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Many boys are born to war - a national sign or the scientific fact?

Go in the people such sign - if in the country of boys is born more, than girls, it is a war harbinger. When I became mother of the remarkable boy, and families of my acquaintances and friends were replenished with boys, this question began to disturb me. The truth - to war? Why? What is told by statistics? What communication can be between tiny, helpless kids and the awful disaster claiming and breaking a set of the lives?

it was em, this subject concerns not only me. Scientific physicians asked the same question, and even serious researches on influence of wars on a sexual ratio of the born children were conducted. What tell their results about?

of Boys - have more?

It appears h2, scientists speak about bigger number of newborn boys not before, but in time and after wars. Such researches were conducted long ago and repeatedly, but before World War I of 1914 - 1918 statistical data was too little, and they were too inexact for accurate and unambiguous conclusions. In 1946 S. A. Novoselsky`s work “Influence of war on sex composition born“ was published in the collection of works of department of the organization of health care of the Leningrad pediatric institute “Questions of Protection of Motherhood and Childhood“. The author took for research data on birth rate in England, France, Germany and the certain cities of Russia in the period from 1908 to 1925. That is several years before World War I of 1914, years of its current and several years later.

clearly it is visible to

According to the provided statistical data that in recent years wars and after it splash in the birth of boys - 106 - 108 boys on 100 born girls is observed, at a ratio of 103 - 105 boys on 100 born girls in a peace time. However, in the years preceding war, boys were born at all no more, than in a usual peace time.

the Reason of splash in births of boys - reduction of abortions

the Reason of increase in number of the given birth boys the author assumes reduction of pre-natal mortality. Absence of the men who left on war leads to reduction of number of conceptions. The organism of the woman has a rest, the necessary stock of minerals and vitamins is restored that leads to easier course of the subsequent pregnancy and reduction of probability of an abortion.

By words C. A. Novoselsky, sexual the proportion at conception is made by 125 - 130 boys on 100 girls. The set of man`s fruits perishes in 1 - 3 month after conception and in the next months mortality of man`s fruits makes 160 - 170 on 100 female. Thus, the female organism which had a rest and prepared for conception has a high probability of a safe current and permission of pregnancy that allows the bigger number of boys to be born safely. Also the factor of a large number of marriages and appearance of children in young pervorodyashchy women who have a probability of abortions takes place and is much lower than pre-natal death of babies in comparison with povtornorodyashchy women.

Natural balance...

of People - the child of the nature, its part. And the nature carefully and carefully maintains the balance. For example, by scientists it is proved (in particular, during research of the Moscow biologists within the Animals in the City program, under the direction of to. N“ Institute of environmental problems and evolution“ the Russian Academy of Sciences, Andrey Dmitriyevich Poyarkov, and also researches of foreign experts) that if shooting of dogs or other animals in any territory is conducted, it leads to increase in their birth rate. Perhaps, increase in number of the born boys - too a peculiar response of the nature to their destruction - during wars of the man`s population perishes many times more, than female. Are at war and perish - men. Means, and has to be born more - men. For balance preservation.

Or political factor? However at a present level of development of technologies and sciences it is not always correct to h2 to nod

on the nature. For example, in China on hundred girls even 123 boys are born 116, and. This indicator is much higher than both a universal ratio, and post-war splashes. The population policy pursued in China (“One family - one child“), desire of the majority of families to have the son - the successor and the supporter in old age, and also such level of development of medicine when the sex of the child can be defined long before his birth is the reason of such big difference. Get rid of undesirable girls, the abyss between figures of the born boys and girls grows, and even the nature won by the modern equipment not in forces to reduce it.

And that at us?

aged till four years 3515 girls of the same age are the share

According to the data provided by Federal State Statistics Service for the beginning of 2007 in Russia of 3708 boys. Simple mathematical operations allow to reveal a ratio of floors. 105 boys are the share of hundred girls. This ratio of floors, quite normal for a peace time, corresponding to indicators in the majority of the countries (to 105 - 107 boys on 100 girls).

Thus, this sign has with reality nothing in common. In number of newborn boys and girls can influence a difference demographic and not only the population policy of the state, natural factors which is conducted or already ended war, and even, by results of a number of researches, environmental pollution by some harmful substances can influence. Even is born in a peace time of boys slightly - slightly more, than girls. Sometimes the difference is more, sometimes it is less. But you should not predict the future wars thus - it is a lie. And my little son - not the reason and not a harbinger of war, and just the child, as well as other boys.