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Application by straw

B decoratively - applied art of many people of the world the products decorated with patterns which are made of pieces of a straw tape meet. The oldest of the products decorated with application by straws and stored in the museums, belong to 18 - the beginning is 19 centuries old.


the aspiration of villagers of Belorusi to decorate the life with decorative products became active to be shown At this time. Rural masters, being guided by products of professional art, created the works from available materials, thinking out own technologies.

the origin application art by straws conducts

from an intarsia (a type of incrustation of furniture) and a mosaic. These technicians were applied to decoration of expensive furniture and other objects by pieces of valuable breeds of a tree, a bone, nacre, metal. National masters replaced inaccessible rare materials with not less beautiful, but cheap and available straws. The thin straw tape which almost was not giving the thickness is rather accurate to be pasted on a surface to gain desirable effect of the elegant shining decor. So there was an application by straws.

application by straws was applied by

at the time of the emergence and development to decoration of two childbirth of products: from a tree - furniture, small wooden household things and from fabric - wall carpets. Different quality and the sizes of the decorated surfaces (in one case - a firm tree and a small surface, in the second - soft fabric and the considerable sizes of a carpet) led to formation of two directions in application by straws: applications by geometrical elements and applications by curvilinear elements. Smooth lines and outlines of curvilinear compositions are very unlike crystal scatterings of ornamental geometrical. Also technologies of their production are not similar. To receive big elements of curvilinear compositions (petals of flowers, leaves), straw tapes pasted one to another on paper. Then cut out elements of necessary forms and the sizes from the received layers. Geometrical elements for the compositions which are carried out in technology of geometrical application cut from a straw tape at once. Its small width and direct fibers did not allow to receive any other forms and the sizes.

In technology of curvilinear application by straws were made by big wall carpets on which symmetrically placed images of pigeons, deer, bouquets which framed with garlands from escapes of plants, leaves, buds and flowers. Decorated with the stylized vegetable patterns and ornaments from geometrical elements wooden trunks, frames, Easter eggs, children`s toys.

National masters to give to the products elegance have more and conviviality, used the straws tinted in bright colors. The wooden surfaces decorated with application varnished for increase in color contrast between a pattern from straws and a dark background, and also for fixing of straws on a surface.

the various household wooden products Decorated with application met on Belarus in the middle of the 20th century, however, gradually this art form in the national environment fell into decay.

the Renaissance of craft and its development began

at Zhlobinsky factory of the incrustation opened in 1961. The local skilled worker V. Dekhtyarenko and her husband M. Dekhtyarenko were an initiator of the organization of trade. Traditions of folk art of geometrical application of the master took as a basis of the products. They developed technology of coloring and gluing of straws, thought up samples of products, mainly trunks of various forms. In 1960 - 70 - e years trade began to develop especially intensively. After factory in Zhlobin the shop on release of the products decorated with geometrical application at the Brest factory of art products opened. The Belarusian straws gained wide fame not only in the republic. In trade gifted artists came to work. Many new receptions were brought in traditional art by V. Basalyga, T. Alekseeva, V. Kotov and many other masters and artists.

the Wall carpets decorated with curvilinear application met in interiors of rural houses in 1970 - e years. Now they can be seen only at exhibitions of folk art and in the museums. Decorative panels became continuation of tradition of production of the wall carpets decorated with application from straws. On them are laid out by skillful hands of modern masters and artists from composition straws in the form of magnificent bouquets of flowers, animals, birds. Unsurpassed masters for many years in this look it is decorative - applied art of Belarus there are L. Valeeva, L. Malakhova, R. Ramanenya, V. Pavlova.

Modern application by straws is enriched with new subjects and technicians. Are popular among modern masters and artists of a subject of decorative panels with architectural monuments to Belarus. Various subject compositions on subjects of national holidays, fairy tales, beliefs are developed. The search of new composite decisions which is coordinated with views of the modern person, his outlook distinguishes works of modern masters and artists from works of national masters. In the works authors look for new decorative receptions, combining a straw tape with volume weaving from straws, with glass, textiles, ceramics.