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Dance - the instructor: all dance!

Art of dance are similar to magic: it is possible to admire the good dancer infinitely - he bewitches beauty and plasticity of movements, ability to adapt to any rhythm. If you like to dance and want to teach it others, choose an interesting, modern and creative profession - the dances instructor.

at the time of legendary discos 80 - x dancing schools could not accomodate everyone to study the last novelties: lambada or a break - dans. Since then only names of dancing styles changed and rhythms became faster. The youth willingly is engaged in groups of sports dances - hip - hop, fate - N - a beater, the jazz - a modernist style, a step and hastl. At women the flamenco and (belly dance) attracting bellidans enjoy invariable popularity passionate.


I, of course, all age are obedient to classics of a parquet - to a waltz, a foxtrot, a tango, a point and cha - cha - cha. Even in fitness - clubs there is always a pleasant alternative to “iron“ (power simulators) and racetracks: dancing aerobics. At the same time dances of modern styles make the main content of occupations, and the word “aerobics“ just indicates their improving character.

The more the choice of dances, the is more than persons interested to learn them. Respectively, also demand for services of teachers grows. How it is possible to enter this profession “officially“? Quite reliable way - to finish specialized courses. On them you will be able to improve your dancing skill, and the most important - to master a teaching technique.

Instructor, teacher, choreographer? On the way to perfection

Boris N., dancing school “Tequila - Dens“:

- All dances instructors study on the master - classes for professionals. It is one of the most effective methods, it is useful to dancers and teachers of all levels. Such occupations allow “to plunge“ into style of other dancer and by that to broaden the dancing horizons. Fortunately, with the master - classes to Moscow and to St. Petersburg regularly there come the famous dancers and choreographers: Boris Zavaritsky, Joaquin Perez, Lil Phil is Mariah Carey`s choreographer. So an opportunity to learn to eat!

“Dance teacher“ - sounds it is old-fashioned. But in diplomas of graduates of sports higher education institutions and colleges pedagogical qualification is most often designated:“ the teacher - the choreographer, the teacher of dance“. To be called so rightfully, it is necessary, in - the first, to pass rigid selection at receipt, in - the second, to study at least three years, in the third, to hand over state examinations in several types of dance and to defend the thesis.

This initial way for various reasons suits not everyone. With development fitness - the industries dance from secular entertainment and elite art turned into a special sport, and also into an element of a healthy lifestyle. It is clear, that for everyone there will not be enough teachers from the Moscow state academy of choreography or Vaganova Ballet Academies (St. Petersburg).

Therefore courses lasting from two - before half a year are so popular three months

. Of course, the express - training does not replace secondary professional or higher education, but gives necessary skills. By the way, the course, the more densely and nasyshchenny the program calculated including for obligatory independent work with use of special textbooks and video records is shorter.

In the certificates granted upon termination of the majority of courses (on condition of delivery of a qualification examination), experts in the field of graceful movements is called dance instructors, and also instructors of group programs. Specialization - the jazz - a modernist style, bellidans, dancing aerobics, a step, etc.


At first sight, at teachers - choreographers and dance instructors the general task is quite often separately stipulated: to teach people it is beautiful to move, hear a rhythm, to develop coordination of movements. But between them there is an essential distinction, and business not only in the fact that the instructor to become simpler. The teacher - the choreographer first of all perceives dance as art, the instructor - as sport. It is possible for this reason the trainers working in sport - clubs, persons interested to expand the specialization become dance instructors quite often. But this path is also chosen also by dancers - the fans who began to be engaged seriously in any type of dance.

All on base!

Unlike higher education institutions and colleges of a choreographic orientation, on courses of instructors of dance accept everyone. However a condition of successful training is not only good physical training and diligence, but also choreographic base. That is knowledge of bases of classical dance. It would seem why to future teacher the jazz - a modernist style or dancing aerobics “archaic“ boxes - - a sconce, battements, a plie and shanzhan - - a pya? However choreography gives to the instructor of dance a bearing and the correct statement of the case, good plasticity and flexibility, elegance of movements and poses and a set of other automatic skills necessary for different types of dance. Besides without the general base it will be difficult for you to compete with colleagues by profession. If you learned to dance in amateur studio, but separately did not go in for choreography, then before record on courses of instructors it makes sense to pass individually bases of classical dance with the good teacher.

Three “crusts“

How to choose courses?

you want not only to find a job “with a guarantee“, but also to become over time the famous person in the world of dance? Then you should acquire and confirm qualification. There is a lot of training programs for instructors of dance, courses open at sports and dancing associations (for example, federation of a hastl) and in independent educational institutions (Wellness academy, Academy of fitness, etc.) . How not to make the wrong choice?


First of all, determine the direction or dancing style which most of all attracts you. Solve for yourself whether you want to become an instructor - the versatile person (in that case it makes sense to visit a casting which carry regularly out large sports clubs) or to specialize in something one - a bellidansa, a Latina, a step, the hastl. Then soberly estimate the opportunities, initial preparation, temporary and financial resources. And, at last, be defined what document you expect to receive as a result.

In most cases on courses issue the certificate confirming the right for conducting instructor activities for the chosen direction. Attention: it can be both the certificate on professional development of the state sample, and the “author`s“ certificate of a certain club. The last usually has smaller weight in the opinion of the employer. But if the club is rather known and there are many years, such certificate can be appreciated too. Alas, any certificate on dances is valid only within three years, and then it needs to be confirmed, having anew passed a qualification examination. The diploma of the state sample after courses is issued more rare, but such practice exists (for example, in UKTs “Knowledge“). Its favorable difference from the certificate that it does not become outdated.

On occupations: the theory and practice

the Solid status of the educational institution which opened courses for dances instructors confirms to

presence at a staff of eminent teachers. It guarantees a vocational education to techniques of conducting occupations. Besides, at the program of training there have to be both practical, and theoretical blocks. For convenience of students the full course most often breaks into steps lasting from 36 to 107 - 112 academician of hours. Each stage is devoted to a certain dancing style and a technique of its teaching.

During all course students pass intermediate tests and perform homeworks, and also visit the master - classes and practical works. On the master - classes the most part of time is allocated for working off of practical skills. For example, the famous teacher Irina Chernikina in cooperation with several educational institutions conducts regular advanced training courses of professional instructors of the dancing programs “Bellydance PRO-belly dance, professional level“. This program allows to perfect and skills of teaching and to expand a range of dancing movements.

At final exam needs to be shown to

not only the learned exercises, but also to have interview according to all theoretical sections. For example, you can be asked what biochemical changes happen in organism cages under the influence of different types of physical activities (aerobic, anaerobic, etc.) and also in detail to paint the scheme of creation of a concrete lesson.

Training costs expensive - the price behind one and a half - the two-month course can make from 7 to 19 thousand rubles depending on a program saturation, and for semi-annual - from 35 to 70 thousand rubles and more.

to Know and be able

Of course, “crust“ (the diploma, the certificate or the certificate) - an important result of training, but it is impossible to count only on it. To the termination of the program the dance instructor has to develop the technique of teaching. This the most difficult, some kind of thesis. Your program has to be available to any pupil, for it it is necessary to develop algorithms of performance of elements, to think over plans of lessons. It is important to save up experience of teaching. Many pluses when training give continuous trainings of the house, viewing of video with speeches of the famous dancers and visit the master - classes. And also educational lessons which you can give to friends. And the last: to teach to dance others, it is important not beautiful to move most, but also to possess a step, keenness, intuition, ability to gain trust.

Opinion of the expert

Larisa Podkhalyuzina, director of the company Wellness Academy:

- Today many want to teach dances or aerobics. A healthy lifestyle in fashion, and the profession is popular. Anyone can come to study as courses of instructors of dance. But we always warn that the basic preparation - both practical, and theoretical is better, the it is simpler to master the program. Starting medical or sports education is always welcomed. As for certificates, they interest employers more - owners of clubs who, unfortunately, are not always guided in specifics of fitness. “Crust“ - not a guarantee that the instructor good. To become the true professional, time, desire, persistence is necessary. Ability to hit qualifying standards does not speak about teaching abilities yet. In principle, for employment it is enough to receive the certificate of the state sample. But skills in the itself, and passed examination in a certain style of dance confirms not the certificate.

Where to go after study? Popular network clubs carry regularly out a casting (entrance examinations) for dance instructors. During a casting representatives of club work with applicants, as on usual occupation. And gradually eliminate those who obviously do not approach. Somewhere look at appearance, somewhere at plasticity more, skills in a certain type of dance somewhere are important. Remained offer more difficult tasks, and too carry out elimination. And, at last, lucky are invited to training. As a rule, the harmonious team for one club that each instructor could keep any improving programs prepares (not only dances). But for the present there is no uniform system, there is no consensus as the instructor has to work, and there is no place to graduate in the field of fitness too.