost right there fell asleep. Woke up at night from wild heat and from intolerable desire to drink. While lay, thought that I in a full order, but when rose, understood that I was mistaken, and seriously was mistaken. But, I think, before reanimation dopletus, it in the same wing.

Left in a corridor, and the nurse meets halfway. And as soon as she saw me, opened the mouth and began to shout at me that as I dared to get out of a bed and that she is not going to drag me here if I now in a corridor faint. I begged to bring together me in reanimation. On what received the intelligible answer that it does not belong to its duties. Brought me to a bed and ordered to lay down. Then I asked a water glass. Whether is not present at them in sisterly, to me yet nothing was brought (night outside)... I want to drink - I die. On what I was told even more intelligibly that if they give to drink to all women in labor here, then on all you will not save enough. I got out of a bed again and dopletsya to a toilet. Got drunk waters from - under the crane. Here came to me neonatolog. Speaks: “Regained consciousness? You want to the son?“. You ask!

generally when I saw the boy, really began to faint. My boy in the couveuse, all in tubes, in a mouth 2 tubes, on a leg - the sensor, on the handle - the sensor, on a tummy some sensor lies, everything peeps, he not really healthy color, breathes somehow strange, every other time. “The state is heavy, stable“, - as a sentence sounded. Heavy hypoxia. When she told me an assessment across Apgar, I raised a howl a beluga. Even I will not tell you it. In the head only sounded:“ Why? For what? My God, for what? My God, help it! Do not take away it from me! I so waited for it! It is necessary to me! I love it!“

in the Morning I was told that to it much better and, probably, it will be removed from the device. Fukh... Carried by...

Through a couple of hours the condition of Laziness sharply worsened... To it it is bad, very bad... He does not breathe... My God!! Well help it... Please, take away me... Leave it!


Made a X-ray of lungs. Bilateral pneumonia. All lungs are clogged with a phlegm. Doctors told me that it is pre-natal infectious pneumonia - result of my bronchitis in 32 weeks. Then let`s take crops of an infection and we will understand what the infection is. I asked every day result of crops. Nobody told anything to me, talked some nonsense from what I drew a conclusion that it is not pre-natal pneumonia, but result of difficult delivery. It it is banal swallowed water.

were Replaced by antibiotics and through a two-three of days the phlegm began to depart. It is a lot of phlegm, it is a lot of.

Forgot to mention still such moment in the attitude towards the woman in labor. On a trace day after the delivery to me the nurse from new change came into chamber, saw the floor splodgy with blood (rose at night when, dripped strongly). She began to shout at me that I such - the syaky pig, did not wipe for herself a floor. If it is honest, my speech power was gone. I was in such shock that did not answer nothing, stupidly took a diaper and wiped.

of A lot of things was... A lot of things occurred there. The only people who treated me more than properly, it is the constant nurse Yulya in postnatal office on the 3rd floor and the manager. office Elena Evgenyevna.

One of the heaviest moments - the moment of arrival of the reanimobile for Lenya. To me it was brought to show and take on hands... My heart nearly became torn from pain, and then I watched how the Mercedes car with a special signal left the hospital territory, and someone did not give way to it. I shouted in a window that removed the car. Saw in back glass of the car kuvezik in which my child who is rolled up in a blanket with an oxygen cap on a face lay...

and surely it I will seem to

Thanks to Elena Evgenyevna which all - released me from hospital on the same day on parole that I will look after seams (did not keep the word). There was a divergence. Thanks to Yulya who called me the Lassie and from it at heart became warmer. Thank you, my lovely girls! You gave me such support of which it is possible just to dream. Thank you huge. I fall in legs before each of you!