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In holiday with the kid of

the time of summer holidays Came, your child is not three years old determined by doctors for the first departure on the South yet, and so there is a wish to replace city dust and noise of cars with a light breeze and a rustle of waves. The Europeans with cradles and “kengurushka“ a lot of meeting in foreign resorts and the supporters of “a natural way of life“ having a rest in tents with babies in the Crimea come back to memory (and at times and giving birth in the same place directly in the sea). And there are no problems with health of children for some reason, contrary to all threats of doctors, neither at those, nor at others. What should be provided not to spoil rest to either itself, or the child, nor people around?

General rules. to the Baby it is good where to well his mother where she feels emotional comfort therefore on condition of the correct approach, the choice of the place is not limited to climatic conditions at all as it was considered to be until recently. It is only important to foresee and warn all possible problems. Nevertheless, it is necessary to remember that moving from the city to the city will be hardly so useful to health of the kid as a trip to the wood or at the sea. So, it is better to postpone excursion rounds until more advanced age nevertheless. In advance take an interest in detail about accommodation conditions. Think over who will help you on vacation whether is to a lump to look after children, so far you joyfully lap in the sea or sit in a manicure office. Pay special attention to quality of drinking water and food. If incidentally there was a contact with the child, sick any infectious disease, postpone a trip until the end of the incubatory period.


It is expensive. the Train, the plane or the car - choose according to age and temperament of the child, and also opportunities of your purse. To travel the easiest with the babies who are on natural feeding. The peanut who recently learned to run will hardly be able to sit out in the car more than 2 - 3 hours in a row therefore be ready to the compelled stops.

If you travel by train, take food and drink with yourself: the road - not time for gastronomic experiments therefore everything has to be in advance tested. Ideal option - all food can, from pyureshka to porridges. The remains from opened banks right there are eaten up by adults, but are not left before the following meal. Nothing perishable or turning sour. It is also not necessary to buy to the child fruit at stops. Do not forget clear water in bottles: in the stuffy car getting thirsty noticeably more often.


Choosing the train or a plane flight, you remember that not only the departure time (departure), but also an arrival time has to be convenient. To while away night at the station or at the airport of the unfamiliar city with the small child on hands - not the most pleasant pastime.

If the way is by train too long

, or the child is on artificial feeding, the plane can be more preferable. The prepared mix can be taken with itself in a thermos, but it is possible and to dissolve it on the place, having asked boiled water for the stewardess. Relative humidity on the plane about 25% therefore take with yourself water and juice for the kid. Small bottles it is better to take plastic in the road. To children is more senior well to take something to chew: children`s cookies, drying, croutons, fruit. Do not forget to put in a bag which you will take with yourself in the plane, replaceable clothes and diapers, a towel, pampers, wet towel wipes also. It is also possible to take in flight a favourite toy, books, colored pencils or felt-tip pens, a notebook. On take off and landing it is desirable to give to the child of water or juice, absolutely small - a maternal breast to provoke the glotatelny movements. If the child is inclined to a motion sickness, consult with the attending physician about possible use of drugs for nausea or soothing mixtures.

On the way useful. Especially at the airport where it is so easy for kid to be lost. If you plan radial campaigns from the vacation spot or excursion with the smallest, take in travel a backpack - a kangaroo.

On the new place. the First day on the new place - adaptation time therefore you should not plan distant walks and excursions at once. Devote better this day to arrangement of the place for the kid, take a shower after the journey, wash up the child. It is better for baby to bring fresh linen and water with itself. If hot, it is necessary to give to drink to the child more often than usually. Do not snatch on fruit - it is not useful for intestines, refrain from large numbers at least the first days. Normally, if in the first days the child eats slightly less, sleeps slightly more or, on the contrary, is capricious.

First-aid kit. If the child constantly takes any medicine, do not forget to take them in a trip. There put a smekta, regidron, tavegit (even if the child has no an allergy, he can be necessary, for example, at stings of insects), children`s albucid, hydrogen peroxide, brilliant green, alcohol, a plaster, vatu, bandage. Take with yourself that means for decrease in temperature which usually you use. At burns well proved ointments like “Rescuer“, on a case of cough it is possible to take dry children`s mixture with an alteyny root, from bruises and cones homeopathic Arnica ointment will help. If you are a supporter of phytotherapy, surely take the antiseptic and knitting herbs in travel.

the Sun, air and water - our loyal friends. Of course, all of us go to the South, first of all, to sunbathe and bathe. Whether the baby can sunbathe? Doctors say that they are not present. Nevertheless, experience of numerous enthusiasts shows that at observance of certain safety rules it is possible. First of all - the mode. Ideal time for walks - till 10 in the morning and after 16 in the afternoon. From 11 to 15 sun for the child not only it is not useful, but also it is dangerous. It is the best of all to sunbathe in an openwork shadow of trees. If there is no such opportunity, time of an open exposition in the first days should not exceed 3 - 5 minutes for time, gradually we increase till 15 - 20 minutes. Further - we take away the kid under an awning. In order to avoid an overheat we do not forget periodically it to bathe (1 - 3 time for an exit to the beach). Wipe the child after each bathing, do not let out it on the sun wet. Besides, it is not necessary to sunbathe and bathe right after food, to bathe the kid right after stay on the sun, but only having stood him in a shadow; you watch closely behavior of the child. It is better to leave the beach a bit earlier, than to overstay and overheat.

If trouble nevertheless occurred. the First signs of an overheat are the fatigue, depression, the speeded-up breath, face reddening, the increased perspiration; the following stage (to which it is better not to bring) - excitement, tearfulness, dry skin, rise in temperature and vomiting. At the first symptoms of an overheat it is necessary to take away the child in a shadow, to wash, moisten hands, soles of legs, and only then it is possible to pour its cool (but not ice) water. It is necessary to give to drink to the child as often as possible. At a solar burn at first process affected areas the diluted vodka or alcohol (33%), then humidify with kefir or curdled milk. Contrary to ordinary opinion, it is not necessary to smear places of burns with vegetable oil or fat at all. Often solar burns are followed by temperature increase. Give to the child plentiful drink, you do not bring to the open sun to an absolute recovery.

you will fully be able to enjoy

At observance of these elementary rules rest together with the kid, to temper, revitalize it and yourself. And be surprised how will grow and will mature, there will be yours the baby even for a two-week trip how more independently.