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If you already have a child of

Expectation of the second or third child will seriously affect a situation in your family. But for the second time you are already more prepared and know what it is necessary to wait from pregnancy, childbirth and the postnatal period for.

the Age difference which you plan between the children, - business especially individual. If you decide to give birth to the following child in 2 - 3 after previous, it will help you to be restored physically after pregnancy and childbirth. If you plan one child behind another at once, it can conceal various difficulties if only you are not surrounded by a great number of assistants. However, years of sleepless nights will end in this case quicker. There are no proofs to the fact that the children who were born at once one after another have to have more than the general, than those whose age difference makes, for example, 5 years. Though they can begin to play with each other earlier and to have common interests and friends.

How to prepare child(children) for birth of one more child

How to cope with jealousy

When the newborn already at home, your senior child can feel aside and begin to be jealous from - for the fact that mother pays bigger attention to the kid. Can tell aggressive mood of the child, a hysterics or deliberately “children`s“ behavior about it: he can think that if he behaves as small, you will give it as much attention, as well as to the kid. Perhaps, your child needs some time to accept and fall in love with the brother or the sister. It is normal, but you can facilitate this process.

do not ignore feeling of the senior child and do not tolerate them. Talk to it about what he feels, and try to understand it.

Allocate to

some time every day to carry out it only with the senior child, for example, after feeding of the kid and during his dream. Try to give to the senior as much as possible caress - it once again will prove that you love it at all not less, than the kid. Listen to the senior child - it will help it not to feel rejected.

Try not to say

to the senior child that you have on it no time because you are too busy by the newborn.


to the child as it is necessary to touch gently the kid and if it already rather big then and how to hold it on hands. So your senior child will feel the contribution to the events. Encourage desire of the child to sing songs to the kid, to play with his legs and handles, to consider his toys.

Try not to promise

to the child that the little brother or the sister will become his friends on games. He can feel disappointment as newborns are able little before half a year.

Ask your child that it helped to change clothes of the kid, to expiate it.

in process of a growing both try not to compare one to another. At children the inferiority complex or, on the contrary, sense of superiority can develop.

do not leave to

your child and the newborn alone, especially if you already faced manifestation of children`s jealousy.

How to cope with pregnancy if you have to look after children

By the end of term try to have a rest and put legs on a height more often.


to your child(children) that you cannot play with them outdoor games as before. Try to occupy them with silent games which you can watch sitting (for example, drawing or game in the designer).

If your child is still absolutely small

, try to do breaks on a dream together with it.


the day so that morning left on household chores, purchases and economy, and try to arrange yourself “quiet time“ after a lunch.

If your child already big, you can drive it in kindergarten or a day nursery for some time in the mornings. It will allow you to have a rest a little. Or ask someone from friends or relatives to sit with the child from time to time.

Combining roles

If you have two children or more, your role as parent has to change. First you just look after children, but gradually you have to become for them the main organizer, the judge and the diplomat. Perhaps, it will be easier for you to operate your “team“ if you establish certain rules of conduct, the mode etc. Children need organized space: so it is easier for them to acquire what you expect from them. A certain mode will facilitate life to all family.

Try to find

occupations which you can be engaged in all family: arrange picnic, go together to park where the senior children will be able to play, parents to have a rest, and kids to sleep in the fresh air. And the most important, do not lose sense of humour!