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The most successful holiday of

was always and everywhere not lucky Me. From kindergarten I was regularly forgotten to be taken away before closing (mother in vain hoped for the father, the father on the grandmother, the grandmother - for the memory). The school of the teacher asked me only those rare days when I did not manage to learn a lesson. At institute at examinations teachers noticed only my cribs. For me to occupy turn in shop it was useless: on me “for a minute“ the seller disappeared, the tape came to an end or at all the cash register broke. My groom - the American married my younger little sister. Frankly speaking, a controversial issue to whom three from us were not lucky in this situation any more. Soon I married the classmate, and they divorced. Paradoxically, all my constantly happening failures usually come to the end safely, giving temporary inconveniences to me, and at times and the people surrounding me.

So was and this time. Flight to New - York detained. At the airport long waited for baggage. My suitcase crept out the last, and it tore off the handle. Castors broke in Sheremetyevo, without having sustained 30 kg of weight. It is heavy to choose gifts to the sister, and to find easy gifts at all an excessive problem! The sister assured that in America everything can be bought, and absolutely nothing is necessary to it. Asked to bring some loaves of darling “Borodino“, couple of jars of mother`s jam and “War and peace“. From similar trifles 30 kg were gained.

In shoes on heels to push with legs in the necessary direction of the impressive sizes a suitcase business not simple. The sister from far away made out among normally meeting halfway people me who is gracefully hurrying her with bags - packages in hands and a suitcase in legs!

- I wait for you - I wait, and you hardly hobble. Let`s go rather, to us to go far, - the sister after traditional embraces and kisses added.

We went to New - Jersey where in a country house Galya worked as the babysitter (our way, the nurse) 8 - summer Becky. David, the father Galina of the ward, kindly suggested to stay for a while in his house week, then we planned to carry out mine and Galin holiday on the coast to Miami.

not absolutely understood

Ya why to Galya rest. Its work already looked in my opinion rest. The main objective of Galya - to talk to Becky in Russian. Upon the demand of the father (mother of the girl died) the child had to do everything independently. Galina only controlled morning process of sending school: rise, washing, clothing, breakfast. Then in a window watched how Becky gets near the house on a school bus. By the same bus in the second half of day the girl came back home, and Galya also seated her to do homework.

, including cooking, the coming assistant was engaged in

in All household chores. In the evening Becky set the table and warmed for all a dinner. The dishes were washed too by it. So the child got used to household chores, and Galya to good life in the smart place! Directly behind the house the wood began, trees literally looked in windows and squirrels were frequent guests on a balcony. And here for such work the salary and holiday relied Galya!

We talked till the dead of night. In the morning we were woken by beep of the driving-off school bus.

- was Overslept! Were late! - Galina cried, and we ran to the nursery. Having put the girl sleeping still on legs, began to dress her in four hands and to braid braids. It turned out not really beautifully, but it all the same looked perfectly on our background: Galya put legs in boots and threw with a jacket a nightgown, and I, though managed to pull jeans and a t-shirt, remained in slippers. To brush the hair time was not. Here in such look we rushed off in garage. Running by the refrigerator, the sister thrust into the bag a breakfast for the child.

- And can be taken you without demand the car? - with doubt I asked, getting into the huge jeep of David. - Suddenly it will not be pleasant to it?

- to us could not be asked. Yes, he can and does not learn, Becky`s truth? - Galya answered. - If the child is late in school, the teacher will tell him surely, and it will definitely not be pleasant to him.

On the road was remembered about a breakfast. Not at once found it, on a bag, it appears, Becky sat down. Yogurt half flowed out in a bag, the remains poured out on me. The child remained hungry, but pure.

We quickly reached by

school, landed Becky and went back. Cars were practically not. We laughed at the appearance and rejoiced that nobody sees us. Behind conversation Galya did not notice the crosswalk, red light of the traffic light and the car expecting a green signal. The blow was strong - our jeep braked about the vperedistoyashchy car.

the young man jumped out Of the car and began to shout the fact that fairly shout to blondes in similar cases worldwide. We sobbed and sat without moving. It was terrible to get out and look at accident consequences.

- Here to what observance of rules brings - I sadly sighed. - Managed the man to stop on red light in the middle of the deserted road!

- Yes, it is a pity for him the car. Japanese. By the way, guy not the patriot. Americans do not approve purchase of the foreign car.

- Too to me the patriot was. Whether to you to argue on patriotism? Married the American, left the homeland, - I tried to joke to calm Galya and to distract from sad contemplation of the broken car through a windshield. The sense of humour abandoned Galya at blow.

- I divorced. Also I plan to return. Here only money I will earn.

- Aha. Also you will buy “Field“ for maintenance of domestic producer, - I poorly believed in reality of return of the sister.

the Young man called the police and told us that he will depart to buy waters. We at last recovered from shock and went out of the car. The guy instantly forgot about water and stared at us. I was confused. I do not know what struck it. Perhaps sticking out from - under jackets a pink silk night dress? Generally it, at big desire, could be given out for an evening dress. It agrees, it not especially matched Galina a green jacket and brown boots. I in the jeans soiled by yogurt, a t-shirt and slippers looked not much more attractively. And that in May cool day nobody in a winter jacket or just in a t-shirt goes outside there was no wish to remember.

- What ill-bred man, - the thought rushed in my head. - It is indecent to consider girls so.

the Approached police officers were badly familiar to

with rules of a good form too and with astonishment examined us. A bigger surprise called Galino in them the driver`s license which she caught from the yogurt floating in a bag and “imperceptibly“ wiped about a jacket. I thought in the beginning, they were struck by lack of similarity between the beautiful photo and frightened, not brushed, with the eyes which reddened from tears Galya. The reason consisted in another. It appears, these police officers never met the driver`s license got in Russia. Whether in this corner of New - Jersey Russians a rarity, whether the compatriots living here go accurater than Galya and have no accidents, but the fact remained the fact: they saw the similar driver`s license for the first time.

the Most part of day we carried out

on a point of impact. Police officers called up to a site, learned reality of the Russian rights for territories of the state, then verified authenticity of our documents, then waited for the representative of insurance company. At the end of them interested from where we have a car. Galya already managed to report to David about accident, and he by phone confirmed that he allowed us the jeep to drive. Police officers, tired of trouble with us, decided to take the word and to release us.

- you are able to go? - cautiously they took an interest. Still shook the sister. I felt biliously too.

- Of course, - Galya assured and took the wheel.

Ya paid its attention to a big dark pool under our car. From - under a cowl something dripped.

- Nonsense. Went quicker from here, - it zatoropit me.

we did not manage to start as we were stopped again by police. Galya passed on a red signal of the traffic light. This time formalities took only a few minutes, police officers obviously could not wait to get rid of us.

Two penalties in one day plus two someone else`s semi-broken machines. On it troubles did not end. Without having reached hundred meters to the house, the car died out. Probably, lack of the liquid following from the jeep affected. To look under a cowl it was useless (we would see nothing clear there) and we tried to push the car. Suffered long and without results. It was necessary to cause the help from car service.

from work David returned in the Evening. To put it mildly, it was not happy. His anger evaporated as soon as Galya promised to minimize the inconvenience and to compensate all financial expenses (to temporarily lease other car etc.) . David even suggested to go next day in park to drive on attractions, and then to invite neighbors and to arrange in the barbecue wood.

to Plans was not fated to come true. In the morning I hardly got up. The head was turned, darkened in eyes. Visit of roundabouts was decided to replace with visit to the doctor.

Hospital and doctors had nothing in common with my ideas of the American medicine based on series “Ambulance“. In total as in usual policlinic, only for money. Or rather, for big money. After survey and analyses, the doctor diagnosed slight concussion, wrote out tablets and assured that in a week everything will pass.

passed Nothing

, it became on the contrary worse. The reason of an indisposition was clear already without doctors, I just did not decide to believe in it. I was so long not lucky with the kid, really it at last occurred? For confirmation of the happiness bought the test for pregnancy in a drugstore.

Hurrah! The result was positive. Long-awaited news for a short time dulled the nausea and a terrible headache which was constantly pursuing me.

the Pleased future father in a categorical form recommended to me to come back home

immediately. As sadly to recognize, but it was right. It was necessary to return tickets to Miami, to refuse the room in hotel reserved there and to fly to Moscow.

- Here has so a rest! Awfully it was not lucky with holiday! - neigbours in chamber sympathized. I was hospitalized practically from the airport.

Ya it does not agree with them. Unless it is possible to consider unsuccessful holiday on which you learn about reality and proximity of execution of the most intimate desire?