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The freedom of choice of situation

Appears, besides classical, there are some more provisions in which future mother can bring the kid into world. Having considered the offered options, each of which has the pluses and minuses, you can choose what will seem to you the most convenient.

On all fours

What does it look like? Future mother is on all fours, leaning on the bent hands and knees.

Pluses. This position is considered the most physiologic, that is developed during evolution of mammals, including the person. Interaction of gravity of the kid and labor pains do his advance by more effective.

the center of gravity can be moved with

In intervals between fights and attempts from palms on hands. In situation on all fours it is easier for woman to breathe, her waist is tired less. Leaning on hands and on legs at once, it is easier for future mother to operate attempts, she well sees results of the work, the kid is born directly at her in the eyes.

It is considered p that in such situation it is less traumatic to give birth to large children.

Minuses. to the Doctor and the midwife it is more difficult to b to help the woman at the time of delivery. Besides, this situation demands the special equipment (a bed and a table) which it can not appear in the maternity hospital chosen by you.

On cards

What does it look like? From the beginning of childbirth, to be exact, during fights and attempts, future mother squats, leaning on feet.

Pluses. the Uterus and a fruit are well supplied with oxygen. Future mother makes an effort, helping herself muscles of a back and a humeral belt. Under weight of own body the kid moves ahead on patrimonial ways quicker.

the table of the delivery room is adapted by

In many maternity hospitals for childbirth on knees or on cards.

Minuses. the Back and legs of future mother are tired quicker, from time to time it has a need to rise for warm-up or to lay down sideways. It is more difficult to doctor and midwife to help the woman, besides, assistance from a back demands special skills, and not in each maternity hospital there are such experts.

On one side
of If you decided to choose by

one of alternative classical provisions, you surely need preparation. Come into the maternity hospital chosen by you and talk to experts.

What does it look like?
One leg of the woman is bent by

in a knee, and another usually rests against a crossbeam of a maternity table.

Pluses. the weight the kid does not squeeze large vessels of an abdominal cavity (it can occur if mother long lies only on a back).

Minuses. If future mother has problems with a backbone (for example, scoliosis or a trauma of a tailbone), it is better for it to choose other situation. Discuss the preferences with the traumatologist or the orthopedist before time to give birth comes.

On a back

What does it look like? the Woman lies on a back, having parted legs and having bent them in knees. Hands it holds hand-rail of a maternity table.

Pluses. This situation is considered classical, accepted in all maternity hospitals. It is the most convenient for mother and medical personnel which watch how there is childbirth. The woman can find in this situation for herself many advantages. For example, during fights and attempts of a leg it is possible to put on special supports or to press to itself, having bent in knees, and hands to hold table hand-rail, as if pulling reins.

Minuses. the Large kid can squeeze blood vessels of an abdominal cavity, from - for what blood circulation is broken, oxygen circulation decreases, the woman is tired quicker, begins to yawn, heartbeat becomes frequent. In such cases between fights and attempts doctors stack future mother sideways.

childbirth in water is forbidden

In water by

In the Russian maternity hospitals from - for high risk of complications. This method is practiced only in private obstetrical institutions and clubs.

What does it look like? Future mother settles down in horizontal, vertical or sedentary (similar to a barrel) a bathtub. She squats in water (up to a breast), holds hands edge of a bathtub, helping herself with attempts.

Plus. Warm water favorably affects the nervous terminations of skin, weakens and anesthetizes.

Minus. danger that the infection will get to patrimonial ways of mother Increases, at the time of delivery in water there are, for example, separated a bladder also intestines contents. This mixing is the main lack of childbirth of water therefore most of obstetricians against this method. Important and the fact that the infection can reach the newborn.