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Each woman wants to be for the man the most desired and unique. But men of a poligamna by the nature therefore women should make all efforts in order that to hold them. How to fix an inclination of the partner to you at the subconscious level? How to revive former feelings, to make sexual life nasyshchenny more sharply? With it you will be helped by aphrodisiacs.

Aphrodisiacs are various means of a vegetable and animal origin which stimulate a sexual inclination and sexual activity. Representatives of the different people attribute qualities of aphrodisiacs to these or those products, spices, animal or vegetable components. Their list is rather big: seafood, nuts, mushrooms, honey, dates, onions, garlic, olive oil, celery, saffron, ginger, ginseng root, extract to a yokhimba, musk of a musk deer, horn of deer, shpansky front sight and many others. Their use improves sexual functions, “urges on“ sexual desire, increases interest in a sexual aspect of life.

To aphrodisiacs are carried also by exotic essential oils which help to strengthen the romantic and erotic relations between partners. When drawing on skin or when using an aromalampa there is a heating and evaporation of essential oils. At the same time they act through receptors which are located in a nose, on certain sites of a brain which are responsible for sexual feelings. There is a stimulation of sexual behavior and sexual activity increases. Also essential oils - aphrodisiacs use when performing erotic massage that strengthens its effect.

Effect of aromatic aphrodisiacs is directed to

to stimulation of an organism. Sometimes their action is similar to influence of hormones on a human body and helps awakening of sexual desire and a potentiality. Aromas of plants and essential oils contain feromonopodobny substances which attract partners of an opposite sex. Very popular oils and plants as aphrodisiacs are ilang - ilang, patchoulis, a sandal-wood tree, vetiver, cinnamon, a rue, a rose, a jasmine, a bergamot, a lavender, rosemary, a melissa, a myrtle, a sage, a wormwood, fennel, fennel, a peel of a citrus, a thyme and many others. Their aromas stimulate awakening of desires and create an erotic spirit.

Methods of application of aromatic aphrodisiacs are various

. By means of essential oils and infusions of herbs it is possible to take baths. For their preparation add to water of comfortable temperature 4 - 6 drops of essential oil or infusions of various collecting herbs. For example, combinations of the following herbs are considered very successful: marjoram, sage, rosemary, mint and camomile. Or linden, heather, clover. At preparation of a bathtub it is possible to add honey or milk for giving to velvet skin to water. It is possible to select structure of collecting or compositions from essential oils, proceeding from personal preferences or by practical consideration, considering reaction of the partner.

For creation of the special atmosphere during appointments, it is possible to use an aromalampa, adding the selected songs of oils to water. When heating water in a lamp evaporation of essential oils begins, and the room is filled with magic smells. In the absence of a lamp for spraying in infusions of herbs - aphrodisiacs it is possible to use a spray. Compositions from essential oils or infusions of herbs can also be applied on skin, hair, clothes, increasing thereby the attractiveness for the partner. This way is good the fact that it consolidates feeling of an inclination of the partner practically at the subconscious level. Having used force of aromas and having convinced of their effectiveness, it is possible to apply them in the subsequent to raise at the partner sexual desire to you. Varying structure of radio compositions or a set of herbs, it is possible to achieve various on force and nature of reactions. It is very important to p to remember

that at use of aphrodisiacs their quantity is of great importance. The aroma proceeding from you has to be unostentatious and be pleasant to the partner. Otherwise, effect of aphrodisiacs will have a boomerang effect and even to promote emergence of a headache that can occur from - for big concentration of essential oils or from - for individual intolerance of a smell the partner. At successfully picked up aromatic composition you receive an additional tool of appeal in the opinion of the partner and consolidate his feeling of an inclination at the subconscious level.