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The Maltese english - interest and other notes freely having a rest

To Malta we gathered unexpectedly. One known website helped. Looked for all with whom studied, and began to correspond with the messmates from technical school. And the first who answered me was Vika who fantastically married to Malta a year ago, but it is other history.

She told

about the Maltese life much, and she is able to tell, the art critic as - in any way. It became interesting to me, I rummaged on the Internet, bought the guide, very sensible as it became clear then. As a result my idea of Malta as small boring an island began to change. I found out that on Malta there are a lot of places connected with history of the Maltese knights. It is the capital of Valletta built by knights with the numerous museums. At walls of the Palace of the Great master of the Order of Malta shows - the representations devoted to historical events - to a great siege of Malta and resistance to Turks of knights and Maltese are carried out.

Well and when I learned that on Malta there are schools of the largest international centers training to English at me the first thoughts of a trip appeared. My ten-year-old daughter studies in the international gymnasium, and everything that is connected with English, for us, certainly, it is important. And what can be better than communication with the living native speakers which are not speaking in Russian? Well, and if at the same time still it is possible to have a rest at the sea?! The sea in combination with English solved a problem of the choice of the place for precious holiday.

very much helped Vick`s

with the organization of our trip. It photographed the hotels which were pleasant to it, took booklets in local excursion bureaus, found schools. There is a lot of them, but in some train only from 16 years, in some there is no opportunity to live to parents together with children. Some are located unsuccessfully. Work was done big, we received the whole reportings with photos, the prices and that the most important, notes of the eyewitness.

When we arrived, we had painted almost on hours sensible, our, a program of stay on the island...

Time past

quickly. We already to houses. The daughter continuously hangs on phone and tells, tells the friends as it is healthy on Malta. What clean and warm sea, what unusual nature, what cities on Malta what remarkable was sea cruise as it was removed at cinema in a village of the seaman Papaya as it is interesting at the English school as she got acquainted with the German girl as they made friends on occupations though they at first could not tell anything each other at all... Both still, and still...