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Planning of a family as a real man

Contraception - for a long time not only a female headache. Let`s consider all man`s ways of planning of a family and we will estimate on efficiency degree.

Sex endlessly

the Simplest way of protection from pregnancy - the interrupted sexual intercourse. And the most unreliable. Nobody can guarantee that reaction at the right time will not bring that the artful spermatozoon will not be quicker or that the woman will not have a failure of a cycle. Besides the price of this artless method is unexpectedly high: long practice can bring the man to a neurasthenia and problems with a prostate gland, and the woman - at all to frigidity.

Assessment of “Health“: *

of All sizes and flowers

Pluses of condoms are known for

to all and are indisputable. But there are also minuses. In - the first, some people have an allergy to latex. In - the second, sometimes, that the condom brings.

as greasing categorically cannot use vaseline - chance that the condom will tear, sharply increases.

But other lubricants in contraception are capable to play a positive role. Research of doctor Agarval from the USA showed that the vast majority of lubricants literally will paralyze spermatozoa, leaving only mobile 2%.

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to Cut

, without waiting

the Most reliable, but also in the most widespread way of man`s contraception there is a vazektomiya. In Russia most often cross a semyavynosyashchy channel. China does an injection as a result of which the channel withers. In some countries into the canal insert a cap that if the man changes the mind to pull out it and quickly to restore ability to conception.

Carrying out similar operations is regulated by the law and just like that, in an enthusiasm rush, it will not be possible to make them. Today the methods and a so-called return vazektomiya returning ability to become the father in the natural way are developed.

Assessment of “Health“: ****

After the fifth round

Knows that with each ejaculation the percent of active and viable spermatozoa sharply decreases. From here in some heads the thought was born: after the third (the fourth, fifth...) on the account of sexual intercourse it is possible not to be protected.

In the theory it, perhaps, so. Only in practice spermatozoa of the men capable to the numerous sexual intercourses, are also strong, as well as their carriers. In sexology the case when the woman filed for divorce is known, without having taken out the daily sevenfold intercourses with the husband. At the same time she became pregnant and gave birth infinitely...

Assessment of “Health“: *

Sex of the East with the West

Enthusiastic admirers of the East practice so-called Taoist sex - without ejaculation. Perhaps, to the people prepared, who for years were seriously going deep in east corporal and spirituality, it in power. But whether there are a lot of such men? Usually “dao“ the average person who read couple of books about the East tries to embody. And urologists long and difficult treat then consequences of this “wisdom“.

Even more extreme method - “samurai“: to sit long in a hot bathtub. At the increased temperature spermatozoa really lose mobility - therefore the nature and removed male gonads (testicles) outside, in a cool. But no guarantee can be here. That the way worked for certain, it is better to replace sex with water procedures at all.

Assessment of “Health“: *

And how about oral?

in Australia are successfully tested In recent years by contraceptive injections which the man has to do each three months. But now the Australian scientists declared that in such injections need disappeared because... there was what millions of women around the world waited for.


on the basis of an injection at last created the first contraceptive tablets for men.

according to the Sydney professor David Handelsman, already available developments in this area are base on which man`s hormonal contraceptives will be created soon. The applied technique significantly reduces development of spermatozoa, and preparations do not influence neither a potentiality, nor quality of sex. Man`s pills will go on sale if successfully pass clinical tests.

the Inoculation from others pregnancy

the Group of scientists under the leadership of doctor Michael O`Rend from university of Northern Carolina (USA) developed a new way of contraception for men - a special vaccine. Its action deprives spermatozoa of ability to fertilization of an ovum. That the effect remained, it is necessary to repeat an inoculation each three weeks. The new preparation was already tested on monkeys. At seven of nine animals vaccination yielded positive result. At five of them upon termination of experiment ability to fertilization was restored. Check of action of a vaccine in public will become the following stage of tests. There are volunteers?