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Four paradoxes of taste

We care about well to see and hear, but almost we do not think of taste. And in vain: it is important for health a little less, than sight and hearing.

People with the developed taste receive more emotions from life, their touch “baggage“ is richer too; all this influences in the most salutary way mood and a mental state in general. And it not only the reduced risk of a depression and other similar problems: today already none of scientists doubt that mental health influences also somatic. So to develop taste and to receive new flavoring feeling - at all not overindulgence, but care about health. And it is only one of the paradoxes connected with this sense organ.

the Main information on food we perceive

at all not organs of taste

Language is capable to define only 4 enough the general a shade: salty, sour, bitter and sweet. We receive fuller data on what we eat thanks to other sense organs. For 80% the perception of food depends on sense of smell. Not so considerable, but nevertheless a noticeable role is played by sight. The hearing brings the contribution too: carrot, juicy stalks of a celery and chips so appetizingly crackle what it is a pleasure to chew them. We not only define sharpness and a consistence of food by touch, solving, liquid it or firm, but also we take sensual pleasure from process of food. What pleasure to feel in a mouth an elastic, smooth body of squids, to immerse language in the concerning pulp of a persimmon, to stick teeth into a juicy shish kebab!

Turns out that five sense organs work on perception of taste of one dish. And even all six. Whatever one may do, the high cost of a product gives it additional, “expensive“ taste too. Besides everyone knows that even the usual fried eggs with love made by the loved one always seem much more tasty, than actually.

Loss of taste can be corrected by means of some products

If suddenly you noticed that became worse to distinguish tastes, zinc can not be enough for you. This mineral influences work of sense organs. Deficiency of zinc is shown by also strong fatigue, frequent colds, deterioration in attention and decrease in sexual desire. It is possible to fill shortage, having limited alcohol and eating more red meat. And still zinc is in a liver, cheese, shrimps, bean, nuts, pumpkin sunflower seeds, bananas, grapes, oranges, pears, tomatoes, onions, mushrooms. The all-around champion on a useful microcell - oysters.

to become a gourmet, it is not obligatory to be born it

the Correct taste can be brought up. Taste gives in to development not worse, than, say, hearing. Especially, if to be engaged in it since the early childhood. Not without reason French are the world legislators of haute gastronomic couture - regularly spend the holiday “Week of Taste“ in the country. These days 550 restaurants offer the menu at low prices - especially for school and university students.

In general in France the set of various gastronomic events takes place. Three decades the holiday of a shukrut is celebrated there (a national dish from the stewed cabbage with sausages watered with beer). In the last week of October the people have fun on a festival of spices. On the third Saturday of month French eat too much chestnuts and mushrooms. Also there are days of cider, a fish holiday...

However, and other people - not fools by part it is good to eat and have fun about it. So, in Thailand spend days of pineapple, China celebrates a festival of oranges, in Japan beans, rice and mushrooms celebrate. In Switzerland there is a festival of sauerkraut, In Holland - herrings, in the Czech Republic - roast goose and smoked sausages, In Mexico - a radish and a cactus, in Chile - of course, pepper, and in Ukraine - certainly, fat. And Russia does not lag behind: In Suzdal several years in a row people walk on a festival of a cucumber. Physicians quite approve all this bacchanalia - if only did not overeat!

can determine by

character of the person By flavoring addictions

Besides - taste is capable to operate our behavior. Perhaps, the first Alice at Lewis Carroll claiming that “from vinegar sulk guessed this mysterious communication, and from mustard are upset“. Today approximately many European psychologists, including our compatriot psychologist A. Makarov who defended the master`s thesis on a subject about communication of mental health with a diet also consider.

On Makarov`s classification, the most reliable people are fans of cheese. They are soft, compliant and altruistic. Diligent and assidious choose doctor`s sausage. Those who prefer to all other tastes taste of crude vegetables are fastidious, give in to difficulties. However fans of a cabbage leaf - not from their number. Juice of fresh cabbage was drunk by the Roman soldiers for bravery as this vegetable increases determination and gives forces. Spicy food - for passionate natures, and sour - for monsters and murderers. Kislyatina was adored by tyrants of all times: Ivan the Terrible, Peter I, Stalin. On fat cakes with cream, chocolate, condensed milk and creamy ice cream the nedolyublenny children and adults who are sharply suffering from loneliness lean, as a rule. And addiction to easy sweets - to caramels, candied fruits and jam exposes nature infantile, slightly whimsical, superficial, but in general I pardon. Romantics and tramps, according to the scientist, adore smoked products and seafood. A sign of sincere width and generosity - love to tomatoes. Fresh cucumbers - food for sensitive persons. Fried potato is pleasant affectionate and sincere. Fat and bacon are respected by jealous men. And pizza is thought specially up for people hardy and on - healthy aggressive.

Knows that taste of food is capable to adjust of a certain harmony. For example, pink jam, artichokes, the celery root, chocolate and other products which are considered as aphrodisiacs induce on love feats not worse, than viagra. A. Makarov considers that taste is capable also of bigger. From beet and milk the mood improves, from cabbage and Russian cabbage soup increases determination, the apricot invigorates, the peach relieves of irritability. If to trust this theory, to find perfection not so difficult.