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My childbirth in England of

of our first child - the solar daughter Irishka - we with the husband gave birth in Moscow therefore it was interesting to us to compare the got experience to childbirth in England. From the moment of the beginning of my pregnancy I began the game “Find 101 Differences“.

the Daughter was born

on the term of 38,5 weeks therefore and now I waited for childbirth right after 38 weeks. But passed already both 38, and the 39th week, and any harbinger of childbirth was not! My phone and e-mail were filled with questions from the family: “When? Already?“ And that I could answer them? Ours of Mikh did not hurry to get out of a mother`s tummy, ate off round cheeks.

When on August 20 in the evening I found out that regular contractions went, I madly was delighted! Though feelings were painful... At 3 o`clock in the morning I woke the husband in a whisper: “We give birth!“ . He went to bring the sleepy daughter to friends. And I correctly breathed at peak of fight and watched the comedy on a TV set. Literally in half an hour we with the husband already were in maternity hospital. The vigorous midwife measured to me pressure, listened to heartbeat of the child and, having allowed me to have a rest and prodyshat a little fight, suggested to look at disclosure. I anticipated to hear something like “5 - 6 cm, in labor“ and what my disappointment when disclosure was only 2 cm was! To us it was offered either to go with the husband home, or to take a walk a couple of hours around maternity hospital. We chose to take a walk.

It was fine early morning - birdies woke up, buses parted, air was silent and fresh, the sun lit with the first beams the empty parking where I in the car rocked on all fours, correctly prodyshivy continuous fights.

the Following survey was at 11 in the morning. The midwife said:“ Same 2 cm“. I swore and gloomy slipped from a couch. Wiping tears, I in full disappointment went to the car. Houses of fight stopped. In general. The husband went to bed, and I sherstit the Internet to understand - it was childbirth or what?!

Next day I expelled the resting husband for work and led the daughter to the pool and on tennis - all the same we do not give birth.

my mother from - for borders sent to

uneasy sms...

When in 2 days at me was not a uniform sign of childbirth, I decided that I will remain forever a pregnant woman. And somehow even reconciled to it. Only excess 21 kg and a pot-belly disturbed a little...

Ya came to “Pregnant“ conference with a silly question: “And how naturally to stimulate childbirth?“ . I found so many councils in the Internet that to me it became terrible! Chose for herself that easier and more naturally (in my opinion): raspberry jam, talk with puziky and active festivities.

But only I on a huge secret will tell

to you: to give rise - it is necessary to forget that you are pregnant...

Having become angry on the husband that it did not bring the car to service, I decided to go there! In the car the hydraulic booster broke (who is aware, that will understand!) also you go as in the tank - directly, anywhere without turning. Because wheels should be turned almost manually, infernal efforts! The car is necessary to me daily (Irishka on sport to carry), and the husband overworked and forgot. I went to service, alas, for nothing, but pumped up tricepses - oho - go - go!


I in the evening, making for a family a dinner, I began to mark regular contractions. Habitual it already action, any nervousness - fights went in 15 - 18 minutes, faded... There were 18 h

21 h to me were called by the girlfriend, I still complained to it that bothered to go the pregnant woman, in passing marking fights which went in 10 - 12 minutes.

At midnight I could not fall asleep - fights became painful, it was necessary to postpone the book and to mark attentively. To me it was not trusted though waters would depart, perhaps?

Damning the bashfulness and sense of guilt, at half past twelve I slipped down to the husband:“ Double two, I give birth again“. The husband with relief sighed and went to awake the daughter - to bring her with other our acquaintance. And I waited fight to call midwife (midwife) hospital. During telephone conversation covered me on - full, I hardly lowed number of my card and a name, duration of fights and got permission to arrive to survey.

of Ur, fight took place! I run on kitchen, I am verified with the list - whether everything was taken? I breathe on fight. I unload the dishwasher from pure ware and I put a teapot - why I do it, I do not know. I breathe on fight fight. Well, where husband?

the Husband me finds

in kitchen on a floor, on all fours - I am shaken on fight. We go, hurrah - hurrah! One o`clock in the morning.

In the car, from a back seat, I vigilantly watch the road and traffic lights, I specify where to go. I am distracted only by breath. Fights already, apparently, for one and a half minutes in 2 - 3 minutes. I anticipate again what at me already disclosure. The security guard in maternity hospital greets us, offers a chair on castors - the way to delivery suit (the patrimonial block) lies through long corridors at night. I altercate with the husband that in a chair I will look ridiculously, I will not sit down anywhere! The Nea, put-...

In delivery suit us is met by a vigorous question: “What at you happened?“ On fight I forget the English therefore the husband answers: “We give birth! Second childbirth“. We are quietly seen off in waiting room (room of expectation), promising to call the midwife. As it is good that the room empty, there is nobody - and I can be shaken freely on all fours on a floor, and on chairs! Well, where midwife?! It seems that it came not in 10 minutes, and later eternity!

I Breathe on fight and I jump on a bed - well how many I have a disclosure, and? What? How? Again 2 cm?! On fight bends me in half from pain (lying much more painfully, it appears!) . The kind midwife offers paracetamol from pain and to go home. Or to take a walk around maternity hospital. And - and - and, I somewhere already heard it...

the Husband is ready to go home. And I? And I listen to myself - we give birth to al is not present? A little upset, I go to the room of expectation - on the street there is no wish at all! Time 2:30.

of Minutes 15 - 20 I catch fights, I am shaken on the husband (it is torn already in the car and home!) also I understand - that fights - that did not stop! That me already begins to grieve! It appeared the magic word for midwifes - they right there ran, took alarm and (at last!) took away us in delivery room (personal patrimonial room).

To me swims up big Afro-American (or Afro-English?) the aunt with a kind face:“ Hi! I will care for you“. My midwife came. I calm down a little, I am stacked on a patrimonial bed, on puz hang up 2 sensors - monitor me and the child.

All at business: the husband monitors increase of force of fights on the monitor, the midwife writes something in my medical card, I very much shake to the husband hands and I try to sing on fight. It turned out what to sing more painfully, than just to breathe! Everything, we will not sing any more, I have no voice.


It is boring. Between fights not painfully and quietly. Opposite to me hours hang, I watch shooters. Three o`clock in the morning. All normal people sleep. “Now fight will go“, - the husband pleases and irons me on a hand. The midwife raises the head from the card:“ You breathe more exactly, deeply, slowly“. Fight ended - the husband runs away in a toilet, I lie, I study a ceiling.

Someone at the wrong time read to

my birth - plan (the plan of childbirth written by me and approved in advance), and palm off on me a tube with entonoksy (something like the light amusing gas). Now, I think, to me it will be good! Horses green everyones will depart, I will laugh... I inhale! I anticipate! Oooo... ěěěěě... Lyosha, basin, quickly! M - yes. Entonoks it was not pleasant to me at all. Bie. I offer the husband a tubule, to be treated. Time 3:30.

we Lie, we miss, we catch skhvatochka, we stir, we have a rest... In me something bursts, waters depart (at last!).

I here! And here! Covers me from where - that from - for the heads a wave as a tsunami... “And - and - and - and! And - and - and - ŕŕŕŕŕ...“ - I shout. I? I so shout? It is my voice?! Hi, attempt!

the Midwife slowly checks the child`s head: no, it is not cut through yet.

I so eight more times. I shouted. I demanded epiduralny anesthesia. I asked me to cut (epiziotomiya). Well, make something! The child did not leave. The husband asked not to forget to breathe. The midwife quietly explained what epidurat to do already late, the child - when will already be born?!

Suddenly me dawned on

- if I do not give rise to it now, then my forces more will not be enough for anything already. I have to! I will be able! I will gather in a fist and an ugly face!

Ya I feel this hot wave from far away as it hastily rolls on me. I do not hurry, I enter it surely, I know that I will do now. I throw back the fear to tear and I start up all force in a stomach bottom... Once again! And once again! And the latest time!

was born Mikh`s

. At once waved handles and legs. “Why he does not shout?“ - I whisper (where my voice?). The husband already near Mikhoy, he was carried away on a children`s little table - to rub off and examine. Was small obvity. And right there I hear the son`s voice: “Aaaa! Aaaaa!“ Is indignant, I hear. Time 4:12.

In a moment of Mikh already at me on a breast... I embrace a warm lump - and I have a dezha - vyu: exactly four years ago in the same kombinezonchik at me on a breast my newborn daughter peeped...

Me struck

that nobody hurried anywhere - weighed to Mikh and I was sewn up later an hour by one and a half - two. And we were given so far time to have a rest and just to stay three together...

So far to Mikh is weighed, we with the husband stake whether our son is great? Oh yes it is big - 3620 g and 56 cm - oho - go - go what high!

Through a couple of hours to me the doctor came and apologized: “We understand that you want home, but 24 more hours are forced to take you - supervision over you and the child since there were green waters and obvity an umbilical cord is necessary!“ I even became puzzled, without knowing that to respond to such phrase. Well, of course, I not against - where I will go - that now?!

was Glanced by the midwife: “You, likely, want in a shower? What will you be for breakfast?“ The shower appeared extremely far: minutes five slow half-drunk flights along a corridor! It is necessary! Most to take a shower 3 hours later after the delivery - it appears, I am strong!

Hardly we wait for the 6th morning (nine across Moscow) and we send to the family joyful sms! I send one sms in a konfa...

Me with Mikhoy is transported in postnatal office, and I allow to go home the happy, dozing husband - to sleep! For today all affairs are executed!