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Let`s talk about leaves of

In the fialochny world often and discuss flowers with pleasure. The form, coloring, the size of a flower are very important. But whether often we pay attention to leaves? And they are also diverse, as well as flowers. They often define character of our favourites, emphasize their beauty, provide their food and report about plant problems. Not for nothing character of foliage is referred to one of grade signs in classification by groups. This classification was offered by special classification committee at the American Society of the African Violets (African Violet Society of America or, in abbreviated form, AVSA). According to this classification, a saintpaulia about four groups of signs differ: to coloring of a flower, type of leaves, type of flowers and sizes of a plant. On this classification distinguish the following types of leaves.

Dlinnolisty or arachnoid (longifolia or spider). These are the narrow pointed remneobrazny leaves as with smooth, and wavy edges. Dlinnolisty saintpaulias meet not really often, are most known at us in the country of a grade of Ann (B. Bryant), Happy Hillbilly (R. Cox), Ness` Blue Babe (D. Ness), Wrangler`s Spanish Cavalier (W. Smith). Grades with arachnoid leaves were removed more than 20 years ago, and now it is almost impossible to find them.

Excellent, perfect (supreme). The thick fleshy densely trimmed leaves with scapes, powerful, similar to a pencil. Emergence of such leaves was considered as big break in the field of selection, but recently selectors refused grades with such leaves because they extremely fragile and form excessively dense sockets. The brightest representatives of such group of leaves are grades of Spanish Moss (B. Sisk), Pink Intensity (V. Lorenzen), Texas Hotshot (B. Bryant) (the last grade is remarkable the fact that it has at the same time dlinnolisty and excellent leaves).

of Turnyurnye, level (Compound, Wasp Bustle, Piggyback). The leaves consisting of one most part and two smaller shares. It is one more seldom meeting group of leaves. Though turnyurny leaves in a season of 2004 came back from again - for surge in interest in grades with a flower form “wasp“. Many such grades have the foliage relating to this type, for example, of Spootnik (A. Dates), Calico Wasp (J. Dates), Bluetail Fly, Marian Star (Dates) (a dlinnolisty turnyurny leaf). The Turnyurny leaf in the place of an attachment of a sheet plate to a scape has the krylyshkoobrazny ledges which are bent to a leaf wrong side.

Simple or classical (Plain or Tailored). The most usual, the leaf, simple in a form and texture, which is often called standard or fight - a leaf. The overwhelming part of saintpaulias possesses such foliage.

of Girls - leaves (Girl, Semigirl). Strongly scalloped leaves of usually rounded or serdtseobrazny shape with a white or yellowish spot at the basis of a sheet plate. This spot can have the wedge-shaped form. There is a lot of grades with such leaves - miniatures of Smitten Kitten (S. Sorano), Silly Girl (Lyon), Honey Blue Angel (Goodsell/Pittman), Persian Prince (S. Sorano); Moon Godess standards (S. Sorano), Kingwood Blue (Eyerdom).

of Padubovidnye (Holly). Strongly pilchaty leaves, with the edges twirled outside or bent inside with very strongly wavy edges, a form reminding hollows. The most famous representative - Midnight Magic (S. Spann).

Pointed (Pointed). The sheet plate has the sharp wedge-shaped termination. It is Blushing Ivory (S. Sorano), Buckey Bouqet (P. Hancock), Coral Kiss (S. Sorano).

of Stegannye (quilted). Veins of leaves are deepened so the impression of the quilted leaf surface - Aca`s Canadian Wonder (J. Brownlie), Apache Friendship (J. Munk), Astral (Croteau) is made.

Corrugated, fringed, wavy, vyemchaty (ruffled, fringed, wavy, scalloped or fluted). The leaves having uneven or torn edges. Corrugated leaves at Apache Freedom (J. Munk), Wrangler`s Jealous Heart (W. Smith), Feather (I. Fredette), fringed at Buckeye Boysenberry (Hancock), wavy at Irish Flirt (S. Sorano), Special Treat (P. Sorano), Tropical Heat Wave (K. Stork), vyemchaty at. Ness` Fireglow (D. Ness), Buckeye Damask Rose (P. Hancock), Rhapsodie Cora (Holtkamp).

Lozhkovidny, ellipsoidal, bowl-shaped (Spooned, Ovate, Cupped - up). Leaves with raised edges, in a form reminding a spoon. So characterize foliage of grades: lozhkovidny - Rebel`s Splatter Kake (R. Bann), Rhapsody in White (Lyon/Sorano), ellipsoidal Blackie Bryant (B. Bryant), Precious Rose (L. Lyon), bowl-shaped - Rebel`s Astro Spinner (R. Bann).

Multi-colored, motley (variegated). Leaves which except tones of green are painted in white cream, light-yellow or pink (from absolutely light tone to it is wine - red) colors. As coloring distinguish Tommie Lowe, crane (Champion) and mosaic (Lilian Jarrett) of a pestrolistnost. Leaves with such coloring for the first time appeared in the early sixties.

of the pestrolistnost sometimes called bordering color impregnations are localized by

At Tommie Lowe on the sheet edge, and its central part keeps natural green color. Such leaves at Blackie Bryant (Bryant), Ness` Orange Pecoe (Ness).

At Champion or a crane pestrolistnost color sites are chaotically located

on all surface of a leaf, at the same time young leaves are most brightly painted. Grades of Apache Watercolor (J. Munk), Rob`s Cool Fruit (Robinson) are most known).

At the most rare mosaic pestrolistnost color fragments create the accurate drawing reminding a mosaic on the central part of a leaf. These are such masterpieces as Blue Happening`s (Whitaker), Willodene (Lineberg).

But it is only the main characteristics of a leaf. Besides at the description of leaves the pilchatost of edge (serrated), a glyantsevatost (glossy), a strong opushennost (hairy), redness of a wrong side of a leaf (red back, red reverse), a serdtseobraznost of a form of a sheet plate is often noted (heart - shaped). Sometimes compactness (compact foliage), symmetry (symmetrical) or a vystavochnost (show - quality), i.e. special symmetry and beauty of foliage is in addition noted.

Selection of leaves - an important link in the section of selection of saintpaulias. There are grades, valued not for beauty of a flower at all, namely for singularity of a color or form of leaves.

So 2005 brought us emergence of sheet chimeras - violets with the accurate repeating color drawing on a leaf.

To Russia there arrived kultivara with very unusual and rare type of a leaf which did not enter standard classification yet. It is type Klakamus, the Cracker, “Water-melon streaks“ (crackamus, crackermas, “watermelon venins“). At leaves of this type the extended oval sheet plates, and lateral veins do not meet to central as they at all other types, and leave in parallel each other to edge of a sheet plate. At the same time they are slightly pressed into a sheet plate and act on a wrong side. And, though such type of foliage - genetically dominating sign, so far such type of a leaf occurs very seldom and only at tiny grades:“ Fool`s Gold“ (C. Phillips), “Maas` Angelina“ (M. Maas), “Dumas“ (Martin).

Any classification is only attempt to embrace immensity. The nature is very diverse. Look at seemingly simple one-color leaflets. Whether such they are “simple“? At all not. Pay attention how many forms how many colourings how many the sizes! There are leaves small, there are big. There are leaves with short scapes, is - with long and scapes happen light green, brownish, red... And about a sheet plate and it is not necessary to speak: in a form round, wide, the boat, long peaked and at the same time equal, wavy on all surface or fringed at the edges, spoon-shaped. Edges of leaflets - absolutely smooth, okruglo - gorodchaty, slightly or, on the contrary, sharply pilchaty. And in coloring there is no monotony: brightly salatovo - green, zolotisto - green, kremovo - green, bronzovo - green, serebristo - green, dymchato - green, it is bright - green, izumrudno - green, is dark - green, pepelno - green, ashy, olive, kremovo - olive, olivkovo - brown, is dark - brown, bordovo - brown, is black - green. And at the same time and character of a color can be non-uniform - to contain is reddish - brown spots, to have lighter spot at the basis of a leaf, veins can differ on color from the main background.

Always pestrolistnik brightly and unforgettably look. Their color palette is extremely wide on color shades. This real violence of paints. Pestrolistnik is always unique and unique. To grow up a beautiful plentiful pestrolistnik - a true art. According to a leaf it is possible to predict some features of a plant in advance. For example, plants with long scapes usually form the wide socket. If at the same time also a sheet plate large - wait for the friable lopushisty socket. Round leaflets with strong scapes usually form compact medium-sized sockets. Wavy lacy leaves in this case form beautiful openwork sockets like a foam lump, for example, of Suncoast Circus Candy, Frosty Spring. To them there are no problems of a raising of leaves, it it is simply not visible. From leaves with rather short scapes it is easier to create the symmetric socket already at young age.

the Dark foliage has a number of advantages. It is usually more contrast both with flowers, and with a motley coloring of leaves. Plants with such foliage possess the best adaptability and resilience in adverse conditions of cultivation. Such leaves react to surplus of too bright light, a heat and dryness, overdose of fertilizers much more weakly. Plants with light foliage easily burn direct sunshine, at the same time leaves are much more notable turn after a light source therefore sockets from such leaves need to be turned regularly that the socket was symmetric. Consider that plants with light wavy or corrugated leaves are most whimsical, and such leaves hard take roots. I do not agree with it. It seems to me that a capriciousness - a grade sign. There are many grades with the simplest leaves which are much more whimsical and whimsical. Just probably such leaves are easier injured when transporting therefore are ill longer. And still supervision: sockets with lacy leaves do not blossom, will not gain rather big sheet weight yet, and when blossoming flowers settle down a hat over leaves, visually without coming off it.

Very beautiful sockets form leaves with grebeshkovaty, strongly pilchaty edges. In most cases they and wavy as at Royal Rage or Feather. If such leaves also motley, then such sockets are very decorative also without flowers. Plants with slaboopushenny leaves are more sensitive to light, are exposed to attacks of wreckers and diseases easier. However they look among the fluffy fellows unusually as the atlas against a velvet. Watermelon Bay leaflets the external surface remind a brilliant bald head with rare hairs.

the Surface of many leaves as the goose-pimples are covered with small pimples. If the leaf at the same time has also a glossy surface, then it looks very funny. If the socket careless, leaves are bent and stick out extensively, then this impression will not correct even the most magnificent 9 - centimetric flowers. Especially as now there is an opportunity to pick up a grade with similar flowers. There are grades, such as Music Box Dancer, Happy Feet, Midnight Frolic which form sockets the called “hands up“. At these grades leaves are always lifted and the socket in a form reminds a cone. It is almost impossible to create the flat socket even at very intensive lighting. In literature it is described how coupling of signs of a krupnotsvetkovost and “podnyatost“ of leaves at the genetic level.

At dark flowers - dark foliage, it is frequent with red wrong sides. Sometimes grades, for example Grand Master, Grape Punch which come to the first blossoming with rather light leaves, but after it, to the second blossoming meet, leaves always darken. At light flowers the foliage happens both light, and more dark, often smoky, but if in coloring of a flower is not present pink or red, then the leaf wrong side in most cases does not contain red spots. Very often on difference in color of leaves in lighter or more dark parties at children of fantasy and bichromatic grades it is possible to predict sport (mutation) with a high probability, without waiting for blossoming. If, for example, at Lyon`s Spectaqular at children leaves begin to darken and on a wrong side red spots appear, then you for certain receive its blue sport.

the Foliage is a frame by the flowers. If socket beautiful, then this big advantage of a plant. The foliage can emphasize and allocate beauty of a color or form of a flower, and can grease. Let`s take, for example, two relatives on color scale pink with a green border of a grade of Island Rose and Ancient Lace. At Island Rose it is bright - pink terry flowers with wide saturated - green ruches, similar on forks of decorative cabbage. And at the same time - wavy olive foliage with a glossy surface and vishnevo - a claret wrong side. It, in my opinion, the gloss and a bright wrong side distracts a look from a flower. Especially as foliage strongly wavy and flowers settle down on its surface. And, on the contrary, at Ancient Lace, foliage more dim, with an ashy shade, the socket less wavy also prevents to admire nothing gently - pink flowers with a lime fringe. Red and crimson flowers look much more brightly on green leaves as these colors emphasize with each other. It seems to me that is beautiful when color of a pestrolistnost coincides with color of flowers, for example pink on pink - Guardian Angel or white on white as White Dew(Pittman), Alamo Cotton. It is considered that in case of a crane pestrolistnost when young leaves are most brightly painted, it is more preferable that the plant blossomed a wreath, i.e. tsvetonosa settled down not vertically, and at an angle, and flowers visually formed a ring over the center of the socket, at the same time leaving it visible. And in case of the bordering or mosaic pestrolistnost extreme leaves and that flowers did not close this beauty are most brightly painted, blossoming by a bouquet when tsvetonosa settle down vertically will be more favorable to look. Here how many different nuances!

That the grade was really good and long-living, it by all means has to have the beautiful socket. Though tastes of people very different, and everyone can find in the world of leaves to itself(himself) something to the taste.