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Treatment of arthrosis

of the Illness of joints - a scourge of our days, their frequency increases with age. So, at the age of 55 - 64 years various damages of joints meet more than in 80% of cases. Feature of arthroses is that till certain time they proceed without any signs and people considers that it is healthy. And when pains and violation of movements develop, often it is already very difficult to cure it.

What is arthrosis?

Arthrosis is a disease of joints of not inflammatory character at which in joints (or in one joint) changes most often of age character therefore cartilages of joints lose the elasticity develop, gets an uneven surface, at the same time lubricant properties of intra articulate (sinovialny) liquid decrease. All this causes pains, slow destruction of a joint, and also an inflammation of covers of a joint.

the Principles of treatment of arthroses

Treatment of arthroses depends on the general condition of the patient, extent of defeat and localization (where exactly there was arthrosis) process. So, there are treatment methods influencing:

Medical impact on a cause of illness

Such influence is possible

only if the cause of illness, for example, is precisely known if damage of a joint - a consequence of the postponed trauma. In such cases it is carried out orthopedic (by means of various techniques, up to operation) correction of function of a joint and elimination of load of it, are applied physiotherapeutic and sanatorno - resort methods of treatment.


the Medical influence promoting restoration of function of a joint

For this purpose apply various methods of stimulation of growth of cartilaginous tissue to replacement of defects of an articulate cartilage. For example, biological stimulators. With the same purpose intra articulate oxygenotherapy is carried out - tissues of a joint are saturated with oxygen for delay of a course of a disease.

Besides, to restoration of function of a joint are applied by the preparations eliminating tension of the muscles located in a zone of joints, restoring blood circulation of joints.

Symptomatic treatment (the removing various unpleasant displays of arthrosis)

First of all, this treatment directed to removal of pain in joints. For this purpose apply various anesthetizing medicines). For removal of the inflammatory phenomena (and together with them and pains) in a joint nonspecific resolvents are appointed. It is very important to provide rest to the affected joint periodically (several times a day). Sedative - heat on area of the affected joint and surrounding soft fabrics. Conduct a course of a parafinolecheniye, an ozokeritolecheniye, apply the warming compresses and hot bathtubs. Apply to anesthesia also other physiotherapeutic procedures: the ultrasound, Bernard`s currents, etc.

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At very severe pains into a cavity of a joint glyukokortikosteroidny hormones which kill the inflammatory phenomena and pains. Effect of such treatment good, but often it happens short-term.

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sanatorno - resort treatment with application of mud applications, hydrosulphuric and radonic bathtubs, massage and remedial gymnastics.

Surgical methods of treatment of arthroses

Surgical treatment of arthroses is carried out by

in that case when all ways of conservative treatment are settled. So, for increase in inflow of blood to the affected joint on a bone notches become or openings - it promotes growth of additional quantity of blood vessels in a zone of the affected joint. Operations on removal of tension from a hip zone are performed - it unloads a sore joint.

If the joint does not respond to conservative treatment, then it can be replaced with artificial. Such method of treatment is called endoprosthesis replacement. It is recommended to be seen off at uncontrollable pain and dysfunction of coxofemoral and knee joints. This type of operation can restore quality of life of the patient completely.

Prevention of arthroses

Prevention of the arthroses caused by age and a professional overload consists in fight against presenilation of an organism by means of a balanced diet, sufficient physical activity and a hardening of an organism. It is also necessary to eliminate as much as possible professional harm.

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For prevention of the arthroses arising against injuries or any diseases timely adequate treatment of the main diseases.