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Ideal childbirth - practical recommendations (part 1) of

of Information on childbirth on the Internet enough. It is much published also books on this subject. Articles of the corresponding subject are constantly published in magazines for parents. But no literature will be compared by efficiency to visit of courses for future parents. Only in the conditions of real-life human communication it is possible to get rid of the fears, to train concrete skills of breath, to master various exercises under the leadership of the skilled instructor. If you have an opportunity to sign up for courses, do not neglect it. If is not present, I will try to tell about what teach there to in general.

we Will begin

with signs of the coming childbirth. These are so-called “harbingers“.

In two weeks prior to childbirth (can be later, but not earlier) at future mother the stomach falls. The head of the child goes down below, and it becomes easier for woman to breathe because the child does not prop up a diaphragm and lungs any more. Sometimes lowering happens already at the beginning of childbirth, after emergence of the first fights. It is considered norm too.

For couple of days before childbirth the pregnant woman can notice allocations in the form of dense slime, it is possible with streaks of the turned blood. Sometimes it looks as plentifully pouring out water. It means that the mucous stopper closing a uterus neck departs. However in some cases the stopper departs in the course of childbirth too.

With approach of treasured term even more often are also become more notable by Braxton`s spasms - Hicks. These are “training“ fights which prepare a uterus for work on pushing out of the child outside. They are felt as the periodic irregular tension of a stomach: the uterus as if “turns into stone“ for several seconds, and then again relaxes. Unlike the real fights, Braxton`s spasms - Hicks are painless as they do not lead to disclosure of a neck of a uterus.

as a harbinger quite often call “a nesting instinct“. This term is not absolutely clear therefore it is often incorrectly treated. The desire to equip “nest“, to prepare things and a bed for the kid, comes to update the housing much earlier, approximately in the middle of pregnancy, and has nothing in common with “a nesting instinct“. As a sign of a close rodorazresheniye consider emergence in the woman of desire to hide from public eyes, to be hammered into a cozy corner of a sofa or a chair where she feels most comfortably. By analogy with fauna where the female looks for the quiet and safe place for posterity birth.

One more quite evident harbinger weight reduction of the pregnant woman approximately on kilogram can be

. It usually occurs in the last week pregnancies.

As we see

, all harbingers can demonstrate approach of childbirth only indirectly. Nobody not in forces precisely to tell when they begin.

this uncertainty often frightens by

the woman. She is afraid that she will not be able to phone to the husband, will not manage to reach to maternity hospital, will become puzzled, and will not know what to do. If you from among those who constantly need “secure“ in the form of presence of medical staff perhaps, to you is more comfortable in advance to lay down in maternity hospital. If the type of hospital walls depresses on you, you active nature and at the same time at you are not present medical indications to early hospitalization - stay at home until you feel comfortable.

As childbirth begins


two options Exist: or fights are started anew, or amniotic waters depart.

If waters began to depart, then even in the absence of fights the woman needs to go to maternity hospital. Otkhozhdeniye of waters means that the fetal bubble is damaged and does not protect the child from penetration of an infection any more. The long waterless period (more than 12 hours) threatens health of the child also because the difference of pressure and the prelying part is created (usually a head) tests the raised rush of blood that can bring in a consequence to problems about the parties of nervous system.

Normal transparent or whitish color of amniotic waters is considered. Yellow waters meet occasionally at a Rhesus factor - the conflict of mother and a fruit. Green color of waters shows that meconium got to them (first-born kcal) that can be a sign of perenoshenny pregnancy or oxygen starvation of a fruit. If waters pinkish, then the woman has to be immediately taken to hospital. Such shade to waters is given by the blood which got there as a result of the begun office of a placenta. And it means that the child receives less oxygen, and emergency measures have to be taken for its rescue.

Other, quieter scenario of the beginning of childbirth - emergence of fights to an otkhozhdeniye of waters. If the fetal bubble is whole, the woman in labor can be at home during all first phase of childbirth provided that she feels confident and is ready to go to maternity hospital at any time.

we Will dwell upon of what phases childbirth consists.

the First phase - latent, or hidden. It can proceed 6 - 8 hours and even longer. Many women do not feel at all this phase as fights still weak and allow the pregnant woman to be engaged in commonplaces quietly. At the beginning of fight about 30 seconds with an interval 20 - 30 minutes last.

During this phase to the woman should protect forces. It is desirable to be distracted by household chores if childbirth began at night - to try to have a sleep.

In order that the kid was born

, the neck of a uterus has to reveal on 10 - 12 centimeters. Process of disclosure goes slowly (except for prompt, second and subsequent childbirth), and sometimes is followed by nausea. If you feel that the latent phase drags on, try to accelerate process. Disclosure goes quicker if you do not lie and do not sit, and go. Categorically it is impossible to lie on a back: at the same time the uterus the weight presses on a hollow vein therefore the child receives less oxygen.

Pain is endured by

easier if at the time of fight you try to relax and not to think of it. It is possible to double-check whether everything is collected for departure in maternity hospital. Then it is worth taking a bath or a shower (water well weakens), to shave (by means of the husband or someone from house) and to make an enema (1,5 - 2 liters of warm water with addition of a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar or juice of a half of a lemon). The enema is also a good stimulator of patrimonial activity. All these hygienic procedures it is more convenient and more pleasant to make houses at the very beginning of childbirth. Otherwise you should suffer them in maternity hospital when fights are already rather notable.

to the woman should not be eaten with

After the beginning of childbirth not to load a stomach. It is possible to drink gradually, and it is better to rinse a mouth water. As a rule, in maternity hospitals do not allow to drink water is not mockery, and an insurance on a case of the emergency operation. In this case the filled stomach can lead to complications, life-threatening.

Gradually fights become frequent and become more painful. At this stage it is already possible to begin to apply the anesthetizing breath. It looks so. Breath nose: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - an exhalation a mouth: 1 - 2 - 3 - 4 - 5 - 6, that is the exhalation is longer, than a breath. Such system is called slow deep breath. At the same time the kid receives more oxygen, and mother relaxes and distracts from pain, concentrating on breath.

at the end of the hidden phase when duration of fights makes 1 minutes, and the interval between them will reach 5 - 7 minutes, it is time to go to maternity hospital. Disclosure of a neck at the same time makes 3 - 4 cm

Time a way in advance not to hurry and to be nervous. It is better to go, being on all fours on back sitting, deeply breathing on fight. Between fights it is possible to lay down sideways. If you go sitting, then can cause troubles to the child, having jumped up on roughnesses of the road.

Be continued.