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We care for the kid together with the brand “Masque baby“

Appearance of the Child changes our life forever. Since this fine moment all our existence is subordinated to the major events - the first breath, the first smile of the kid, the first steps and the first words... Its progress and achievements are important for us more, than our own, their health and happiness always on the first place... We are ready to refuse something to ourselves, but not the child... For it - only the best... This view of the world is not unique, and is absolutely natural. All parents will agree with these words.

For this reason in the market the Masque baby brand appeared. It unites a set of products - specialized children`s cosmetics, means of hygiene and various devices for the smallest.

Care of the newborn is often connected by

with the solution of the specific problems peculiar only to this age: dairy crusts, the milkwoman in a mouth, irritations of skin, a potnichka. New cares which newly made parents face become everyday routine. At this moment innovative products of the line of “Masque baby“ will help parents to cope with many tasks and will release time for communication with the kid who so needs attention.

we Will tell

about some problems which with ease can be solved by the Masque baby brand.

Care of an oral cavity is extremely important

for health of the kid. It is necessary to look after an oral cavity, even when there are no teeth yet. It is necessary to clear gums and the child`s language of a raid. If the newborn has a milkwoman in a mouth, leaving has to be especially careful and constant. Disposable fingerstalls for processing of an oral cavity of “Masque baby care“ (them also call disposable soft toothbrushes), are irreplaceable at care of the kid since his birth. Thanks to a convenient form, the fingerstall allows to clear accurately gums, language and the first teeth of a raid. Fingerstalls are impregnated with special structure with xylitol which softly clears, without doing harm to enamel and without irritating mucous. Thanks to soft nonwoven fabric of which fingerstalls are made the risk of a trauma is excluded, and individual packing of each brush guarantees hygienic safety.

Feeding of the kid always the whole history, and on the way or on walk - especially. Disposable bibs of “Masque baby care“ will facilitate life to parents. Three-layer bibs with a pocket for crumbs have the soft and gentle top layer superabsorbing the center which well holds moisture and a waterproof lower layer. Thanks to flypapers, bibs reliably fasten, and cheerful drawing will please even the choosiest kid. And, above all - they should not be erased! Compact small packing with 7 bibs or big economic on 28 pieces - depending on a situation parents will be able to pick up that which is most convenient of

skin of the kid, Gentle and susceptible to many factors, needs constant, everyday care. The extensive experience and continuous research work allowed specialists of the IR Pharma company to create the means for daily care of the kid which do not have analogs in the market.

of Small children is recommended to bathe every day. Especially for those cases when it for any reasons is impossible, the children`s calming Masque baby aqua tonic - excellent replacement of bathing of the child in broths of herbs is developed by . Tonic is irreplaceable at fight against a potnichka and moknutiy when skin of the child is angry and demands special leaving. Tonic calms the angry skin, reduces reddening and an itch. The extract of a ruibus which is a part has antiallergenic, antimicrobic and antioxidant effect. Extracts of a camomile, a train and calendula possess the anti-inflammatory, healing and calming action.


After daily bathing and when changing a diaper for prevention of developing of dermatitis, an intertrigo recommends use of children`s liquid talc “Masque baby aqua“ for processing of skin folds. When drawing on skin of the kid talc forms the thinnest layer of particles of Topioca and Dry starches - Flo which absorb excess of moisture and prevent emergence of an intertrigo, but do not roll down as usual dry powders. Besides, wheat microproteins which have the anti-inflammatory and moistening effect are a part of liquid Masque baby aqua talc, do skin soft and silky. Allantoin has the anti-inflammatory, healing and calming effect. The unique component hitozan forms the breathing film, carrying out additional protection against adverse external factors and possesses wound healing action. The liquid form for this product is chosen specially - it provides contactless drawing and allows to prevent casual inhalation of talc by the child.


when changing the diaper by nurseries damp napkins of “Masque baby care“ . Packing of 20 pieces will be ideally suited for trips, and big packing of 102 pieces with a reusable fastener - for the house. Thanks to the clearing components entering a compounding multipurpose, napkins interfere with formation of an intertrigo and irritations. The balanced compounding allows to use them as often as it is necessary. The impregnating structure does not contain alcohol, the pH level is neutral for skin. Napkins of “Masque baby care“ are hypoallergenic, and thanks to aloe extract belief and to an allantoin, have the antiseptic and calming effect.

In a line of the brand “Masque baby“ also other interesting means and novelties which will become irreplaceable assistants to parents are, and will provide gentle care for the kid.

Detailed information on production of Masque baby on the website www. mas - que. ru