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About quality of education in Russia of

Here recently in news read article that at our school crisis. Journalists suddenly found out what, appears, in Russia deficiency of teachers is observed, and even found the reasons for that - low compensation and absence of prospects. Absolutely unpredictable situation!

the Minister Fursenko groans: “Why?.“ Why, having disaccustomed in teacher training Universities, graduates by profession to work do not go? Work as anyone, only not teachers. He, probably, does not understand that the young man wants to eat, pay for the apartment, to put on, and some - even to provide a family. For a present salary of the teacher it is only possible to support a hamster. Half-starving. Misunderstands, probably, Fursenko therefore explains:“ The youth does not go to work not only from - for a low wage, but also from - for the fact that all places are taken“. That is it turns out that the responsible youth and is glad to sit as early as years 20 - 30 on a neck of parents and other relatives for for the sake of a good cause, so is not present - sit at school of an uchitelka of retirement and pre-retirement age and pushchat nobody... Quirky old men and old women... Only for some reason in stay by the teacher remembered one picture: the mathematics teacher (who at me taught) on deserved (very much even, by the way, deserved) rest “only“ in 65 years gathered. The director, directors of studies, parents begged to remain because if she leaves, then mathematicians at school there will be only two. And school city and not small... And not low-complete. During the summer before which the mathematics teacher nevertheless retired teachers did not find....

that was meant by Fursenko, saying

about what teachers at us much - is unclear. Probably, meant with own hand developed full-scale closing of small schools, especially in rural areas. Correctly, why to pay such denzhishch to 35 teachers if at school of only 50 - 60 children? It is not necessary at all, children are not poodles, without lead will not be lost. Will independently do a bit of traveling to the neighboring village for 30 - 40 km to learn in the second change. You will think, darkly, it the route, pedophiles - that they hang around the cities...

I Quote

:“ So-called scissors in compensation of teachers in different regions are very big, - the director of the Moscow center of education explained “Tsaritsyno“, the member of Civic chamber Efim Rachevsky. - The highest salaries in Moscow and in Tyumen. But there are regions where pay teachers a little“. Yes, and such regions of 85 of 87, excepting Moscow, well and, time is so loudly declared, Tyumen. I am silent about native agricultural subsidized Altai Krai in which the school concerns nobody at all... Here, whether you understand, farmers cannot give the credits - became impudent... Do not want grown up to sell for kopeks - either shame, or conscience... And teachers - that... Worked, we know. By the way, this year that school at which I taught was closed too. The motivation - children is not enough... Well, we will wait few years when “the boom of birth rate“ goes to school... Only from where to take this school then? To try to take away the building back from the House of creativity which is placed there? Generally, both with kindergartens stepped on a rake, and with schools we continue to come.

A in the press the member of the commission concerning intellectual potential of the nation of Civic chamber Lyubov Dukhanina here comments on a situation:“ We conducted research and found out that the average salary of teachers corresponds to an average market salary in economy. In many regions systems of extra charges are provided, the differentiated compensation is entered. In a number of areas the salary depends on qualification of teachers“.

did not understand

Ya of one: where - where they conducted research?! Perhaps, the researcher to pass obligatory 2 - 3 summer service in ordinary school teachers of the second category (excellent students of higher education institutions with diplomas with honors come to work with this category, the rest needs to work not less than a year and to protect this category).

As teachers get out of life situations - clear. Take in one and a half - two times more hours of loading, than it is necessary. Quality of education and health of the person, respectively, suffers from it. As far as I remember, at me, just the young teacher 2 categories, there were 26 hours a week when the rate makes 18 hours. Nerves - a great lot, fatigue mad. Plus one - half a day of the house that plays great value if you have children of school age: you will be able always to track, feed, meet them from school. On volume of a gratefulness of a profession come to an end, though this gratefulness can avoid you if you have hours in both changes.

By the way, the pedagogics in Russia became a women stuff long ago. Sincere “thanks“ and bow in a belt to times of the USSR which defined pedagogics and medicine as specialties especially female... The woman has to learn and bring up supposedly. And now present a situation (besides from own practice): a class of 27 people, at 25 (!) from them - incomplete families. And all 25 children have no father, and here mother is available. This mother plows, I`m sorry, day by day as the ox that at the child “the bottom was covered“ and is stout a stomach. Naturally, at the average Russian after she tried to earn on payment of a communal flat, journey for work, food, clothes and at least a chup - chups to the child, forces remains only on crawling to a bed. The man`s attention in a family is not available who grows? From the girl - that will turn out a lot of things, and here the boy gets used to see that he works - the woman, serves him - the woman, teaches it - the woman... And where male role? What role in society is played by the man if everywhere do without it? What grows from it? It is terrible even to think of it.


from where to undertake to quality of education when walk over the teacher and to others advise to do the same?