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My first pregnancy and childbirth. Part 2

the Beginning

On the Third of September I went from school where did practical training, of consultation and complained to institute to little girls that the stomach begins to pull somehow strange down. After consultation I came to rewrite to the girlfriend abstracts which I passed while lay in OPB. Then through all city I went on foot to mother, she had to take away my documents and the reference in maternity hospital. Then I went for inclusion in a maternity welfare unit, handed over an extract, to me appointed to come to reception 12 and wrote down on KTG for September 6. During the day the stomach sometimes strained and hurt, but I about it quickly forgot. At home made a dinner, washed the floors, met the husband from work, caressed him (it is necessary to tell that during all pregnancy I did not refuse sex - in books wrote about its beneficial effect, and in a maternity welfare unit at all never talked about it). In 23 - 00 we went to bed.

always for some reason knew

Ya that fights at me will begin at night, but did not know how and when it will be. Therefore in advance was afraid not to sleep and be tired at the time of delivery. In 1 - 00 night I woke up from an orgasm which smoothly passed into some painful feeling. I descended in a toilet, pain passed. I tried to fall asleep, but in 1 - 25 stomach ached again. I began to suspect fights and noted time. In 25 minutes fight repeated. I tried to wake Andrey:“ It seems, I began fights“. He lowed something in reply, turned away and continued to sleep. Pain passed long ago, and I began to doubt, began to suspect false contractions and again tried to fall asleep. But the stomach ached again, and I began to doubt again. I got up, checked the packages collected in maternity hospital made sure that I all on the place, dragged up them to a door, took off earrings and rings, collected documents. When the stomach ached again, I decided nevertheless that too it is time for husband to rise. He long could not understand what I want from it, but when understood, goggled and began to fuss. And I with amazing tranquility began to wash, have a shave, put on. Andrey instantly put on and did not know what to do farther.

We decided to reach mother, she lived in the neighboring residential district, and the brother had a car. We then had no phone, it seemed to awake neighbors inconveniently. On the street it was warm, dry and windless. On the road strongly took a stomach, it was necessary to stop and, hanging on the husband, to suffer. But pain was quite tolerant, to me it was joyful and unusual. The brother too long could not understand why he was woken in the middle of the night. Fights continued through some unclear periods, somehow irregularly, but is quite frequent, mother was even surprised. The brother with the husband brought me to maternity hospital, on the road bought a chocolate (on courses of preparation for childbirth said to us that it is required during fights), to which then to me, by the way, and business was not.

So I got to maternity hospital in 4 - 00, only beginning to realize that it is, probably, really fights, but the stomach not just aches a bit. In maternity hospital I was met by the same personnel that made out me in OPB. The midwife asked whether it is painful to me, I told that yes, on what she laughed and told that it is not sick yet. It seemed to them that I insufficiently well shaved, and they carried out once again this not especially pleasant procedure, then I was given an enema, sent to a toilet. It seemed to me that here it is necessary to stay still, but I was hurried. Then sent to a shower which I too long did not want to leave - there it was easier. After that I was given out faded, but the clean shirt was taken away on the fifth floor to the delivery room No. 1.

Me very tender midwife and the angry doctor got to

. While I behaved well, the midwife called me “Sun“ and “Olechka“, and the doctor was nervous and sleepy, but probably she everything did thanks to her correctly. The doctor looked at me on a chair, punctured a bubble. I did not see this “terrible“ as tell, the tool, and felt nothing, only warm water ran. The neck of a uterus opened already on 5 fingers, and I was sent to the delivery room.

Me it was boring for

one and very much as it seemed, painfully. At first it seemed to me that me will pull out now, but then the emetic desire passed, only saliva accumulated much. From a corridor terrible groans, okh and shouts reached. This night we were given birth by much. I went for a walk along a corridor to distract from pain - neither to sit, nor I could lie. The doctor passing along a corridor shamed me that I go in such ugly view and with the lifted-up hem that it is necessary to return to itself in rodzat, but to me was all the same - too painfully to pay attention to her. The nurse washed the floors, and I watched her. I wanted though somehow to distract, take away from it a bucket and to wash most. Of course, I overcame this desire. Suddenly I felt that all - to me after an enema allowed to sit a little on a toilet bowl and jerked in other end of a corridor, in a toilet. Hardly was in time. I hardly found forces to be washed away and change laying. It was already very sick, there was a wish to cry, but I kept rather all - cried without tears, writhed and lamented:“ Oh, mother, oh, mummy why it is so sick! And why you gave birth to me the woman?“ . Earlier at me always were very painful monthly when they began, I behaved in the same way so such pain was familiar to me.

the midwife Came and told that there is nothing to harm so the child, to it from it it is only worse, it is necessary to suffer from pain with pleasure. The pain is more severe, the neck revealed more widely, the childbirth will begin quicker, told that I did not think that there are no times them here, they hear nothing, it is important to breathe correctly, and then everything will pass easier both for me, and for the child. It became a shame to me, the midwife taught me to breathe correctly (in ZhK we were taught absolutely in a different way), and it became a little easier to suffer fights.

everything asked

Ya when I give rise. At first she said that to hours to ten, then - to nine that disclosure good, it is only possible to envy, it is only important not to do much harm to the child now. To me made KTG. Indications were bad, and delivered me a prick - “for the baby“.


of Fight even more often, the stomach almost constantly hurt. When the midwife watched me once again, I told: “I cannot more“. She began to abuse me, told that the woman at the time of delivery can do everything, and I have to manage too. And I remembered it. During fight talked to the daughter, asked it to suffer, I know that for the child it is a big stress too, calmed her, adjusted on the best. When fight began, I grabbed the handle of a door or a jamb behind a door, nestled a cheek on a cold tile and breathed very much. The doctor saw me at such moment and cried:“ You what so breathe? Your head will ache, you will burst now. Come in rodzat and do not leave in a corridor“. But there to me it was worse. I asked the midwife not to throw me, but she told that at it there is a lot of us. I understood it, but one it was so bad.

I managed to examine

Between fights rodzat, to think of practice which I did not manage to finish. And about Andrey, about what he there now does - sleeps or worries about me. I very much wanted to look in a window. Began to dawn, but windows were covered with something, probably, specially. I examined the street through a window in a toilet, watched the passing cars... Weather was warm, night soft, cozy, and in the sky absolutely full moon shone.

Ya returned in rodzat. I began attempts, to me it became terrible. I called midwifes, to me shouted:“ Now we will look“. But long still nobody went. I laid down on a couch and for some reason very strongly cried. Right there the midwife came running and ordered to lay down to me on a chair. And here I understood what more sick will not be any more that I was adjusted on awful, intolerable pain and I wait for it, and already almost everything came to an end. Pain even decreased, just there was a wish to make an effort. I told that I want to make an effort and asked whether it is possible? The midwife told what is possible, and itself turned at a sink. It surprised me, there was a wish that someone was near, suddenly I will give rise? The doctor approached, they began “to direct my childbirth“, shouted: “Tuzhsya!“ Or rather, spoke: “Crap, crap give“. They so were fond of process that they called me by other name. The doctor listened to heartbeat of the child all the time and pressed to me a stomach during fight. Pains were not any more, there was a wish to give rise quicker. The doctor shouted: “Do not raise a bum! You incorrectly make an effort!“ I speak to it: “Explain how it is correct, and I will be“. And it:“ It cannot be explained. It is the nature. You have to feel!“

From where - that appeared to many people, all began something to shout, help me to make an effort. All process borrowed minutes 15, but I remember it as in fog. The midwife was dissatisfied with my crotch and disappointedly wound the head. And here the child began to cry. Absolutely not for long, but it was so unexpected for some reason. At this moment the stomach at me sharply fell, even it seemed to me that with some loud sound. Before asked me for whom I wait. I told that the girl. When the baby was born, at it was double obvity umbilical cords around a neck, all started unwinding. And when I asked them: “Girl?“ They told: “Yes wait you, we not look at that place!“ And then looked and speak:“ Girl“.


Ya at my native lump and felt indescribable happiness, it was all red, red-haired, such wrinkled and tolstenky... I observed how it was washed, weighed, measured, and did not even feel how the afterbirth was born.

A me began to be sewn up then. Imposed without anesthesia of 4 tiny seams, this was sick. I shouted quite loudly, but is short-term - on each stitch. The midwife was tired and speaks: “Olga, I home want, my change comes to an end. If you want, then give fights return?“ I laughed: “You will not return. And in general all women speak for some reason that in the rodzal you think that all men - swine, and any more never here I will come“. She smiled: “What, still you will come?“ I answered: “Surely!“

for some reason did not feel

Ya tired and sleepy at all. This day in 6 - 55 I had a small Sun, my daughter, weighing 3850 and 56 cm in height - the bogatyrsha which is given rise in a year of the Snake under the sign of the Maiden in a full moon, on Tuesday.

it was swaddled and put to me on a breast. Already it is light. The daughter actively began to suck at once. I lay, kissed it and examined, trying to remember (the day before I terribly was afraid of any stories with substitution of children). What happiness you test at this moment, can understand only mother. As though there was no this pain, this sleepless night. Everything at once left, somewhere was dissolved.

So we lay two hours. The personnel already exchanged, at me everything became numb and it seemed that the basin under me was to the brim filled with blood. Then for us came - took away me in chamber and told two more hours not to rise. But the daughter was brought in half an hour, I looked at her, admired and could not just lie. I joked, laughed, felt inflow of forces, there were no wish to sleep at all, despite sleepless night. In 10 - 00 I called the brother, he only woke up and did not even believe that I already gave rise.

the Daughter overslept

all day, I all admired it, dreamed, and in 21 - 00 fell asleep so that I was woken by neigbours in chamber - I did not hear that the baby woke up and required attention. And it proceeded all night long, I swung it on hands several hours in a row not to wake the others.

for the second day all courage at me passed

. All muscles hurt, to go on - small in a toilet it was sick, on - big - it is terrible. Seams hurt, there was many blood, hemorrhoids developed. Little girls laughed that right after childbirth I looked much better.

But the daughter pleased. We quickly developed, very first peed the pants, before all we had meconium, then a transitional and usual chair. I before all had milk, I generously distributed it to persons in need - decanted in a small bottle and gave to medical staff. However, at night we did not sleep, but the pediatrician told that it is normal - the child just adapts to new life therefore he is uneasy.

Wrote out us for the fifth day with the small alfalfa butterfly who passed soon enough.

could be told

for a long time how we fought against night whims as we were accustomed to go on at once - small to a basin as quickly grew and developed, managed together to graduate the 5th internal office, to pass state practice and to gain the diploma with honors, remaining on breastfeeding till one and a half years...

But now I think only that my Polinochka will become a first grader soon, and, being on 38 - y to week of pregnancy, I dream to see it on September 1 with a bouquet of flowers on a threshold of school, and then with quiet soul to go to maternity hospital for the long-awaited brother not earlier than its seventh birthday. But it will be already another story altogether.