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“Hamsters“ and other mammals of

Even during pregnancy, having read clever books, I decided to be exemplary mummy and it is obligatory to nurse only. I did not doubt the success (and I do not advise you). Right after childbirth the child it was necessary to put on a breast and to allow to get drunk a lot of precious colostrum. The creation which did not recover after a long way, for some reason did not wish to accept substance necessary for it immediately. But me to despair there was a reluctance, and I postponed attempt until the following appointment. And here long-awaited time has come,! In a kulechka brought biting “hamster“ who masked under the baby. At myself I did not observe milk, but my optimism was inexhaustible.“ The hamster“ grabbed a breast and all half an hour of the allowed time strenuously at once bit into it. Nipples were obviously not prepared for such pressure and became similar to something izzhevanny and spat out.

On the following feeding torture repeated. Relatives, having seen my breast, were horrified and jumped for Benapten. I do not know, it it helped or I already adapted, but to an extract I could sit out these half an hour rather quietly. Unfortunately, despite titanic efforts of “hamster“, there was still not enough milk. Having come home, I put the child upon the demand of hundred times in the course of the day, but nevertheless finished feeding then mix (horror, horror!) . Before feedings weighed and found an increase - about 30 grams. Not to fray to itself nerves, soon gave up this harmful occupation. My efforts were rewarded in a week after an extract. Milk began to be enough, and I threw a feeding up. About three more months not everything was smooth. Yet the mode did not settle, milk was much, it is not enough. But the whole year then we did not know a grief. As I very much was tired (as well as any young mummy) to me the fact that washing madly pleased boiling, heating of bottles - any more my care. The only time when milk from - for a stress was almost gone (“thanks“ to the “magnificent“ orthopedist who made the incorrect diagnosis!), all - was necessary to do it. So the main thing - not to be nervous and continue the dairy business. In three years second “hamster“ was born. Nipples when feeding did not hurt any more, and milk came in maternity hospital. Here is how the organism quickly studies!