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Climate and we: who whom?

Only lazy do not complain of weather. But business is much more serious, than “hot - is cold“. The climate and natural processes operate human life - the birth of geniuses and villains, diseases, behavior and feelings.

planet Rhythms

We shake as on a swing between cold and heat. Fluctuations of average temperature happen to different rhythms: for example, is semicentennial and five-year-old. The grandmothers liking to remember fierce winter of 1949 do not exaggerate: at that time it was really cold in the winter. And c began 60 - x the 20th century warming began. And as scientists consider, there is a probability that this process is reflected not only in our health, but also, for example, in ability to creativity.

can find Confirmation of this theory in work of the doctor of historical sciences Vladimir Petrov about the pulsing character of literary life. You remember old dispute on lyric poets and physicists? And so these idols periodically (more precisely - time all in the same a plus-minus of 50 years) are interchanged the position: half a century in society the right hemisphere of a brain and fine arts, and the following subordinated to it half a century - the left hemisphere and strict calculation as if dominate. As the statistics shows, poets blossom in colder times, and physicists love heat. So, perhaps, the descendant of Ethiopians Alexander Pushkin would not write a line if was not born in cool Moscow.

Scientists have

not only hypotheses, but also the checked facts of rather some cyclic regularities. It is known that patients with schizophrenia sensitively react to lunar inflow and otliva: aggravations at them happen to frequency about 13 times in a year. Suffering warmly - vascular diseases are sensitive to the sun and the periods of its activity.


Even at alcoholics the cycle - the illness peak a thicket falls on hot summer months. Alexander Nemtsov, the candidate of medical sciences, the employee of the Moscow scientific research institute of psychiatry of MZ Russian Federation, sees the reason in weather. He considers as one of the main provokers of alcoholic psychoses summer air: in it there is not enough oxygen that provokes failures of mentality and brain activity. Except the prevention to drink less in the summer, the scientist gives the forecast: the future global warming for the drinking people will become additional risk factor.

In all hair

in the Winter we one, in the summer - absolutely others. And it is scientifically proved. Scientists Nikolay Agadzhanyan and Anatoly Skalny conducted large-scale research and found out that the ratio of minerals in a human body changes from a season by a season. Confirmation - the analysis of hair: during experiment took samples from 1800 children of 3 - 6 years and 3000 women of 26 - 35 years.

it was p that expression “I always lack something“ it is absolutely fair. For example, the content of calcium decreases in the winter and reaches a maximum in the summer. This results from the fact that in warm climate parathyroid glands work more intensively, and the sun helps to develop and acquire vitamin D which regulates a calcic exchange. During a heat level in plasma of blood of iron, manganese, silicon is also high. Their deficiency causes allergic reactions and violations of blood formation in the winter. Content of zinc and copper in an organism slightly goes down in the spring, and we feel it: immunity decreases, skin diseases become aggravated. Chrome level, on the contrary, increases in the spring. Selenium - a “winter“ microcell. It is connected also with food - in cold weather on a table the rich to them cabbage, nuts, garlic reign... And here to seasonal changes of level of tin (on a maximum - in the winter and, on a minimum - late fall and at the beginning of summer) scientific explanations did not find in an early autumn yet. Experts call seasonal fluctuations in a chemical composition of an organism acclimatization deficiency. Knowing its regularities, it is quite possible to soften blow. Thanks to preparations and vitamins it is possible to correct “inner world“ and to fill it with all necessary contrary to a calendar and weather forecasts.

On spots on the sun can be foretold Spotty winter what will be winter. Than their is more, than the sun is more active and the will be warmer on Earth. Statistically, during these periods there are earthquakes, eruptions of volcanoes more often. Today we live in the period of the active sun therefore we practically do not freeze in the winter. But it is possible, in the future, when spots on a star become less, we will test what our ancestors happened to endure. The period from 1640 to 1700 was called “small Ice Age“ - volcanoes calmed down at this time, there were no earthquakes, but all Europe literally froze, and the shallow part of the Black Sea quite often became covered with ice.

the Weather exercise machine

Each climate forms

the inhabitant, forcing to adapt. Northerners should adapt to strong winds, low humidity, long cold... However at the same time very few people from radical northerners complain: it is worth remembering assurances of Lomonosov that in the north “for our organism life is more tolerable“. Southerners have problems: droughts, the increased radiation level, low humidity and a thermal overload. At the same time the majority of them are sure that they live in paradise. But inhabitants of a temperate climate only also know that they complain of weather. Sometimes they suffer from a blaze of the sun, cold and wind it is more, than the northerners or southerners adapting to extreme life. Why? It is possible to tell - from not fitness.

If we are healthy

, any climatic adversities will only temper us. And if is not present, the climate will walk on the most weak spots. In the north under blow respiratory organs, nervous system most often get. In the south the risk of infectious diseases and new growths is high. Experts sankt - the St. Petersburg Clinic chelyustno - front surgery of I. P. Pavlov suggested to enter meteosensitivity coefficient into use. He is defined by results of blood test. Wind, air and water influence us at the cellular level, and ability to transfer a heat and the increased humidity is reflected in a drop of blood. For example, at meteosensitive people the number of leukocytes in adverse weather considerably increases. Sharp hit from cold in heat can cause an exacerbation of a chronic disease, and a cold snap - to brake a sharp course of disease and to increase immunity. But not extreme: experiment during which animals within 3 days lived at minus 5 - 7 ° With, showed that in this case there are reactions similar to exhaustion. So to be treated by cold, as well as heat, it is necessary carefully. Also wind was useful: it is experimentally proved that at increase of its speed the quantity of immune cages increases.

Solar behavior

Light, heat and magnetic radiations going from the sun reach different corners of Earth not in equal doses. The closer to the North Pole, the magnetic influence of a star is stronger. Therefore northerners live under big pressure from the sun, and it defines their behavior, character and features. For them briefness and sluggishness are organic, their nervous system is simply not adapted for temperamental Italian scandals.

Any emotional failure under the northern sun is endured by

more sharply and more dramatically. In quiet Finland increase in suicides during certain periods is connected with increase of solar activity. The special committee which has to predict solar storms is created and warn about them the population.


For love lacks heat

Russians from - for a frigid climate need additional power sources and it is much more comfort, than, for example, Americans. Scientists explain our demographic lag from the warm countries not only the social reasons, but also the fact that the most part of year is occupied by the irritating and sharp seasons, adverse for a child-bearing.


Besides, most of northerners suffer from a lack of light and vitamin D which is called still pleasure vitamin. Many compensate its shortage by mass summer pilgrimage on the South and alcoholic drinks which as Vladimir Nuzhny considers, the doctor of medical sciences of scientific research institute of narcology of MZ Russian Federation, in a moderate dose play an adaptogen role to severe climatic conditions.

Life of southerners on the first and even at the second look is easier than

, but physically they are not hardy and less vulnerable before diseases. Besides, northerners, having moved to softer climate, successfully adapt and easily do career. Not for nothing the most part of political and creative elite - is from northern latitudes. And here inhabitants of the South, getting over in cool zones, often suffer, become more aggressive, vspylchivy.