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Kuzki`s travel and his families of

Every year, planning holiday, I think: “Well, this year anywhere, only not to Turkey!“ And every year we go to it, darling... This year was not an exception, but business was complicated by the fact that we planned to take with ourselves our smallest penis families, one-year-old Kuzma. It was its first travel therefore after short thoughts met besides on Turkey. In - the first, short flight; in - the second, it is not necessary to bother with the visa; in the third, we know everything there (as in a joke about Santa - Barbara).

Information on rest with the kid I began to collect

even last summer, with interest reading responses of tourists and doing itself marks about flight, carriages, food, necessary clothes, drugs etc.

So, after long debate with the husband and the senior children concerning hotel, our choice fell on Ulusoy Kemer Holiday Club. The green territory, animation and discos for seniors and existence of vacant family room for our dates was the main criterion of the choice.

we Fly! We are five: we with the husband and three children - 15 - summer Polina, 10 - summer Saveli and Kuzma (1,3 years).

Ordered an individual transfer. On the way to hotel was even upset that in vain money spent since Kuzka in the car fell asleep, and did not manage to have a sleep - arrived. If go with all, then would have a sleep hour or so. Well and in hotel were at 10 in the morning, and settling only in 14. The benefit us was issued at once, gave beach towels and shown where it is possible to take a shower and to change clothes. We packed providently bathing accessories with edge. Changed clothes and went to the sea. But all the same till 14 o`clock got tired.

In general the hotel to us very much was pleasant to

, there were makhonky minuses which we treated philosophically. Club dance was the biggest disappointment, and we from Savkaya like to podrygatsya. The territory is very green, compact, thought over, food excellent, a spacious room. But the main thing is the sea and the sun! This good be just filled up here! Hurrah!

Aha, early rejoiced. To Mora Kuzyu did not impress at all. Sea bathings he honestly suffered minutes five, then pulled hands towards the coast and screamed blue murder - type rescue who can. Therefore we spent almost all holidays in a paddling pool. Kuzma in antecedents, probably, was a dolphin. Got out of water to eat and have a sleep. In spite of the fact that Kuzya drank in the pool a lot of water, intestinal baddies passed us (I most of all was afraid of them)! And we were surely dipped in the sea daily several times!

Before a trip we bought Kuzyushe overalls for bathing with sun-protection property (50 pieces), very expensive. I endured everything that there will be our purchase useless, but is not present - the excellent piece appeared! Kuzya in this kombezik looked just fantastically, hotel photographers just could not pass by (took a picture daily) and vacationers several times asked permissions to photograph the child. But the most important that kombezik this was very convenient, Kuzya in is mute did not sweat at all and was protected from the sun on “perfectly“!

Kuzma Ate nearly one macaroni

, sometimes ate couple of spoons of rice and sometimes it was possible to steal French fries from a brotherly plate. Sometimes ate a little meat - the hotel greatly prepared a yagnyatina. Generally, you will not name food various Kuzino. But was smitten with love for corn in ears and for local flat cakes - a gyozlema. Soluble porridges and any mashed potatoes in tetrapakovsky packing which we dragged with ourselves from the house and remained untouched. And still I very much was glad that left for the period of holiday of GV - very much it was useful on the plane, and during an illness of Kuzya three days was fattened and drunk only by breast milk.

Here also approached sad part of our holiday. Our kid got sick with purulent quinsy there. Probably, blew under conditioners though we very much watched it, but it was not lucky. All of us were upset awfully, but the Turkish medicine appeared at height, and every other day Kuzka already floundered in the pool. I only regretted that days lost, thought that an overheat and we will cope by own efforts (I have with myself such first-aid kit!) . But when understood that quinsy and not to do without antibiotics, - called insurance. Help was given instantly. For us sent the car, brought to policlinic, there the Russian-speaking doctor (and in general all personnel, including drivers, are told in Russian) made us the diagnosis, the febrifugal prick (temperature 39,3 was) stuck, gave drugs (an antibiotic, febrifugal and spray for a throat), the husband filled pieces of paper, and bring us to hotel. From the moment of our call in insurance before return to hotel there passed exactly 35 minutes. The husband still under impression.

Got acquainted with the French family there, their boy was one head lower than Kuzi and was not able to go yet, I thought to it months 9, it appeared - is month Kuzka younger than everything. His parents very much were surprised that Kuzya such active - runs, stirs and eats to a gyozlema. Type, Russian athlete! We with the father had an occasion to be proud the child, aha. In the homeland - that we so far on development tail after. The French mummy preferred to sunbathe topless, and we with the husband were afraid all the time that Kuzya to it will creep in the pool and will stick. And still she when saw that I nurse Kuzyu, is direct went gaga over, in palms clapped and exclaimed: “Syuper, syuper“! GV - screws in Evropakh appreciate, to see.


every day other people`s children, drew a conclusion that the most noisy - at Turks. All the time cry out and row. Well, all have the right, probably, - they at home. One girl from peaceful Kuzi jumped aside and at its approach began to cry out: “Ana! Anaaaa!“ This is mother in Turkish. And for fidelity splashed water on it supposedly do not approach! Kuzya the bryzgalok was enraptured with these and began to splash too why the girl in general fell into a hysterics. We Kuzyu grazed then, close did not admit. But he learned the Turkish word “an“.

Somewhere for the 9th day of rest of Kuzya of glades, at last, in what a counter pass - the disco. Before just stood nearby, observed. And here began such to stagger: a bottom twisted, the head shook, waved a hand, rushed on all scene, fell, tried to dance sitting, there grabbed girls legs and bottoms (did not get above) and in general was in good mood - we it never saw the child. At us from laughter even cramped jaws. Well, the chamber with itself was - everything was photographed for history.

generally, Kuzka behaved decently, was capricious when he wanted to sleep or eat. And in general, having read before departure on a travel site of opponents of rest with small children, we tried that Kuzya disturbed nobody and did not strain.

Turks of children adore

, we were convinced of it once again. Kuzkina cheeks were smothered with caresses before weight loss, and not only Turks, but also French and Italians - horror. I, for example, have some internal barrier, I cannot pat foreign unfamiliar child on a cheek or stroke on the head, as if I did not want it. And here Turks can and spit to them as parents react to it or the child. We reconciled and reacted positively.


at us missed, there was not enough youth. Therefore for the first time on vacation it read the whole book - “Master and Margarita“. In recent days only she, at last, joined the international party - walked to 3 nights. And our average sonny matured - went to a disco and met little girls. And we with the husband as pensioners - in 21 h stacked Kuzka, sat before a TV set, drank “Baileys“ and watched news about Ossetia...

On the way back were glad that one we go. Since we were brought to the beginning of registration, the people ahead of people by five was, we quickly were registered also passport control and went for a walk on Dyyutika. Slowly to themselves perfume was chosen, alcohol gathered also toys to nephews. And that eternally to attack we drop in there. Well and in half an hour looked - kilometer waiting list both for registration, and for passport control... And to us it is not terrible any more!

... Very much was delighted to the house Kuzya: ran on rooms, was enough the toys and joyfully squealed. I cannot tell that during holiday some jump in development happened. It seems, especially new abilities did not appear, but all - he matured and grew wiser somehow (very much I hope), sunbathed and has a good swim. Began to stir more, but on “unintelligible“. From an easy hand of Pauly a house nickname at it now - the Albanian. From clear only “mother“, “Sava“ and “so far“ speaks.

Very much it was useful to


was dragged In vain:

here what to us in number was not enough for

A, so it a floorcloth... Kuzya ran without trousers there and marked the territory. And a broom - a lot of sand on themselves from the sea was dragged.

generally, it is good to have a rest, of course, but it is somehow better than the house. We missed, accept us back!