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Let`s play with you! (beginning).

1. Let`s play with you!
you come home from work and, having hardly managed to have supper, hear these words from your child: “Give with you we will play!“ However so just you will not catch you, live you will not give up. You were ready to it. The father already managed to fall in some way to a sofa, having on the run grabbed the newspaper and the control panel. Mother was engaged in washing, darning, an ironing, washing of ware, shift of furniture, preparation of lessons with the eldest son or combing of “the little doggie, a cat“ etc.

Of course, it is not too convenient to read the newspaper head over heels and to rearrange furniture there is no sense - will be made a fresh start tomorrow. But you are ready to a long siege and storm of your bastions.

On the resolute, vigorous and persistent proposal of the child it is interesting to p to spend time, the father, carefully looking out of the shelter and conspiratorially winking, confidential whisper sends it to the next fortress:“ Mother has already a rest - not difficultly to move her furniture at all. And she very much wants to play with you, only hesitates to tell about it“.

the father again is surprised with

I to naivety of the kid going to mother and begins to love it even more strong.

“Mother, you love me - then play with me“. Of course, mother loves the child, but his request is so unexpected and does not include in its plans at all. And mother tells the fairy tale how one disobedient boy or one disobedient girl prevented mother to care for them all the time. And therefore when they grew up, mother turned gray, and the father went outside to take a walk, and he was eaten by the Baba-yaga.

Frightened of the terrible end of this history, the kid hides under a table, and mother quietly continues to care for a family.

After a while the child decides to check

whether still his father is living, whether the opposite Baba-yaga regaled on it.

the Head of family is engaged in one thousand urgent matters at the same time. Having turned on the TV on full loudness, he sings a cheerful song: “Sleep a peephole, sleep another“. Looking through news on several TV channels at once, he periodically looks on broadcast of a football match. Politely prompting to football players where it is necessary to beat a ball, something efficiently answers the telephone interlocutor: “Yes, we meet tomorrow at 11 o`clock … that your leg withered, it was necessary to give a pass … and try not to be late … there will not be enough extra time to win back five balls“.

having Hardly caught sight of the child, the father remembers fine days of youth and the word of the mother about harm of a marriage. Its plaintive lamentations about insidiousness of relatives are interrupted by bewitching sounds of the anthem of the released parents:“ Sleep my pleasure, fall asleep“ …

Day is ended by

, the kid sleeps embracing a plush crocodile, and you understand that this lovely and touching being - the biggest pleasure in your life. And if afflicts you that you “forgot“ to play with it today, be not upset. Tomorrow morning before an alarm clock the angelic voice will ring out: “Let`s play with you!“

2. These serious childish sports
Well, dear readers, I described one evening of one happy and close-knit family not to hint you that this history - about you. I only wanted to draw your attention to one serious subject. And, as usual, before it told you a joke which you, probably, already heard more than once. And the main subject of this article as you already understood, too, perhaps, with a beard.

Well what parent does not know

what value of game in the child`s life. What parent will not confirm how it is difficult to tear off from game of the fond kid.

However, probably, not all parents realize that game is the most serious, than the child in the life is engaged; that game is those elements of the childhood without which further development and, finally, a growing of the kid is impossible.


Ya the psychologist, I work with children. To me mothers who complain about the child - the preschool child, not of the person interested to study English and mathematics often come:“ Can play for hours and hours, and to work out problems and does not maintain five minutes. How he will study at school? But I all the same force it“. And further the list of the measures undertaken for education of the will and training in endurance follows: I Buy by


Yes, modern life imposes to the child huge requirements; information volume which should be acquired is unreasonably big. And of course, to any parent anxious with future progress of the child, apparently, that here now, as soon as possible, it is necessary to start occupations and training. The child, in any way not vnemlyushchiya to arguments of reason, arrangements and punishments, persistently prefers game. You hear again and again:“ Let`s play with you“. Perhaps, all - it is worth listening to this “strange“ desire of the son or daughter and to change the relation to game?


Let`s try to make it together and pervo - napervo we learn more about the subject.

So, games are divided into several types:

  1. In detail - manipulative or, in other words, games with objects. These games are played by children from 1,5 to 4 years. Look how with enthusiasm the child sorts just bought toy on pieces. You are upset and are even angered, and the child at this moment receives the first ideas of the world. It for us, adults, is clear that in a neck of a bottle it is impossible to push a spoon completely. The child does not know the concepts “big“ and “small“ yet. Therefore he tries to make it. Unsuccessfully. But as soon as in a bottle there will be a bead or a pea, the kid will be able to feel literally hands a difference between “big“ and “small“. So there are ideas of the size. In games with objects the child studies their properties. The received representations then are systematized and become a basis of logical thinking.
  2. Syuzhetno - role-playing games . The simplest examples of these games:“ Daughters are mothers “, “ in the doctor “, “ in school“. Plots can repeat the famous literary works, cinema etc. more difficult, to reflect bright vital impressions of children. So, after display of the movie “Titanic“, children still play a plot “Death among icebergs“. And last fall in games of children at schools and kindergartens the subject of explosions prevailed. These games are played by preschool children from 4 to 7 years. Their value for development is huge. In - the first, choosing and playing various plots, the child imitates occupations of adults, in fact, studies understanding of meaning of life and the relations of people. In - the second, choosing various roles, becoming mother, the kind doctor, angry Barmaley, the child as if becomes to the place of other person, begins to look at the world from his point of view. As a result the kid begins to understand feelings and desires of other people, he develops empathy - ability to feel the same, as another, having visited “his skin“. Originally this knowledge is inaccessible to the child, he is egocentric by the nature of things. Remember how in the childhood we played at hide-and-seek, sacredly believing that if we see nobody, then and us nobody sees. Initial essence of the childhood: the world is same, as well as I, the world around and for me; the world exists to meet my desires. And when the child thanks to change of various role positions in game, opens for himself desires of another, he becomes capable to sympathy and compassion. Thus, syuzhetno - role-playing games promote development of the emotional sphere of the little man.
  3. At last, one more type of games - of game with rules . They are constructed on a careful regulation of what “is possible“, and the fact that it “is impossible“. Emergence of it like games in game repertoire of children happens at the age of about 5 - ti years. Such games are familiar to us since the childhood too. These are various outdoor games, “Yes“ and “no“ you do not speak “, “ a ringlet, a ringlet, come to a porch“ etc. Here in collective game ability to interact with the game partner, to correlate the desires to strangers, skills of self-discipline, endurance, persistence, aspiration to a victory is developed. The child did not get used to constrain the direct impulses yet. From - for psychophysiological to the child it is still difficult for immaturity of nervous system to follow rules and standards of behavior. Often the child cannot just control himself, though understands what so cannot be done. But here in game - another matter. If you do not concentrate, will not execute the rule, will not constrain a direct impulse, game will collapse. So there is an ability to delay the desire, and in consciousness of the child there is an internal system of regulation of the behavior, and it that other as development of the strong-willed sphere. Thus, game cultivates practically all qualities necessary for the child in the future: ability to concentrate and to react, order and submit, stand up instantly for itself and to share foreign mood. The game role is not less important for development of imagination and figurative thinking without which any creative activity is impossible. Therefore, dear parents, be not afraid that you will spend time for games with children to the detriment of occupations. Let the child, having come to school, will not own system of integral calculus, let so far him will be able only to scratch printing letters a couple of words. Believe, it has all ahead and the success will be provided to it if he plays enough in plenty.