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Childbirth - the finest in lives of the woman

Well, also my turn to tell the world about my Miracle here came...

one fine day when we understood with then still future husband that we want to have children Came. Also began to work on it. But there passed months, and the test is malicious showed one strip, and every month number 17 - 18 at me was a hysterics concerning arrival next monthly...

Already and wedding. In the wedding day, right after a list in the REGISTRY OFFICE, at me monthly came. Even at a wedding I did not keep from tears about it!

we went To an extent of all time on doctors: at first at me found the milkwoman. Cured. Against treatment completely “killed“ flora - cured! I drink vitamins. I consider days - zero! The same monthly every month!

I at last the husband comes one night, and on it literally there is no person! Diagnosis: chronic prostatitis, big percent of women`s hormones, practically on zero man`s, plus completely immovable spermatozoa... Conclusion of doctors: or only podsazhivaniye (but good luck percent very low), or EKO. Cried each other on a shoulder... Also began: tablets, candles, pricks, vitamins, hormones, etc. The priest of my husband was one continuous bruise from my inexperienced hand. But he suffered! I developed a special diet, picked up those products which improve quality of spermatozoa. The pasha even went to Hong Kong where some sorcerer treated him. But tests were silent... Hands fell.

I suddenly - a delay! And the test shows the second weak stripe! We are happy, we are glad! But several days later monthly begin. I go to the doctor, I hand over HGCh - she is not pregnant! Tears, hysterics! We continue further... And time all right! And again a breast hurts, a delay, the 2nd weak strip... Faint hope and... pleasure! There is no ultrasonography - anything, suspicion on extra-uterine. HGCh - is not pregnant! Tears, pain! Bothered, was tired! I do not want children, I do not want anything!

But decided to go to Diveevo. Went. All day cried: that one old woman shouted that not so I put a candle, another that in trousers (it was very cold, and I on jeans tied specially long scarf, but...), the third - not so I pray!

All vitamins and tests departed to a garbage can. The pasha went to the next business trip. Came on June 17, and my girlfriend told: “Yul, and when at you have to be monthly?“ And I do not know. From - for constant the hysteric, etc., at me was brought down all cycle, and monthly went as wanted. It and skazla: “Make the test!“ I do not want, I want nothing! But went a drugstore and bought “so favourite tests“. Bought 2 as was not any more. Decided what I will make at once. Went to a working toilet, with a favourite cap from glue stick as other capacity near at hand was not. The second strip appeared before the first! I am pregnant! I send to the girlfriend by fax a photocopy of tests, she confirms existence 2 fat strips on both tests! I tell girls, all shocked by pleasure! And just today the husband comes back! Hurrah!

the Husband me did not believe

, told that it is my usual failure on what I went into a hysterics (though I am a person very quiet, but...) .

I Go for ultrasonography. And anything: either failure, or term small... I go on HGCh again - 13310, the term of 5 - 6 weeks!

my pregnancy proceeded not as I thought: all pregnancy I cried, was nervous, etc. Suffered also from toxicosis. Managed to lie down few times in pathology: the first time flew right after ultrasonography on the term of 21 - 22 weeks there. On this ultrasonography we learned that we have a girl, and the husband very much wanted the son. And against it there was a quarrel after which I got under a dropper with threat of an abortion. The second time I rang out in the same chamber from - for accidents which we had with the father already on term 32 weeks.

I, at last, finish: 39th week. I lay down in advance in pathology as doctors say that a basin narrow, the placenta ripened. PDR - on March 24. Promised everything that I do not reach, there now already and 25, on March 26, and we have a silence! Doctors say that I am completely ready, we wait when the daughter wants.“ Lisa, Lizonka! I so want to take you on handles! To bite for a bottom! Let`s be born!“

But my “small fish“ was gone, I give birth to “aries“! I suffer to steam of nights from training fights. And again silence...

I on March 27! Morning began with tears (family problems at parents), the doctor came, abused that I lost all forces. And how I in general am going to give birth? Distances soothing. Stayed in a toilet of 30 minutes (and “it“ ate nothing). In 3 - 4 hours noticed that to me as that damp... Honestly, even on a pajamas a crude spot! Went to the doctor, looked - a bubble whole (to me so it does not seem)! It`s all right, I will not give birth in general!

Exactly in 22. 02 I begin fights and each 6 minutes proceed! But not to be trusted me, and the girl in chamber says that she cannot be then and in 6 minutes! It is necessary that in 20 minutes, 15, 10! Exactly in 22. 35 I go to a toilet and I see blood traces on a piece of paper. Shakes me... And suddenly something not so? I run to midwifes. Call the doctor, he looked: “Yes, skhvatochka go!“ And without you I know it! Suggests to give an injection that I have a sleep, and in the morning as it is necessary! Still says that if it is the real fights, then they will not stop. But, seeing my person (probably, was what to look at), changed the decision and told that I packed things! We go to give birth!

Hurrah! And I go to give birth! La - la - la! And I did not shave! Thought that I will be in time who knew that fights will be such fast! It`s all right, they and not it saw! And here it, enema! Not too bad at all! However, on fights it is not really cheerful.

Patrimonial. Looked. The doctor asked whether waters departed today. Here, I was right - it were waters. Decided to puncture a bubble (it is not sick at all) as it is damaged. Also something lukewarm poured down. And there is a lot of! Waters, told, very good, but it is too much! And fights already such painful. I howl a little. Put epiduralny anesthesia. It is not sick, but it is unpleasant. To whom it is pleasant when stick with something into a backbone! The anesthesiologist asked how call. “Yulya!“ “Fourth Yulya in a row!“ Prenatal, dropper! The midwife checks opening. Good. The heart at the baby fights remarkably! Nearby enjoin to give birth to the girl!“ Doctors, I too already want... I suffer! Well, at last!

I here I on a patrimonial chair. Shakes me whether from cold, whether from the fact that here, at last, I will see it. I will see that which I so long wanted, cried and raved at the nights! My daughter, my native lump!

were delivered by 2 doctors, both men...

I was begun here makes an effort. Told that I made an effort perfectly. But yet there is no result. The doctor suggests to make a cut, but the midwife speaks: “!“

I here head! Midwife: “Yes it sidewise! Obvitiye!“ I shout: “How my daughter?“ And she cried! 4. 55th mornings. And showed me the kid: “You have a girl!“ I know! Lisa, Lizonka, Lizunchik! As long I waited for you! My daughter! God, thanks! For the daughter, for the husband, for everything! To a roar, as beluga! Doctors already swear. And it lies on a little table - such beautiful, rozovenky... My daughter! To a roar is even stronger!

I here it was put to me on a breast. And I am watched - watch a placenta, sew up small cracks. And me all the same - though cut! I have a daughter, and I am a mother!

Well, and sms, calls are farther than

, there arrived our father from Moscow. Attacked maternity hospital as it was not started up, then I was not transferred to chamber yet. Also our new life began...

P. S. Childbirth is the finest in the woman`s life! I felt the real pleasure, giving birth to the Miracle, the daughter! My God, thank you that allowed me such happiness - to be mother! And I want to tell “thanks“ to the beloved husband: “Pashenka, thank you for the daughter, for that happiness, rest and heat that you give me! I love you more life!“