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My first pregnancy and childbirth. Part 1

Early in the morning on January 13, 2001 I decided to carry out the test for pregnancy bought one day earlier. I had no suspicions, just on January 16 I had to go according to the permit to Pyatigorsk, and there was already a delay 4 days. I had to make sure that “they“ will soon begin that during a trip (and to go 4 days by the train) any more not to twitch. The test was for me habitual, I carried out it time 5 - 7 during delays before, and now without hurrying waited for emergence of a strip, combining this business with washing something. I darted a glance at the test and saw a strip, already wanted to turn away and continue the business, but suddenly saw that hardly also the second considerably appeared. I stopped, looked narrowly, and at me goosebumps ran. I jumped out of a bathroom and ran on kitchen.

my husband Andrey sat at a table and wrote something - it began session. The shivering hands I showed it the test:“ The hare, I, apparently, am pregnant“. He came off for a second literary trash, told something it seems “very well“ and began to write further. “And all this?!“ - I asked. He came off again and told:“ I am very glad“. Then rose, approached me and embraced. At me in the head all thoughts mixed up, I was glad, excited and alarmed at the same time. We thought of the child long ago, but I studied internally on 4 - m a course of institute, and in 3 days the distant trip was coming me. What to do?

We gathered and decided to notify relatives. At first came to my mother, to her whereas time there came the grandmother, and then went to Andrey`s parents. All, of course, were glad and also as they I, were anxious concerning the forthcoming trip. But tickets were bought, the permit is paid, things are almost packed, and in general - I deserved this permit, I with it was awarded at institute for excellent study, and I decided to go.

So we for the first time learned that we soon will become parents. To make sure, I bought one more test, and it also confirmed pregnancy. And everything was not trusted me...

Nine months flew by much quicker, than I expected. First I wanted to please the whole world, but at the same time I felt some embarrassment, some sense of guilt - I did not know that I am pregnant, and behind there was a New year, I hard had with loss of a voice, there was a nervous early delivery of session, alcohol and somehow even cigarettes. This fear tormented me all pregnancy. Besides for the first three months I the whole three times was ill with high temperature that very much and very dangerously...

Ya safely went to Pyatigorsk. Well there it ate, observed by doctors and conducted “cultural life“. It was gathered impressions and believed that they are transferred also to my child. I climbed mountains, went to theater, to concerts of a piano and organ music, to various actions, to a dolphinarium, in the evenings - to cafe and bars, in the afternoon - on shops and to the markets, was on Honey falls, in Kislovodsk. I felt big inflow of energy and believed that this feeling is given also to my child. Said to us that the view of mountains promotes release of “happiness hormone“ at the person. And I with all the heart infinitely emitted this hormone and shared it with the child.

In the same place, in sanatorium, doctors for the first time confirmed my pregnancy. First even told that the uterus is quite increased, and, perhaps, I have twins especially as there is a genetic predisposition. But on ultrasonography I was told that a fruit one, 7 - 8 weeks. Then it became clear that I have a milkwoman. During pregnancy this diagnosis to me was made by three times. They say that it is a typical illness of pregnant women.

the Trip I was with

satisfied. I believed that during pregnancy the child sees everything, hears and feels. Later “we“ did practical training at school (three times!) went to a disco, to birthdays, drove in holiday the car, “we“ with all the heart walked and breathed fresh air, swam in all lakes of the city, in pools, “we“ went down in the Kungur ice cave and admired it together, we rode roundabouts and attractions. Where I was whatever saw, heard, we did it together.

Pregnancy washing

passed quite easily and naturally. Did not pull me on any special types of products unless on milk (probably, there was not enough calcium). Toxicosis did not come, but heartburn even tortured at night. Therefore I was not surprised when I gave birth to the “hairy“ child - braids could be braided. During pregnancy I gained more than 15 kg. Doctors swore, put me on a diet, frightened. I cried, but, reading different books (I bought them much at once), knew that for me it is normal. It is surprising how the organism accumulated nutrients, I ate as before, can even slightly worse. After the delivery I dumped 10 kg at once, then it is gradually a little more, but to 55 kg more did not return any more.

For all pregnancy me for some reason was never sent to “narrow“ experts, only to the stomatologist and the therapist. But some tests had to be made constantly. So at me revealed anemia of easy degree which was tried to be treated all pregnancy.

me delivered to

In 13 weeks on ultrasonography such term as if I became pregnant one week prior to the last monthly. It was similar to the truth because generally we were protected, calculating safe days. And on the term of childbirth (38 weeks) it was possible to assume the same.

the First stir I felt

on April 17. The day before we with Andrey very strongly swore, I had a hysterics, and the stomach strongly hurt then. I terribly was afraid for the child and was ready to kill the husband. . And next day the baby began to move. It was, of course, a miracle, magnificent feeling, but I somehow quietly treated it as long ago waited. After that it moved every day and very strongly, was very mobile, active, and it only pleased me. And then the term counted on the first stir coincided with day of childbirth to the day.

In 24 weeks I was told that we will have a girl. Earlier I always wanted the boy, but also very much was delighted to it, and the husband was glad. Revealed obvity umbilical cords around a neck a bit later, but told that you should not worry.

By the end of pregnancy bad, me put in office of pathology of pregnant women one week prior to childbirth (it was supposed what in three weeks), from there, fortunately, quickly let out me, but at sorts KTG was bad again. Thanks to these several days I got acquainted with maternity hospital, its orders (OPB was on the 4th floor), made friends with pregnant women, saw not one of them with the beginning fights, observed how little girls leave our floor on the fifth with things, and then already with addition - on the third or second.

All pregnancy I felt comfortable - cared for me, I was helped, did not allow to lift heavy and almost always protected me from stresses. The tummy at me became visible very much early as earlier it was in general involved. Of course, spots developed, by the end of pregnancy varicosity on genitalia which very much frightened me (standing nothing of that kind was) was found, and still almost all pregnancy I was disturbed by a goggle navel (it seems as umbilical hernia) which sometimes ached a bit, but after the delivery quickly everything returned to normal.