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The story about the birth of my daughters

is a story in three parts about the birth of my daughters and about evolution me as the woman in labor.

Part I. Zhenka

August, 1993, to me is 19 years.

the district doctor reported

On reception - we will give birth in a week, it is advisable to lay down in pathology, to pogotovit a neck... No sooner said than done! For the next day I was already in OPB of our Sredneuralsk maternity hospital. Having looked on a chair, the doctor told: “In about 3 - 4 days we will give rise“. What I in the same day reported to the husband about. Standard procedures - pricks, measurements of pressure, weighing... There passed 4 days, 5, 6.... Every morning? coming into chamber for round, the doctor conducting me with astonishment threw up eyebrows: “You still here?“ The neigbour in chamber whom we treated in one day went with fights to delivery room, and my child all did not hurry to be born. On Thursday (for the 10th day of my stay in OPB) on round the doctor told:“ For days off you will not give rise - you will go for obstetric aid“. All day, and especially at supper, I felt unusual prickings in the causal place. It was not really comfortable, all day I could not find a comfortable position, even did not fall asleep in the afternoon. Settled in the evening to sleep, but to me there was no short wind, it was inconvenient to lie neither so, nor so... Rose, walked, felt that the stomach began to strain for a while. Woke the neigbour, skilled in comparison with me, the woman in labor (she kept 2 children). Having described the feelings, I ask: “It already it?“ She in the affirmative nodded and, velev to write down periods, fell asleep again. Intervals between fights were for 10 - 15 minutes. I left in a corridor, the duty nurse advised to go to sleep. I obeyed. Laid down. It Provorochatsya 2 hours - pain was already longer and frequent. The neigbour woke up, descended for the nurse. That ordered to pack things and to walk behind it.

In delivery room us was met by the sleepy nurse, something was muttered, disappeared in the unknown direction. Having turned back, I wanted to ask something the nurse who brought me, but her already and the trace caught a cold... Having staid alone minutes 10, carefully moved after the gone nurse. The long corridor which is poorly lit with dim bulbs... Smell of alcohol and for some reason water-melon... Passing by one of open doors, saw a small plastic wheelchair near an adult hospital bed. “There is a kid!“ - I thought and smiled, having presented that through some time already my baby will snuffle in such cart too.

the girl already made advances

in a white dressing gown. Having taken from me from hands an obmenka, waved to follow it. “From pathology? Pervorodka... What they till the morning could not take you? Shaven? Good fellow...“ - the girl muttered, suppressing yawning. Led me to the room, published the operating room reminding itself: bright light of fluorescent lamps hurt the eyes... Left... According to stories of already giving birth friends I waited that all things will take away from me, will make an enema and so forth. Anything similar. In a few minutes to me ordered to change clothes in a state shirt, on a bed put a small group of grayish rags. The doctor came, on a bed measured to me pressure, waited for fight, nodded, ordered to adopt any provision in which to me conveniently and was removed...

there Passed about 3 hours, on the street already was light-, I went as got all this time around a maternity chair, having up and down counted tiles of all flowers on a floor... Fights were all with the same frequency, amplified and did not weaken...

at the beginning of the 9th morning another already glanced a medsetsr, behind it the doctor too replaced already entered... Asked how are you that with fights?. Measured pressure, checked 2 fights. Both left. Soon the nurse returned, bearing several syringes on a tray, ordered to lay down and prepare a vein. Put something... Was surprised that did not take away hours from a hand from me, told to wipe then them with the alcoholized cotton wool which gave me for a latching of the place of a prick.

In office day vanity, voices, a ware bryakanye began

... “Breakfast“, - I guessed.

my Fights were everything in the same time - not stronger and not more often. Legs shivered from twelve-hour circulation on chamber, in eyes as sand is filled (I did not sleep already more than a day). Again the doctor came, standardly measured pressure, checked fight...

Again I am one... I continue to go, fights at last begin to amplify and become frequent, “At last!“ - I thought. Pain even pleased... Passed about an hour more. In the head there was some rumble and a ring. Pain was constant and aching, released as then it seemed to me, for some seconds. Nestling a forehead on a windowpane, to a tiled wall I continued by steps to measure perimeter of chamber. Through clenched teeth lowed something, tried to sing, groaned. To shout did not come to mind, since the childhood was not able to take out emotions on people... Again the doctor came, again laid me on a bed, looked at disclosure: “Four centimeters, soon already!“ Left again...


Ya a window, leaned the elbows on a window sill - the rain gathered on the street. The first drops struck glass, and on my legs something warm zastruitsya. Perplexed looking at the pool formed under me, I quietly called: “Doctor!“ In reply - silence. Suddenly somewhere at the end of a corridor I hear shouts: “What? Oil? What? What? Creamy? Yes! Below give!“ Footfall of legs, the door, silence slapped. (I will explain: 1993 - time of great deficiencies and naturoplat when at the enterprises the salary was given products, bicycles and so forth).

Crept out of patrimonial, I started wandering along a corridor... Towards ran (oh, thanks to you, My God!) my stationary doctor. “You what wander here? Forward march in patrimonial! From there it is impossible to leave!“ “I have waters, apparently, and still I want to crap...“

Having tired out with

me on a chair, she looked at disclosure, grunted and asked: “And where all - that?“ I answered: “Behind oil left, there below give oil“ She quietly swore, told me: “Try not to make an effort!“ Also escaped.“ Behind oil“, - I thought and, for some reason, began to cry... On the street the thunder-storm began meanwhile...

Very much trying to constrain attempts, I tried to grope the crotch - under a palm there was roundish a firm surface... Head! Here I did not restrain and started howling in a voice, not from pain even any more, and for fear!

In chamber darkened, behind a window it is disturbing the thunder roared...

At this moment the full room of the people led by my furious woman doctor ran! Six people! It is the seventh!

Vanity, my legs put

on ice pieces of iron, in hands attach besides a piece of iron...

“we Make an effort! On time - two - three! Come on!“ I make an effort, I try... I am abused again, tears a hail, to me it is not so much painful how many it is offensive. “We make an effort! We work! You will strangle the child!“ I make an effort! It seems that eyes get out of orbits... Sharp crotch pain - cut. Still! I make an effort!

the Man in a white dressing gown (from where it undertook?) leans all case on my stomach... Hlyup!...

even understood

Ya not at once that these weak pokhryukivaniye mean...

- the Girl!


? I? Already? My girl? Tears again... Showed me cyanotic patches and the child. Buttocks... Further, dreamily.

- the Weight 3150, growth 54, time of the birth 12:30, 1 period - 14 hours, the 2nd period - 30 minutes. Good fellow, girl! It already to me belonged, appears...

is farther than

- me darn, afterwards a bubble with ice on a stomach, wrapped the daughter and left right there in patrimonial chamber on a pelenalny little table. I heard how it started up bubbles and as if with astonishment sighed... Not to describe this sound on paper... That man with the nurse came, something was delivered to me in a vein:“ Have a rest“. Fell asleep as failed somewhere... Woke up. It seems that overslept 2 days. Looked for hours - there passed only 20 minutes. A voice somewhere in a headboard: “Lena, you hurry somewhere?“ The anesthesiologist, appears, that still “petrosyan“.

the Daughter was already carried away... I hurry, of course... I hurry. It is urgently necessary for me to my daughter! Now I am a mother!

Ooh as burst the sun in windows!

Part II. Yulka

October, 1997, to me is 23 years.


long 14 hours in maternity hospital at the birth senior, I is oath promised herself that I will go to give birth to the second child only from the house.

Evening on October 10, Friday, was birthday at the husband yesterday, at home is full of everyones vkusnyatin - salatik and other festive attributes of a feast, and ice cream (here an ambush!) no! Well, is not present in the house of ice cream! Went to far shop, bought the cake most tasty by sight - ice cream, the husband landed me near the house and went to garage to put the car and “to look“ at oil. As usual at men, glanced in a familiar way to the neighbor in garage, helped it “to look“ at the carburetor...

the Oldest daughter was in the Volga region at mother.

of the House I, disappointedly pokovyryav the notorious cake which was tasteless, solved, is unclear from what pleasure, to defreeze the refrigerator... Persisting in with the frozen meat and basins, felt easy “pokhvatyvaniye“. To the estimated term of childbirth was a day more 3 - 4.“ Treniki“, - I thought, continuing to rub near the refrigerator.


of Minutes through 15 - 20: not “trenik“ it. Real, high-quality fights. Everyone proceeded minutes on 2 - 3 with small intervals, not really painful, but rather persistent...


the Cell phone during that time was still absolutely inaccessible to mere mortals. I became agitated - there were no wish to ring “ambulance“ at all, especially the husband had no keys, and I well could not leave the house in any way (here thoughts!) . Especially I was sure that I will give birth as last time - not less, than the full-fledged working day. And this thought, together with care of the refrigerator, consoled me a little.


Through some time distributed a call, the husband called (came to call, specially to the security guard on base, adjacent to garages). This moment convinced me of strength of my angel even more strong - the keeper. The husband decided that I for certain worry, and decided to warn that he parked the car and already here - here will come. I told that I worried, of course, and that it took the car already back because... time. The husband took alarm, became agitated that already drank a beer jar with men. I decided that it will find someone with car, but it was. Driving...

at me were already collected by

of the Thing for maternity hospital. And mine, and aunty`s. And we went. About 23 hours approached maternity hospital (and again it was the Sredneuralsk maternity hospital), on hours. Two or three shining windows did not add confidence, fights at me for fear stopped. The husband went out of the car, called a call of an accident ward. Once, another... In open shining windows 2 floors the dark figure seemed. “Man! What wanted?“ Quite strange question to the person ringing an accident ward of maternity hospital. “What - that?! To give birth arrived!“ - my husband not too politely responded.

In a few minutes for us was opened, I was led to the room, the husband was pushed out in a corridor. I changed clothes in a state shirt, a dressing gown, the slippers. Left back in a corridor, gave to the husband outerwear, a kiss... “So long!“

Returned to the room, there 2 nurses filled in my map: standard questions, documents... And suddenly one of m notices: “So you fights - do not have that! You what arrived?“

I Justify myself: “They were, however, were, quite strong, just for some reason stopped...“ I was lifted in delivery room, carried out to patrimonial chamber. It was the same chamber in which I gave birth to the first daughter! As at home it appeared.

the doctor on duty Came, looked at me, pressure, - syo... Disclosure was about 5 cm, last time on this size began to podtuzhivat me already, but this time I was quiet, only 2 with small hour passed, before childbirth for a long time. The doctor told that if fights do not begin within an hour, I will be transferred to pathology. I was upset. Began to persuade mentally and in a whisper the baby to begin to be born. Remembered stimulation of fights by means of massaging of nipples, tried. And to my pleasure felt weak fight. Then again and again. All are stronger and more often. Process went.

In half an hour fight turned already practically into one continuous, very painful. The head was turned, in a mouth was dry, I drank couple of drinks of water and zatoshnit me. Soon pulled out in a sink. The doctor entered this moment, was indignant that to me did not make an enema in a reception. Looking at me, it was convinced that to do it already late. Reported that to give birth to 10. 10 I were not in time any more, beautiful date ended, and came on October 11. Looked at beds, was surprised, with satisfaction reported that disclosure good, we will give birth. “Already?“ - I thought. - Cannot be!“

the Doctor left, 2 persons in white dressing gowns in a few minutes appeared, zabryakat basins, tools... I got up on a chair. To me punctured a bubble, reported that waters good.

Again, as 4 years ago: “We make an effort! Time - two - three! Well, still! You can? Breathe, have a rest“.

Ya I make an effort, at me it turns out... In breaks between attempts talk to me: “Second child? For whom you wait? Girl? And houses who? Too girl? Here and well - the girl needs the sister, to the boy - the brother! And themselves give birth to the third child!“ I smile... I hear words of the doctor at myself in legs: “Oh, ryzhenkiya!“ Panic... From where? Why ryzhenkiya? Both of us are brunettes! Mother is expensive!

“Once again! Give! Give birth a head, and then there will be the last attempt - a coat hanger and all the rest!“

I Make an effort... Hrlyup!


“Everything, all gave rise at once! Girl! Oh and at once peed the pants!“

Showed to

the daughter... Even not cyanotic, at once claret, on a head - a red mohawk when on a chair me greased with iodine - the head already seemed, and it was brushed too...

“Weight 4100, growth 54. Beauty! Time of sorts 3 of h 45 min., the period of attempts - 15 min.“ In as!

the Daughter is larger than the first, childbirth called “prompt“, and I did not become torn absolutely. I was taken away in chamber. Afterwards brought my baby. I got up to it at once, long considered, whispered:“ Hi, my princess! I am your mother! We will go home soon, the father waits there. And still you have elder sister! We so waited for you!“

Part III. Sofiyka

April, 2006, to me is 32 years.

were convinced by

On the last ultrasonography - again the girl! I right there remembered words of the midwife joking with me during the second childbirth. I give birth to this daughter to myself!

the Same ultrasonography showed that the baby is in pelvic prelying. On reception the doctor asked: “Itself you will give birth?“ “Of course! With it - the back and not to give rise to that!?“

the Doctor drew

on a pokladka in OPB for preparation for childbirth, age, say and in general. Wrote me the direction. I nodded, but did not go to office, and thus the last nearly 3 weeks nobody watched me. I persuaded the baby to turn over, did exercises...


of Fight in 3 days prior to childbirth, began approximately about midnight, I laid down in a bathtub - they passed. The Holy Week of the Post began. In the night from Monday to Tuesday I solved - I will not get into a bathtub, I want to give birth already, very much it was heavy to go to me recently. Fights began as according to the schedule - approximately in 23. 30. At first weak pushes and tension of a stomach, even pleasant were these pokhvatyvaniye. I wandered about the apartment, from time to time laid down here and there. The husband and daughters slept. I talked in half-voices to the baby, to a cat, and from outside likely looked not absolutely responsible. In an hour of my wanderings of fight sharply amplified, and I became stupid even that did not settle in a bathtub, presented that now it will be necessary to awake the husband, vanity and bustle will begin... And again we will arrive to maternity hospital at night, it is lucky me!

By my calculations the term of childbirth was tomorrow, on medical - a week ago. Woke the husband, went. The door for us was opened this time quickly enough and without excess inquiries enjoin to change clothes I nearly forgot to say goodbye to the husband, the nurse who met us was so prompt.

were followed Further by answers to questions, filling of papers...

Traditionally changed clothes of me for a shirt and a dressing gown, this time the shirt was not is gray - washed off, and disposable, cotton (the civilization got also into the Sredneuralsk maternity hospital). Praised that I am shaved, and for the first time I received for my three childbirth in the state house such “necessary“ procedure as an enema.

Rising in delivery room I nearly habitually did not turn on a ladder on the 2nd floor, but the delivery room already was on the third.

Chamber, colored walls, a chair, the modification which already a little changed in comparison with childbirth 8 years ago.

the doctor Came, examined me, was glad that childbirth not the first, and even the third, wished good luck. Assured that everything will be good. In a few minutes came running back with an obmenka in hands and with emotion took an interest why I did not arrive to OPB with pelvic prelying. Then right there itself straightened out: “And I head groped, well - lay down-... Precisely head! Thank God!“

Turned over! My baby heard me! What she is a clear head!

of Fight, such different in duration and on force. Any tendency and frequency! Anyhow, it is frequent and weak, is strong and rare, as it is necessary, amplifying and becoming frequent...

waist Pain did not allow to lie down for a minute, a bed still such, horror. The grid which is pressed through to a floor if it is possible to lay down then to rise is unreal painfully! I go... Clockwise and against it, face forward and forward a back, from a wall to a wall. I do not drink water (I remember last childbirth). Suddenly I begin to understand that I do not see part of chamber, a blind spot on the right and above... I call the nurse, I report to her about it. She was excited, called the doctor, we measure pressure - tall. Something is put in a vein, instantly releases, it becomes easier. Just I begin to feel in myself pressure of the baby upon basin bones, I persuade her:“ Give, the baby, try, push, forward! I wait for you, I so love you!“ The doctor watches a neck, on a chair punctures a bubble, rejoices that light waters though a fruit obviously perenoshen. From a chair to get down does not advise since here - here will begin to grieve. And she is not mistaken.



I again familiar teams: “Tuzhsya! Good fellow. Tuzhsya down, but not in a face! As though you crap!“

Here it! Only in the third labor I understood what I did not so!“ Tuzhsya“ meant for me “strain“. And where - here I did not think of it. As a result in both last labor I had the burst vessels in eyes and on a face! And this time, do not misunderstand me, I felt, one may say, physical pleasure from attempts, from release...

I Make an effort now as follows. Three attempts and all! My baby already discontentedly groans in hands of the midwife and does not want that she was squeezed.

In this labor I for the first time was hit

the newborn daughter in the hands for several minutes on an umbilical cord. Then it was taken away for a while, measured, weighed (3650, 54 cm) processed and put to me on a stomach, a mouth near a breast and did not order to help it to look for a breast. The baby herself came crawling to a nipple and zachmokat. More than an hour she sucked, without coming off! Sweated even...

Sofya was born

on April 18, on Tuesday on the Holy Week, by Easter we were already at home.

the Epilogue

Now at us three marvelous daughters! And for a long time comments of people around ceased to irritate: “Probably, the boy wanted? Nothing, be not upset, the main thing that healthy were!“

Ya the happiest mother on light! I have a wonderful husband, daughters are born at reliable men!