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Whether there is life after holiday?

human life at which holiday ended Is heavy. Still yesterday - freedom and inaction, today - urgent affairs and lots of problems. How to cope with a postholiday depression?

Having appeared at office after a long break, many clutch at the head and complain that it is better not to have a rest at all. Paradox: after weeks of inaction we often have in an asset not cheerfulness, a tone and aspiration to pull up trees, and a headache, irritation and full apathy. Psychologists call such state a postholiday depression and consider it as a natural consequence of the “wrong“ holiday.

the Head to a charm is empty

the Correct holiday is when the person completely switches from one kind of activity to another. The main thing - to manage to forget about office in general. Calling up to colleagues and scrolling the working moments in the head, you steal from yourself precious hours of inaction. Besides, double loading - both attempts to have a rest, and continuation of working process - are fraught with an exacerbation of chronic diseases.

the Second problem of the holiday-maker - time. According to experts, it is better not to have a rest at all, than to have a rest a little. Scientists defined “a holiday minimum“ - two weeks. One will leave on adaptation to new conditions - change of a day regimen, perhaps, climate and time zones. The second - on actually rest. Also it is desirable to have one more in a stock - on reacclimatization, that is return to former living conditions.

One more widespread mistake - to have a rest “for the company“. Often style of pastime is chosen not by you, and your environment. Instead of being blissfully happy on the beach, you trudge with friends on excursion or, say, cultivate beds at the dacha though you hate agriculture. It is necessary to learn to speak firmly “no“ without false sense of guilt.

Warm-up before start

But even if you managed to idle efficiently in the put weeks and to forget the word “work“, at office complications are possible. Many try to join at once actively in process and to hasty resolve the collected issues.

Experience shows that you should not hurry to make important decisions in the first day after holiday - oversights are possible.

the German scientists calculated

that during successful rest the intellectual coefficient of the person goes down on 20 points. Therefore it is necessary to give itself time for activization of intelligence. Psychologists seriously say that in the first working day toilers of office need to allow to work only a half of the put hours - as prevention of nervous breakdowns.

the Moment of appearance at work should considering

pass - crisis and to treat him seriously. The discontent with the work and life in general is very brightly shown right now. However, the person who is carried away by the business will not begin to indulge in despondency long. The Spanish psychology found out that more than 35% of their compatriots regularly fall into a postholiday depression. Scientists see the reasons of such general melancholy that only 5% of Spaniards are happy with the work. Respectively, there is an occasion to think and whether such work is necessary in general?

I do not regard a postholiday depression as manifestation of own weakness: similar problems happen also at strong, successful in life and business of people. Most often from this trouble owners of small business and representatives of liberal professions - doctors, lawyers, journalists suffer.

Life is fine and surprising by

How to cope with a depression if it happened to you? To understand that it is necessary to work, of course, but to rush with the head to labor everyday life it is not obligatory at all and it is even harmful.