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To pick up a name to the boy - a matter of taste, nationalities, religions and... the places of residence of

the son Was born... Successor, successor of a sort, future support and hope of the parents. And the first that parents give to the child - it is a name.

But at the choice of a name and by its searches many parents have many difficulties. What names of boys happen? I open any book of names we sink in variety … And what name to choose? In many respects it depends on the country, where do you live and, of course, on your nationality. Presently already usually and it is unsurprising to wave to meet multinational families in which blood of the different people mixed up. And therefore names of boys in such families can be absolutely different origin. Though names of boys try to choose so that from it the middle name which will be combined further with other name - with a name of the grandson was formed. Harmony of a name and surname is important - and it is easier to remember and to the child to meet less difficulties in a garden, school, institute, at work.

Names of boys everything is are not so various as names of girls what nationality we would not take. But at all times and in all people to the boy treated the choice of a name very seriously. In ancient Russia was considered that ugly names of boys and girls “will disappoint“ diseases and failures and they “will not stick“ to the kid. From this point of view the Ghoul Likhoy, the Wolf Tail, Shumilo, the Blockhead, the Bast saber, Iznosok seem quite successful names.

in process of adoption of Christianity in Russia, new names also entered Russian. At a baptism of the baby called in honor of any Saint celebrated this day to give to the child of the strong patron and the guardian angel. Of course, new names of boys and girls were unusual and in life were replaced with old clear. But gradually many of new names were become Russified, and some primordially Russian names began to be perceived as Christian. For example, in the calendar the name Vladimir appeared: the prince Vladimir the Gorgeous Sunshine christening Russia was canonized. The interesting metamorphosis happened to a name Bogdan. This name pagan, and God was understood as not Christ at all, but over time its initial value was forgotten, and it began to be perceived as Christian. For many centuries we so got used to these foreign names that we perceive them as primordially Russian, even without thinking of their value. It seems to us that Maria and Ivana were in Russia always. Between subjects both these a name of the Jewish origin. And having glanced in the Eastern Orthodox liturgical calendar of a name-day, we will find names of the Greek and Latin origin. And Greeks, by the way, named the firstborns in honor of the grandfather on the father for the 7 or 9 day after the birth. Some Greek names entered also Russian, having a little undergone changes - Dmitry (Dimitris), Alexander (Aleksandros), Konstantin (Konstantinos). We already sometimes also do not reflect what deep value is put in a name of the person. And our ancestors only were also guided by that.

For example, in the Scandinavian world to the boy was named by the father. Names of boys were always clear to people around, they meant something certain. And the choice of a name the boy was approached much more seriously, than the choice of a name for the girl. Generally the sense of man`s names was reduced to that the child grew at the defender of the relatives, was a strong and healthy person, bore hope and love everything surrounding. Boys were usually called in honor of business, the great-grandfather or the uncle on the man`s line who surely already left this world. Sometimes called in honor of the wife`s relatives if she according to the status she was more important and is more influential than the husband`s relatives. By the way, from here also went that it is impossible to call children in honor of even living relatives, and coincidence of a name and surname leads to tragic consequences. Any relative of the father was named the children born out of marriage that meant that the man gives preference to the illegitimate child.

For Jews a name - not just a set of sounds. Boys are named in honor of relatives, righteous persons or the bible name is chosen. The ceremony of a narecheniye of a name of boys occurs on 8 - y day after the birth and is connected with trimming. According to the Cabbala - the Jewish teosofsky doctrine, letters of a name is a communication with the highest worlds, and change of a name can entail its gap, and it threatens with unpleasant consequences.

names of boys were just thought out by

In Russia at the time of reforms and revolutions. To originate at least the XX centuries. Parents so wanted to be allocated and show the political views that in Russia there were boys with the names Proletariat, Hera, the Decembrist. That is political terms became names. Naturally, the almost no thought-up names got accustomed and people returned to the choice of a name according to the calendar, or on other religion.

Of course, the changes happening in the country nevertheless were reflected in fashion on names of boys and girls. At the beginning of the XX century the name Vladimir, in 60 - x - Yury was very popular years. Cultural events left a strong mark in names - people called children in honor of the famous actors or heroes of series.

Already does not have

such aspiration something to invent, the list of names rather big and to pick up a beautiful name to the child - only a matter of taste, nationalities, religions and the places of residence. The main thing that the name at the boy was a subject of his pride and that it did not hesitate of it. It is named the person once and forever. Especially a name of the boy, it in the future will become a middle name. It is, likely, the first fact of which the boy should think at the choice of a name.