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To be the feeding mother - happiness of

Though to me already 28, I consider myself as young mother. I had not enough experience when our daughter Elvina was born.

When I became pregnant, we as lived year on Far North. The destiny so disposed that there we had no relatives. And, as lived there recently, there were almost no friends.

Ya devoured every word if business concerned kids, feedings, diapers, etc., got information from magazines. Internet access, unfortunately, was not.

The fact that dochunyu I will feed itself and to the last solved

at once. The first information which I obtained proceeded from my acquaintance whose child was three years old. She told about the pregnancy, about childbirth, well, about all she could remember. Also gave to me such advice. To buy a rigid bast and every day to mass a breast as then the child will often suck, and cracks on nipples for want of habit can be formed. I, of course, very much was frightened and precisely I remember that I at that moment decided to be engaged surely in such procedure every day. But my natural laziness took up and I even did not buy a bast. Just now I understand that cracks are formed not from at all - for not habits but because there is no milk, and the kid is hungry, he sucks and sucks …

When my baby was born

, and I lay on a chair in the rodzal, and it near me, shining eyes, I whispered to it:“ The daughter, we will embrace you soon. Mummy will feed you, will kiss“. At last, there came that moment when could take it on hands! And I tested an attack of surprising happiness. Not to express it in words! I on hands had an angel! My word upon it! Such small and defenseless! It in everything depended on me, nobody could help it, except me! And as she amazingly sucked a breast! And very much I was struck that the baby can sleep and suck a breast at the same time. Later I read that at the children sucking a breast, the throat is arranged absolutely in a different way, they can lying swallow. And still the child who sucks a breast besides from - for features of a throat, begins to speak later.


Ya about some postnatal depressions much. Also I cannot still understand what can be a depression if near you the kid, and, a pure angel. The affection caused in me everything. Even its crying. Still I read about sleepless nights, about sleep debts much. Me all this passed. I was even happy that there comes feeding time. It is possible to kiss my baby once again! The daughter slept in a bed. I took it to myself. She ate and when gorged on, released a breast and slept. Strong - it is strong. I shifted it in a bed. Still I read much that a breast it not only food for kids, but also a part of the life. And so considerable that it cannot be compared to anything. In - the first, the breast - means mother nearby. In - the second if the crumb badly feels, she easily calms down, having dropped to a breast. Then, this good “sleeping pill“. The kid easily falls asleep if he sucks a breast.

Then when we arrived on a visit to the grandmother, the bed was not, and the baby slept with me nearby. Here we did not leave for a second at all. Its eyes are closed, and itself will turn on my party, the mouth will open how a chickabiddy, and the breast looks for. Will catch and sucks. Could suck all night long.

Unfortunately, the daughter did not possess good appetite when business concerned a feeding up. She did not gain the put weight. Therefore, after long considerings, doubts, having listened to a heap of councils, I decided to separate it from a breast early. In a year and four. I just explained to her that the breast hurts me, and asked it not to touch. And my baby understood everything! As she felt sorry for me! Every minute ran up and kissed. My tears welled up. I understood that she very much wants, but as she loves me and is sorry, the breast will not disturb! Sometimes she approached and stroked, looking in eyes, as if asks: “Mothers, it can is possible?“ It was necessary to speak:“ No, the daughter, hurts“. Heart was broken off. But I understood that it for its benefit.

Now we eat with

both porridges, and soups. But the mother`s breast was not forgotten. Sometimes she strokes it. And sometimes will glance, will admire. She remembers everything. Of course, during feeding difficulties were a breast also, but now I do not even remember them. Also I think if I give birth to the second, then I will surely nurse.