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Behind prescription of years nobody remembers hormones who the first thought up replacement therapy by hormones (GZT) any more. Also German Langergans who opened islands in a pancreas and our compatriot Sobolev who established their role in production of insulin and the Canadians of Banting and Best who received in 1922 insulin from a pancreas of a bull caused a stir.

Here, probably, should carry also the one who the first comprehended simple truth: it is necessary to treat not symptoms, but a disease. His name is unknown, but tactics helped descendants: there are not enough times hormone, let`s it add, and everything will fall into place at once. And arrived.

the First “experimental“ for whom experienced gormonzamestitelny therapy patients with diabetes were p>

. Unfortunately, results of an insulinoterapiya were far from perfect. Still: hormone was extracted from the first animals, methods of its cleaning left much to be desired and schemes of introduction demanded completion. Only in 1960 - 1980 - e years business took a turn for the better, and on a wave of this success all nowadays known gormonzamestitelny therapy - the treatment directed to replacement in an organism of missing hormones rose.

Dwarfism began to treat somatotropiny - growth hormone, a hypothyroidism - hormones of a thyroid gland, to an addisonov an illness - cortisol and aldosterony. The climax also was included in the category of the states which are giving in to correction of GZT, certainly.

Not all women take a climax for granted and find in it positive sides (like economy on laying and contraceptives). The majority outright disturbs falling of level of sex hormones (estrogen and progestin), it is followed by mood swings, “inflow“, thinning of skin, dryness of mucous membranes of a vulva and vagina, osteoporosis, disappearance of interest in sex life, neurocirculator dystonia. In a word, whole set of prenepriyatny symptoms.

to Such ladies replacement hormonal therapy had just right. By the end of the XX century in the West preparations with hormones daily accepted more than 20 million women, and for many years did not wish to refuse them. So far inquisitive scientists were not overcome by doubts: is it useful to interfere with a hormonal background of an organism and to give it a dose of active agent day after day?


for a fright!

Large-scale researches of that time showed that GZT one treats, and another cripples. The women applying sex hormones more than five years really perfectly looked and felt not bad, but... It became clear that use of estrogen is increased by probability of development of a breast cancer and an endometriya: estrogen stimulates cell fission including cancer. Besides gormonozamestitelny therapy after a menopause increases risk of thromboses and embolisms three times, including a thrombembolia of a pulmonary artery.

However attempt to connect GZT with coronary heart disease, obesity, a hypertension and diseases of a liver turned out a complete fiasco.

it Turned out p that all cases of an increase of body weight against GZT are connected with a late initiation of treatment when obesity already began, and just from a lack of sex hormones. And the American doctors together with the All-Russian scientific organization of cardiologists proved that gormonzamestitelny therapy, on the contrary, improves survival at women with coronary heart disease. 10 - the summer survival of the patients accepting hormones made 97% against 60% from among those who never accepted them. If to speak about risk of developing of cancer, it managed to be lowered application combined estrogen - gestagenny preparations.

Main that guards in a bright prospect of mass promotion of GZT - a dosage. All hormones are present at blood in is insignificant small quantities, their balance is extremely individual and can change day by day. It is possible to study, of course, a daily rhythm of production of this or that hormone in an organism, but how to calculate a necessary individual dose of a preparation of gormonzamestitelny therapy?

we Will open a small secret. Still all hormones are appointed in average doses. That is, by and large, patients with each drug intake strike powerful blow in the fabric receptors which should adapt, roughly speaking, to react not so actively to an irritant. What everything will end with, it is easy to guess: their sensitivity to hormonal preparations gradually decreases, and then disappears absolutely.

the Comment of the expert
Ya I appoint
gormonozamestitelny therapy to women in a menopause, but when my patients hear about hormones, they often refuse to accept them. Therefore I prefer to manage homeopathic remedies or dietary supplements, the effect of which is, is checked by practical consideration. By the way, I and accept them. hormones I can tell
concerning true replacement therapy that for all long-term practice observed only three cases of complications. It were hypostases and an exacerbation of a hypertensive illness.
of Zubanov I. V., gynecologist

One more minus: the hormone introduced from the outside suppress work of that gland which synthesizes it normal. Principle of negative feedback. While others hormone circulates in blood, the is practically not developed - gland has a rest, without receiving the order from above (from a gipotalamus and a hypophysis). If replaceable treatment lasts long, it in general loses the skills, and at cancellation of GZT its abilities do not come back.

What to do? The answer is covered in competent tactics of treatment of gormonodefitsit:

Should not hurry to pass
  • to hormonal therapy. Let`s remember endocrinology elements: insufficiency of a thyroid gland is tried to be cured at first iodine preparations, and to stimulate work of ovaries - various physioprocedures. And only at inefficiency of all these methods it is necessary to resort to hormones, as to an extreme life-saver.
  • If can do without GZT, then it is better to do without it. For example, in a menopause hormones are appointed at osteoporosis and the expressed climacteric frustration if they cause to the patient trouble. Contraindications to replacement hormonal therapy: malignant tumors, a liver or renal failure, sharp tromboembolichesky diseases
  • medicine is correct to pick up
  • . Modern preparations for GZT are divided into vegetable gormonopodobny means, bioidentical hormones and synthetic analogs of natural hormones. The first are good from the psychological point of view because against hormones accurate prejudice was created, and the rare patient is eager to accept them. Synthetic hormones have fast and powerful effect, but on structure differ a little from natural hormones of our organism therefore also production of own hormones is suppressed more actively. Golden mean - bioidentical hormones.
  • by
  • to Choose an optimum way of introduction of a preparation. At gastritises, ulcers and other diseases of the top departments zheludochno - - tablets it is not recommended to swallow of an intestinal path of GZT. Instead it is possible to give injections, to glue hormonal plasters and to throw the special quickly resolving tablets under language.
  • to stop In time. It is not obligatory to accept hormones all life at all. Practice shows that for knocking over of klimakterchesky frustration 2 - 3 years there are enough, after cancellation of a preparation inflow and other “delights“ of a menopause will hardly return. The lifetime appointment of hormones is justified only in cases when to the woman removed one or both ovaries.

of GZT against age

Recently in medicine the new direction - anti - aging appeared. Having seen enough of middle-aged vigorous western women, ours decided not to lag behind, too undertook rejuvenation of an organism.

the Comment of the expert
Negative attitude to gormonozamestitelny therapy - a past remnant. It remained since those times when endocrinologists a trial and error method worked optimum methods, schemes and dosages of application of hormonal preparations.
the Modern endocrinology has the best preparations and a minimum of side effects in the arsenal that completely corresponds to the main precept of the doctor:“ Do not do much harm“. There will pass 10 - 15 more years, and application of the anti methods - aging of therapy will become same natural how to take a shower and to brush teeth.
As shows experience, any person who stepped into a way of complex rejuvenation did not refuse the intentions.
Saakian Zh. M., to. m of N, the chief physician of Institute of binary rejuvenation

Strangely enough, plays not the last role in fight against aging notorious hormonal replacement therapy. However, from classical GZT it has very remote similarity.

Here a task of the doctor - to help the patient to restore hormonal balance, and together with it forces, good appearance and, of course, health. Therefore doses of hormones are minimum. Them do not treat, and stabilize a hormonal background, bringing its figures to the upper bound of the corresponding age norm. Doses do not make up, and calculate individually, based on results of versatile inspection of the patient.

Optimum time for purpose of anti - therapy aging - 5 years prior to the beginning of a menopause. Apply it at the request of patients, and it can last as much as necessary.

However, fight against the first manifestations of aging not only hormones. An important role is played by a way of life, healthy nutrition with individually picked up vitamin therapy, physical exercises and, of course, refusal of addictions.

By the way if you reflected how to preserve youth from the youth, do not neglect

the general recommendations about strengthening of health, and it is possible, no hormonal therapy is required to you.