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“Square“ of Bulgaria is cheaper than

Situated near Moscow “Chicken not a bird, Bulgaria not the abroad“, - joked in Soviet period. But, as they say, “in each joke there is a joke share“. And it is valid if to look at this remarkable country from the point of view of the prices, in particular at rest and real estate, then here, unvarnished, Bulgaria becomes much closer and more available us than Moscow area. Only two hours by plane and the “native“ Black Sea, hundreds of kilometers of pure sandy beaches, the low prices, good service are ready to please your soul and a purse.

Experts note

, the average price of new buildings of the sea grew almost twice lately, but the cost of the Bulgarian real estate still remains to one of the lowest in Europe. Real estate in Bulgaria the cheapest among the countries with sea resorts and the developed tourist infrastructure.

you Judge

, the prices originate from 850 euros here for “square“ (in the Moscow region such prices emerge unless only in memoirs). As a rule, such housing estates settle down from 400 - 2000 m from the sea or elevators to mountains and possess standard quality of finishing.

the Cost of square meter in the apartments close to the sea, in complexes with the pool, a garden, the parking protected by the territory makes about 1500 euros. There are also elite, exclusive options, with excellent finishing and furniture, on 1 - oh lines. The cost of square meter in such complexes from 1,7 to 3 thousand euros, and in certain cases reaches also 4 thousand euros.

So if to trust figures in the booklet of the Bulgarian developer company Stratos Ltd, the country house in the elite Golden hills complex located on the Black Sea coast of 150 sq.m will cost 150 000 euros, and apartments of the highest class - 70 000 euros. And to plunge into life of the European bohemia if to judge by data in the same booklet, it is possible for 120 000 euros, having bought for this sum apartments in an elite housing estate in small the town of Kavarna - the traditional favourite vacation spot of artists, writers and scientists from many European countries.

the Greatest popularity among foreign investors, certainly, the coast - resorts the Solar coast, Zlatni of a pyasjtsa, Varna and Bourgas enjoys

. However in view of the small territory of the country, there is a probability of strong oversaturation of these areas. Now interests on the Black Sea coast are directed to its northern part (Krapets, Durankulak, Albena). In this area a large number huge, still undeveloped beaches is concentrated that positively influences purity of sea water. At the same time land values in this area begin with 10 euros/sq.m

investors is attracted also by the southern part of the coast (Lozenets, Sinemorets, Varvara, Rezovo). The main advantages of this area are the ecology, warmer and soft climate, proximity to mountains Strandzha which also attracts to this region of fans of hunting. The prices of the land plots make from 20 to 50 euros/sq.m

If to speak about mountains, ski resorts in the southern part of Bulgaria - in mountains Rodopi and Rila Planina are in the greatest demand. The resorts of Pamporovo and Borovets have fine tourist infrastructure according to all European standards. The city of Bansko for 2 years became one of the most known winter resorts. The prices here strongly approach the European. From 100 euros/sq.m for the land plot, from 400 euros for sq.m of secondary housing, from 1200 euros for sq.m of new construction.


observes a tendency of movement of interest of investors from the main resorts on the coast or mountains to more secluded, still to undeveloped places of Bulgaria Recently.

Should mention

that more and stronger the attention of foreign investors is focused on areas with mineral sources. In Bulgaria 800 min. sources, the majority of which still undeveloped and undeveloped. The prices in these areas still low unlike areas with the issued infrastructure. In Pavel Ban, Shipkovo, Ban, Dobrinishche, Kostenets, Hisar, Sandanski, Devin and many other places of the price of the land plots begin with 20 euros/sq.m

Besides, recently rapid development of territories in regions of the Central Balkans (mountain Stara Planina), Rhodope, Rila Planina, Strandzha, etc. and for this reason real estate cost here too grows began. Small towns in mountains are very attractive for true judges of silence, tranquility, clean air and healthy lifestyle. Analysts predict that shortly the third boom of foreign investments exactly here will concentrate.


that the real estate of Bulgaria will rise in price further, sure most of analysts. It is connected with active development of economy of Bulgaria and with integration into the European Union, it should be added inclusion of Bulgaria to a zone of Schengen and transition to euro here. In general in the next five years the planned growth tendency at least on 10 - 15% per annum will remain, experts claim.