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Baby food: by nature

Appearance of the child it is possible to call the best without exaggeration the most significant and joyful event in a family. However except pleasure this event bears also natural efforts - the kid needs to be provided to all necessary for the normal growth and development, to create it comfortable conditions, to protect from injuries and infections. And one of the most important questions arising from the very first days of life of the child is as it is correct to organize his food.

Why in the first years of life of the kid the healthy nutrition is so important



It is known that in the first three years of life put the most important components of health, mental and creative abilities of the kid. All systems of an organism for independent functioning are formed: respiratory, cardiovascular, gastrointestinal, central nervous tract etc. For this reason it is so important to build the healthy and balanced nutrition of the kid at this age. The lack of any nutrients can cause a growth inhibition, physical and intellectual development, and also violation of formation of a bone skeleton and teeth.

In this regard at a diet of the child all necessary nutrients have to be present: proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals in the quantity corresponding to a certain age of the child. And it not the only requirement. Besides a nutrition value and balance, the food of the kid should not contain any impurity dangerous to his health, such as pesticides, herbicides, insecticides, industrial wastes, heavy metals, microbic toxins and many others. The organism of the child is much more sensitive than the adult`s organism to any harmful influences - his protective systems are still very weak, neutralization and removal of toxic substances happen slowly, immunity only begins to develop. And, at last, the children`s food has to be just tasty that the kid ate it with pleasure.

With what to begin with

a feeding up of the kid and how to choose safe food?

is Commented by Elena Reztsova, the candidate of medical sciences, the associate professor, the pediatrician of the highest category, the manager of clinic “Juno Medika“ (Moscow):


“As the first, earliest feeding up serve fruit and vegetable purees. They are best of all acquired zheludochno - an intestinal path of the kid, at the same time preparing it for acceptance of other products. Approximately with 7 - the monthly age to the child`s diet gradually is added by cottage cheese and other children`s fermented milk products, and also meat in the form of meat and meat - vegetable puree. Gradually the quantity of a feeding up is increased, reducing breastfeeding frequency, and as a result completely leave him. The scheme of introduction of feedings up and their structure need to be discussed with the pediatrician observing the child.

With the moment of approach of the period of introduction of a feeding up the natural question arises: how to choose products, full on structure and free from harmful impurity? The best baby food is a food which consists of environmentally friendly, natural products. I.e. products which are grown up in environmentally friendly conditions: on environmentally friendly lands, only by means of natural methods of cultivation, without use of artificial fertilizers. Food which is made on technology of bioorganic production.“


As creates bioorganic food?

Bioorganic production is directed to

to that the received products were environmentally friendly, natural and full on composition of nutrients. For achievement of this BIO - products are made and processed in certain conditions.

Weeding the products Made on such technology are useful and absolutely safe


Who makes BIO - products?

Already more than 50 years the German company HiPP uses

for production of baby food of BIO - the products which are grown up in environmentally friendly conditions.

At the Russian mothers now too an opportunity to choose natural, environmentally friendly baby food for the kid. And it is possible to begin a feeding up of the kid with First Children`s HiPP Apple mashed potatoes.

“First children`s HiPP apple“ is recommended to be included in a diet of the kid, since 4 - go month.

Fruit are an irreplaceable part of a food allowance of the child as they are a natural source of vitamins, minerals and mineral substances. Green apple - it richly with vitamin C is especially useful. Besides, it is easily acquired and does not cause an allergy. Scientific researches confirm that the fruit and vegetables which are grown up in the natural way without use of artificial fertilizers contain more antioxidants, vitamin C 12 - 30% less nitratov*.

sugar, fragrances, dyes, preservatives, milk protein, gluten and the modified starch does not contain

“First children`s HiPP apple“ . Apples, the artificial fertilizers which are grown up in environmentally friendly conditions without application are its part. It confirms the BIO - Organic Quality badge on packing. “First children`s HiPP apple“ underwent 260 testing for quality before getting on the shelf of shop.

of HIPP Russia