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Where teach preschool children?

passed Long ago those times when the first time the child went to study to the first class. Now without preliminary preparation it is not accepted to be admitted to school somehow. And requirements to arriving changed. There are places where in general without ability to read and count up fluently to hundred and there is nothing to come. But even in order that it is simply good to feel and to study easily at usual school, the child needs to master a number of skills. Just to help with it to preschool children and their parents, there are courses of preparation for elementary school.

Be ready


When your offspring already that is called entered age, that is passed through 5 - a summer boundary, it is a high time to attend to its “combat readiness“ to school. Even if he by this moment visits different circles and sections, sings, draws, composes verses and in general makes impression of the young genius, you should not be under a delusion nevertheless. To school at the same time it can appear is not ready, be it one thousand times a child prodigy. Irrespective of the abilities put by the nature to study at school, the child has to reach a certain level of a maturity: intellectual, emotional and social.

the Intellectual maturity is shown by

in ability to concentrate attention, ability to logically remember, reproduce a sample, to allocate a figure from a background, to establish connection between the phenomena and events. A certain level of development of thin movements of a hand and their coordination is also very important.

can be spoken to

About an emotional maturity when impulsive reactions to which any behavior succeeds weaken, including ability for a long time to perform not especially attractive work.

the Social maturity is an ability to accept a role of the pupil and ability to listen and obey the teacher, and also need for communication with peers and ability to submit to laws of children`s group. All this together represents a level of development 6 - 7 - the summer child, necessary for the successful beginning of training at school. Children of earlier age, as a rule, do not conform to these requirements yet. Therefore you should not hurry to send the kid to whom 6,5 years were not executed yet to school. He is as if talented was, it is better to bridle parental vanity and to allow the child grow up. Otherwise it is possible to do it “a disservice“. What is valid in parental forces - so it to help the little person to be prepared for school in the best way. On our happiness, the choice of options of preschool training in the city of Moscow it is quite wide, and parents of kids need only to pick up the most suitable for themselves and the child.

Cheap but good

the easiest and inexpensive way - to send to

the child to the state kindergarten, nearest to the house. Very many parents quite so also do, considering that the usual kindergarten with big groups as well as possible accustoms the kid to life in children`s collective. There is nothing to object to it - training comes out, really, worthy. But here as for training, it is already more difficult here. The child, of course, will learn elementary things. But the program of kindergarten occupations, as well as professionalism of local teachers, are calculated on preparation for the same ordinary regional school where and without any preparation are obliged to take. For receipt in school “difficult“ it it can appear more than insufficiently.


House training

Other extreme - parents consider themselves and the child is “higher“ even than private kindergarten and charge the child to cares of the governess. Of course, let better the child is taught by the governess, than laymans - relatives, but also it is good only till a certain moment. After five years the circle of “brothers on reason“ is already necessary for the preschool child, and at this age training takes place in group of peers more effectively - it is desirable small, then also the individual approach to each pupil will be possible.


At many gymnasiums now the pro-gymnasiums giving the preschool education which is smoothly flowing in elementary school exist. If you were already defined in the choice of a concrete gymnasium, best option, than probably not to find such continuous training. However record in a pro-gymnasium begins usually with 4 - summer age so here the main thing - not to pass the necessary moment.

Courses of preparation for school

the Most reliable way to help the child to be prepared for the first class - to write down it on special courses. Their program usually includes development of small motility, training in skills of reading, the letter and account, and also music, rhythmics and drawing. Classes for “podgotovishka“ are given not only at schools and kindergartens, but also in various training centers and children`s clubs. The last are good the fact that they create optimum comfortable conditions for training more often - it is small groups of children and the situation which is brought closer to house. Similar educational institutions can be found in any part of the city now. But each of them has features.

So, for example, training courses in the Optimus - Lingva center in the north of the capital in addition to the main program offer

training in English bases, training of memory and development of logical thinking. The attention and to “education of feelings“ is paid. At the children who ended these courses the lexicon increases, the attention develops, and memory improves by 2 - 3 times. Are carried out here and conversations with parents and if it is necessary - joint occupations. In the center the logopedist, the psychologist and the speech pathologist work.

the Children`s club Kids` Estate located in the protected territory in the center of Moscow offers

the program of complex development of children through foreign languages. Training is provided according to the author`s program which cornerstone is systemically - the figurative CATFISH method. In club both the Russian, and foreign teachers of high level work. Girls since four years can be trained according to the special program “Little Lady“.

the Known parental school “Dragotsennost“ (in East side of the city) realizes several programs of preparation for school at once. One of them follows N. A. Zaytsev`s technique combining training with formation of informative activity. Your child not only will seize reading and the letter, but also will fall in love to study. Besides training in the best techniques in the kid will help to develop memory, attention, assiduity and self-checking.


On North - the West of Moscow the center of preschool development and education at Prioritet private school works. Here classes are given in preparation for school with a support on techniques Zaytseva, Montessori, Peterson, and also with use of the developing intellectual games. In the center there is also a studio of painting and English language courses, and consultations of the children`s psychologist and the logopedist are in addition offered.

In Hugo - the Western district the children`s center “Syoma“ opened recently. Here give the developing classes among Montessori for children from 1,5 to 6 years. For the most senior kids there is a course of training to Future First Grader school and “Give a special course of additional training in reading-!“ . Also children have an opportunity to study English, the fine arts, music, fitness and chess in “Syom“. One of sights of the children`s center “Syoma“ - the cozy game room where the child can spend time out of occupations. Mother at the same time can not pine waiting, and is quiet go on affairs, having entrusted the treasure to cares of benevolent staff of the center.

How preschool education was important

, the sincere and physical state is even more important than it for success of future first grader. Therefore before school it is worth checking surely health of the kid, and also to visit with it the psychologist. If problems are found, it is good to try to solve (or at least to begin to solve) them till September 1. Track biorhythms of the son or daughter. Unfortunately, the school mode is designed only for so-called “larks“. If it happened that your child was “owl“, it is necessary to be engaged in the summer in gradual “time conversion“ to avoid a cruel stress for a children`s organism. It will already be hard for little man to adapt to unusual loadings, even when he is full of enthusiasm concerning the new role. Therefore and after the beginning of academic year it will need your help and support. Do not leave it alone with school problems. If he feels your love and belief in its forces, then together you will overcome any difficulties.