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Nikulkin the story about the game “Guess Fruit“

for some reason very much is not pleasant to Mother that I do not eat fruit. And berries. Here Maksimka drags their all the time from the refrigerator. And I for some reason do not love. Well, I, of course, can eat several cheesecakes. Or apple segment. Seldom. And mother wants that I ate every day both apricots, and plums, and bilberry, and currant. I will not understand why to it it is necessary. She told something about vitamins. And about minerals. And about something like that important. And I love vitamins yellow, round more, they are almost like candies, same sweet.

Somehow in the morning before a garden mother offered


- the Nickname, let`s learn to determine fruit and berries by a smell!

- And how? - I asked.

- And here so. I will collect in a plate plum, an apricot, a peach, a melon, mango and different berries. And you close eyes and smell what piece I give you. If guessed - it is possible to eat, but did not guess - I return in a plate.

- Ooh - you as it is interesting, give, - I was delighted. And somehow at once forgot that I not really - that want to eat them.

Ya closed eyes, but so there was a wish to guess correctly.

- do not spy

! - Strictly mother told.

- I also do not spy! It I, on the contrary, so strongly narrow eyes!

Mother for some reason laughed, and something cold touched my nose. I smelled. Once again. And still.

- does not smell of


- Oh, wait, I will rind, - mother bethought. And again brought closer something to my nose.

- Plum! - I shouted at all house.

Even the father came running from a bathtub.

- What you shout here?

- It we smell.

- And why it is so loud?

- Well, the father, do not disturb, it is game such. - I greedy ate greedily the honestly earned plum.

- Mmm what tasty game at you, - the father became interested. - And it is possible for me?

- Well, you already cleaned teeth, will play in the evening, - mother winked at me. - So, Nikul, we continue, close eyes, open a nose.

- Oh, honey smells! Melon! - at once I guessed.

- the Good fellow, you can eat, - mother praised.

Then I guessed still an apricot and a peach, and mango. And here with berries it was more difficult. All of them tickled a nose equally, and I could not feel a smell in any way how many I nuzzled. Mother told that they should be made an incision, then aroma will begin to leave, and we will catch it.

- Yes! Cherry!

- Currant!

- Bilberry!

the Plate quickly became empty.

- Oh, and I also did not notice how I ate everything, give in the evening still we will play!

- it is good

, and now it is time in a garden, - mother smiled.