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But than me to work!?

the Child grew, grew to himself quietly - on the street dug in a sandbox, and at home crawled machines on everything: to walls, flowers, father... And suddenly there came day when the child by a tiresome voice began to yell: “Mothers, but than me to work?“

However, I, probably, will exaggerate if I tell that I remember this significant day. At us this day came somehow spontaneously, and even nobody noticed that the little boy Kolya was bothered by everything - toys, books, the little sister and even (oh, horror!) TV. And here our father by a terrible loud voice declared once: “If I once again hear this question, then I will flog both the boy Kolya, and mother!“ After that - that I also understood that something here not so and while the younger child quietly played the doll village with lodges and Barbie, my senior just perished from awful inaction. I began to watch it and here what bad signs saw:

generally, I began to take urgently measures.


First it was undertaken on the advice of the grandmother, and the cub began to be accustomed to socially - to useful work. And here what we have today:

generally, I had to undertake the second measure for re-education.

needed to make by

life of the child more interesting and at the same time to teach to use the (and mine, and father`s) the imagination. There was a strong wish that he did not hide from us in the room, and eyes at him would not miss, and shone for pleasure or passion. The only way of implementation which I could think up - to play most with children and to teach them to new interesting entertainments. Here I had to overcome the mass of difficulties: material (as without spending a lot of money to think out all new and new occupations?), physical (how to play with kids active games if most after labor week there is a wish to roll about?) and even I had to overcome moral torments. So, I will list only our achievements, and I will better hold back pedagogical misses.

1. We learned to play with plasticine without izmazyvaniye it walls, a floor and a ceiling with furniture, without fulling on a carpet of the plasticine little men and balls sticking to slippers.

. When the younger child once again wanted to sculpture, I thought of that as if this occupation to transform on my behalf. In the nearest hypermarket on the advice of the neigbour bought some plasticine, new to me, which does not stick to hands (bright fluorescent), still bought a board for a molding. Decided at home that it is necessary to involve in this process also the senior child. Somehow itself occurred that together we will be able to mold only a flower clearing since each child will do small parts of the color and at the same time there will be less probability that they will fight. Lyalka molded small balls since. for it it was the most available - she did not even skatyvat them, and just pinched off small parts from a big piece and put in a saucer. Synulya did thin long stripes and petals, and I did legs for flowers and was engaged in assembly. When flowers were ready, we stuck them to a board for a molding, and the son told that the clearing should be painted therefore we decided it to stick around all the remained plasticine (green there was already a little and we added also other colors too).

U us turned out here such clearing.

As if to make so that further younger could play this clearing, there was no wish to break this beauty at all. I stuck together the little bee also told her that the bee collects medical from florets.

the Daughter took

the bee for a wing and “flew“ from a floret on a floret.

the Son stuck together some krakozyabra too and too with it “flew“.


of This game for them for several days, and then we had to buy new plasticine and to mold little rabbits on a cliche (was in a set) and carrots and to start long-eared friends on our clearing.

generally, now kids have no desire to izvozit plasticine a floor or to cover with it holes between doors of cases, and here and pingvinchik they already began to mold a new clearing without me.

2. We learned to play active games without damage of property and a children`s body at home.

for this purpose we have 2 ways, it is possible also not new, but I also do not apply for the invention of the bicycle.

we Play

3. We learned to use with advantage a lot of old glossy magazines (including nurseries), and at the same time and to develop small motility of fingers.

wanted to put a lot of old family photos somewhere Long ago, but could not think up them the place. Then kind people explained to me that for the non-standard sizes there are “magnetic“ albums. I bought two albums and arranged in them photos. But something there was obviously missing... Once I caught the child behind interesting occupation - she pulled out beautiful pages from my old “Glamour“ and scissors tried to cut out from them beautiful shoes, and the brother at the same time jumped nearby and tried to explain with shouts to her how it is necessary to cut out correctly. And why is also not present? Here also all of us were engaged in an embellishment. Were cast so - Lisa pulls out pages with those pictures which are pleasant to it, the son cuts out, and I insert into an album and I select from the same magazines of a letter more brightly and more largely for inscriptions.

Here my most favourite pages, from those which at us turned out.


Besides, we began to do a beads of the remains of these magazines, and then we want to connect everything them in a wall blind. At the same time are cast so: Lisa pulls out pages again, Kolya cuts them on part on a cliche, I take up in a roll, Lisa smears a tip with glue, Kolya clamps and holds. Then we string everything mixed up with beads and beads on a string - zhgutik.

Here what beads at us turns out.

4. We learned to play at the same time dolls with dinosaurs and tell-tales and at the same time not to divide them or the game area.

Earlier they played

so: Kolya built some fortress of the designer and tried to play there dinozavrovy war, and Lisa came with dolls, tried to beat off and play this fortress in it princesses. All came to an end in terrible fights and a slaughter of dinosaurs and princesses. The father suggested to think up some game on a plot of any movie.

Now we with kids play

so: we build together fortress - a lodge, we start in it to live tell-tales and princesses, but in the meantime dinosaurs go outside and their kitchen gardens and vehicles (machine) pull down. Princesses go out for a walk, and then they are rescued by valorous tell-tales and hide in fortress or evacuate from the island on a vertoletika on the mountain (on a curbstone). If Lyalka is enough a dinosaur (as a rule the biggest) and begins “to run“ them on all constructions, then Kolka announces the emergency evacuation and rescues the one whom he manages to grab. Interesting to both in spite of the fact that the essence of game remained they are to tear down everything that was constructed.

But on it our re-education of the missing child in someone there still (I do not know whom yet) did not end with

. The husband took the third measure for re-education. It consisted in a cub otuchivaniye from excessive addiction to a miracle of household appliances - to the computer. Our father reasonably judged and decided that if our wonderful grandmother presented to Kolke his personal computer, and if the child considers a duty now long to sit at it, let him spend this time with advantage for the further education. The husband installed on the computer to the child different programs (Photoshop, Corel etc.) and now the son performs various tasks: to write the letter to the grandfather how spent summer and to insert into it photos; to draw the house or a glade with flowers and to decorate with different modulations; it is beautiful to write the name different letters etc. And only next day after successful performance of a task the child is allowed to play some shooter games - browsers.

Here, by the way, first computer “masterpiece“ remained at us sons.

is shorter than

, we are busy over head and ears even when we stay not in a school / garden and not on fight / gymnastics. And our hobby nevertheless of walk - and is not important where: on the domestic platform or in park, in the wood or near the lake. Only legs not always there bear.